Physiotherapy At Home

Physiotherapy At Home

physiotherapy at home

Physiotherapy Exercises You Can Do At Home

A therapy using physical methods to reduce pain and improve mobility is called physiotherapy. Physiotherapists will often use exercise as a treatment. So here are a few easy physiotherapy exercises for your back, neck and feet that you can do at home to help yourself.

Here are some ways to maximize the benefits of these exercise.

Each exercise should be repeated at least five times, and the number can be increased over time.

Remember quality of the movement is better than quantity, so, stay focused on the area of the body you are exercising.

It is best to move slowly and smoothly.

What’s Physiotherapy?

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A allied healthcare profession, physical therapy or bio-mechanical therapy (or kinesiology), physiotherapy uses electrotherapy and manual therapy to assist patients with their recovery, maintenance, and improvement of physical function, mobility and strength.

Physiotherapists are better able to help patients regain mobility, as they have a better understanding of how the body works and are trained in clinical skills to assess, diagnose and treat disabilities. They can treat injuries such as pain in the back, neck and knees or even ligaments.

Physiotherapy helps patients who have multiple sclerosis or Parkinson’s disease. By treating patients at-home, physiotherapists are capable of healing both acute or chronic ailments.

physiotherapy at home

Benefits Of Physiotherapy Treatment At Home

The effectiveness of physiotherapy in treating patients has been demonstrated over time. It can help them to restore their health, improve their function, and mobility. Our physiotherapists will visit you personally to provide physiotherapy treatment at your home. This is a great way to enhance the experience of physiotherapy. There are many benefits to physiotherapy done at home.

Provides convenience

Personalized care

Faster healing

No issues with mobility

Better time management

Cost effective

Support and supervision for family

With our affordable and accountable home services, say good bye to all your worries and hassles of physiotherapy treatment.

Post Heart Attack

Post heart attack, physiotherapy can help lower your heart rate during and after exercise.

An unhealthy lifestyle, bad posture, and frequent travel may cause chronic back pain. It is not necessary to suffer with this pain or live a restricted life. You can reach us by contacting us. Let us help relieve the pain from your body with our highly qualified physiotherapists in your comfort zone.

Physiotherapy works as part of multi disciplinary rehabilitation program and has been seen to be an effective intervention for patients suffering from Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease Pediatric Physiotherapy Physiotherapy plays a key role in helping a child with impairment reach their potential. It works to improve and maintain the child’s psychological, social and physical well-being.

physiotherapy at home


This is a profile of a service providing palliative care to patients in the community.

Design: Retrospective audit.

Setting: Milford Care Centre Limerick Ireland.

Participants: Hospice-at-home physiotherapy was referred by patients between September 2010 to February 2011.

Edmonton Functional Assessment Tool (EFAT-22) is the outcome measure.

Results: There were 165 patients referred. 90% of them had breast cancer. 120 (73%) were referred to nurses. Referrals appeared to be increased by the presence of physiotherapists in the nursing bases. No asssessment was conducted for 55 referrals (33%), mainly owing to clinical deterioration. All 110 remaining patients received an assessment. 47 of them (43%) were reached within 4 days. Standard deviation 4.2 was used to compare the range from 0-21 days. Physical function ranged from 0-18 (median 7, mode 4) on the EFAT-2 scale. Most commonly, advice/education was used.

Conclusion: The at-home physiotherapy services are heavily dependent upon the knowledge and skills of nurses. Most patients tolerated multiple interventions well and were generally high functioning.

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physiotherapy at home

In-Home Physiotherapy

Patients who would like to be treated at home, or in their workplace, can avail our services. Our at-home physiotherapy patients receive the same high quality care that we offer in our clinics. We also instruct each patient on how they can use their home environment to help them achieve their rehabilitation goals.

COVID-19 update We are open to TeleRehab video chats! Please email to ask a question or book an appointment. TeleRehab sessions will be available at a lower rate. Sessions will be billed for Physiotherapy For Medical Expense Tax Credit, (METC), and extended insurance purposes.

The home care physiotherapists in our team have received advanced training in areas such as neurology, orthopedic and cancer therapy. This isn’t an online marketplace for service providers or a virtual company. Every one of our home physiotherapists was carefully chosen. They are valued, long-term employees. Our home therapists often have access to the in-clinic and can help with your transition to this cheaper option.

Toronto Physiotherapy won praises from our customers including:

Toronto’s 2021 Quality Business Award: Best Physiotherapist.

The 2013 and 2017 Consumer Choice Award for Physiotherapists in Toronto.

Toronto’s 2015 Opencare Patients Choice Award in Physiotherapy.

Top Choice Award, 2017 for Physiotherapy in Toronto

Nominated to the 2019 and 2020 Top Choice Awards for Physiotherapy Clinics in Toronto.

Strong community reputation is even more important than winning awards. Tell your friends!

Our Offers

Brick-and-mortar real business brand with reputation and two clinic locations.

Our physiotherapists have high levels of skill and are friendly. The physiotherapists at our clinic have extensive training in special areas like neurologic, cancer and orthopedic physiotherapy.

Both professionally and personally, our physiotherapists are well-respected. As a result, we attract exceptional therapists to our team and enjoy very low employee turn-over.

You can have your treatment transferred to a clinic. Home physiotherapists may be able to assist you in transferring your care from your house to one of two clinics. This option is more economical. Most home physiotherapists are available in clinic hours. This allows you to move your care without needing another therapist.

Home physiotherapy can include manual therapy or exercise, as well as manual and postural training. We also offer electrotherapy, ultrasound, acupuncture and many other methods.

You will receive the care you require. We’ll create a detailed home rehabilitation program. Additionally, you will receive instruction to help you continue your journey towards your rehab goals.

The majority of our home visits last an hour. Many home care patients have complex cases or other social or medical factors, which makes short visits more difficult and less satisfying.

In-patient hospital care requires us to be able to understand hospital procedures.

Flexibility is our main goal. Treatment can be arranged through family members or friends with your permission.

Most extended-health care plans cover our services.

physiotherapy at home

What is Home Care Physiotherapy Services?

Following are a few of the conditions for which home care physiotherapy services are available:

Stiff joints


Back Pain

Neck pain

Bell’s palsy



Peripheral nerve injuries

Parkinson’s disease

How do Home Care Physiotherapy Benefits?

It is a great option for many reasons. The following are a few.

Personalized care

Safe for high-risk patients



Eliminate obstacles like transportation

Comforts at Home


Easy access

physiotherapy at home

Who Benefits from Home Care and Physiotherapy

Almost all the patients will be benefited due to home care physiotherapy. These are just a few:

Persons with chronic muscle or joint pain

People with disabilities

Immobilized patients

Post-surgery patients


People who are suffering from severe muscular-skeletal disorders

Patients With Cancer

.Physiotherapy At Home


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