2024 Guide: Using Apple Pay at Walgreens & Adding Your Card to Apple Wallet

Find out how to use Apple Pay at Walgreens in 2024! Explore the convenience of contactless payments and learn the steps to add your Walgreens card to your Apple Wallet. Plus, get answers to 'Can I use Apple Pay at Walgreens?' Click for the latest updates and tips for a seamless checkout experience.

Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Full Guide]

Apple Pay makes it easy to make payments conveniently and securely with Apple Pay.

  • Walgreens has 8000+ locations across the nation and is the most visited chain of drugstores in America. This may lead you to wonder: Does Walgreens take Apple Pay? Here’s what I learned!
  • Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2022?

    Walgreens, starting in 2022 accepts Apple Pay for payment online, on the app, and in store. It is however not available for Online Purchases of Photo Products. Apple Pay customers can use their Balance Rewards Card with Apple Pay to receive 3% cashback when they shop at Walgreens.

  • Continue reading to learn more about Apple Pay, Walgreens payments, your Balance Rewards card and 3% cashback.
  • How Can You Use Apple Pay At Walgreens?

    To use Apple Pay, you need to have at least an iPhone 6 (or any model above that) with the Apple Pay application already set up.

    You will need to add a debit or credit card to your Apple Pay account. To add a new card, follow these steps.

    All you need to do in order to use the Touch ID sensor for Walgreens purchases is to hold your smartphone near the counter and press on the touch sensor. It will instantly authorize your payment.

    Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Walgreens Online Shops: Can you Use Pay Apply?

  • Yes, you can use Apple Pay for online purchases made through the website!
  • When you are ready to pay, tap on the Apple Pay icon. After selecting the card that you wish to use, confirm your billing and shipping information.

    After you have verified all the details, click on the Touch or Face ID button to authorize payment.

    Is it possible to use your Walgreens Balance Rewards card through Apple Pay?

    Walgreens added an option to make payment via Apple Pay by using the Balance Rewards card.

    You can use this feature to earn points on eligible purchases. Follow these steps during checkout

  • Select your Balance Rewards card and authorize it with Face ID or Touch ID
  • To apply Balance Rewards, bring your smartphone close to the reader
  • If prompted to do so, you can bring your smartphone close to the reader to complete the payment.
  • Simply open Walgreens App on your smartphone, scroll to Balance Rewards, then tap “Add to Apple Wallet”.
  • Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Full Guide]

    Can You Get Cash Back At Walgreens With Apple Pay?

    Yes, you can get 3% Daily Cash (3% of the total bill amount will be returned to you) by using your Apple Card to pay for your purchase through Apple Pay.

    It is unlimited in usage and will give you 3% back each time you use it.

    This website contains information that will help you apply for an Apple Card.

    For more information, see also my post about using Samsung Pay/Google Pay Walgreens to load Chime cards, send money transfers and use Samsung Pay/Google Pay Walgreens.

  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens accepts Apple Pay as a method of payment. You can use it on the website, in the Walgreens app, or in stores. Unfortunately, this card cannot be used for online purchases of Photo products.

    Walgreens Balance Rewards Card is eligible to be added as Apple Pay. This will give you 3% Cash per day when you use Apple Card for Apple Pay.

    Do I have to use Apple Pay to pay at Walgreens

    Walgreens can accept Apple Pay. Walgreens installed NFC terminals at its retail stores recently. The terminals can be used to make digital payments such as Apple Pay. You can also use your Walgreens Balance Rewards Card with Apple Pay.10 November 2021

    Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In Drive Thru?

    Walgreens customers who pay online using their Apple Card, or by downloading the Walgreens app, can receive 3% cashback in addition to the touchless Apple Pay payment and the physical card capabilities. …11 Apr 2020

    Does Cvs Or Walgreens Accept Apple Pay?

    CVS, up to 2022 accepts Apple Pay as a contactless method of payment at 8200+ locations. Customers cannot use Apple Pay to pay for their orders through the CVS website and app. CVS only accepts major credit cards, PayPal, and cash.

    Does Walgreens Atm Take Apple Pay?

    Walgreens can accept Apple Pay.20 Nov 2021

    .Does Walgreens Take Apple Pay In 2022? [Full Guide]

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