Physiotherapy Back Exercise

Physiotherapy Back Exercise

physiotherapy back exercise

Back Exercises And Stretches

Many back exercises can help relieve back pain. These are easy to do at home.

For information about exercises and stretches that can help, see:

Versus Arthritis: exercises to manage back pain

A GP can provide advice on back exercises if necessary. You may also want to consult a physiotherapist if in doubt. You can learn more about how to obtain physiotherapy. Regular exercises and stretching will help to keep your back healthy. You can choose from activities such as pilates or swimming.


Objet: To determine if adding aerobic exercise in conjunction with conventional physiotherapy for patients suffering from chronic low back pain (LBP), can reduce disability and pain.

Design: Randomized controlled experiment.

Setting: A Hong Kong outpatient physiotherapy setting.

Participants: LBP-suffering patients were recruited. They were randomly assigned to either an intervention (n=24), or a control group (n=22).

Interventions: An 8-week intervention; both groups received conventional physiotherapy with additional individually tailored aerobic exercise prescribed only to the intervention group.

The primary outcome measures included the visual analog pain scale and Aberdeen Low Back Pain Disability Scale. Additionally, physical fitness was measured 8 weeks before, 8 week, and 12 month after the intervention started. Multivariate analysis of variance was performed to examine between-group differences.

Results: At 8 weeks, both groups showed significant pain reduction (P.001) as well as an improvement in disability status (P.001) over 12 months. However, there were no statistically significant differences between the groups. No significant differences were observed in LBP-related relapses at twelve months among the two groups (kh(2)=2.30 vs. P=.13).

Conclusions: Patients with chronic LBP did not experience a significant improvement in their pain or disability when they added aerobic training to their physiotherapy treatments.

Copyright (c) 2011, American Congress of Rehabilitation Medicine. Elsevier Inc.

physiotherapy back exercise

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Design of the study: Multicenter, randomized, single-blinded controlled trial. One-year follow up.

The objectives of this study were to evaluate the effectiveness of medical exercise therapy and conventional physiotherapy in chronic low-back pain patients.

Summary and background information: Although Physiotherapy and Medical Exercise Therapy are both considered to be effective in reducing symptoms and improving function, they can also reduce sickness absenteeism. However, this view is not universal.

Methods: The treatment included patients with chronic low back pain and radicular pain who were sick-listed for at least 8 weeks. Patients that had been sick-listed less than 52 weeks (Sickness Certificate I) were also eligible. Treatment lasted three months with 36 treatments. It was recorded the following: Pain intensity, functional capacity, patient satisfaction and return to working. The number of sick leaves, as well costs.

Results: Out of the total 208 patients in this study, 71 received medical exercise therapy and 67 were given conventional physiotherapy. The remaining 70 participants were given self-exercise. Thirty-three (15.3%) patients dropped out of the program during its treatment. Although there was little difference in the results between medical exercise therapy groups and those receiving conventional physiotherapy, both treatments were superior to self-exercise. Medical exercise therapy was the most popular type of treatment. All three intervention groups had equal return to work rates at 15 months. 123 patients returned to work after the therapy began. The medical exercise therapy group, which saved 926732 Norwegian Kroner ($122,5331.00), while the traditional physiotherapy group was able to save NOK 1,882,560 ($254,200.00) compared to the self-exercise.

Conclusions. The effectiveness of both medical exercise therapy, and traditional physiotherapy has been demonstrated. Patients with chronic low back problems should be treated promptly to avoid further disability.

14 Amazing Physiotherapy Exercises For Lower Back Pain

People often search for exercises to relieve lower back pain.

Physical therapists offer physiotherapy (also known as physical therapy) to improve, sustain, and restore your physical health.

You can do many physical therapy exercises at home, which is a great thing. To get the most from their health, many physiotherapists will recommend home exercises. It is essential to maintain a healthy body, particularly as one ages.

Many don’t know how to do physiotherapy at home. It is not possible for everyone to have the same level of expertise as an expert. However, you can still learn some exercises online and get expert advice.

Below are fifteen great physiotherapy exercises to relieve lower back pain. These exercises are widely appreciated by physiotherapists because they’re easy, quick, and don’t take too much time.

.Physiotherapy Back Exercise


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