Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Try This Instead)

Frederick Douglass

Frederick Douglass (circa 1879).jpg

Douglass in 1879

United States Minister Resident to Haiti

In office

November 14, 1889 – July 30, 1891

Appointed by

Benjamin Harrison

Preceded by

John E. W. Thompson

Succeeded by

John S. Durham
Personal details
Frederick Augustus Washington Bailey


February 1817 or 1818


Cordova, Maryland

, U.S.




February 20, 1895 (aged 77–78)

Washington, D.C., U.S.
Resting place
Mount Hope Cemetery
Political party



1838; died 1882)




Parent(s) Harriet Bailey

Aaron Anthony (allegedly)


Douglass family



, author, editor, diplomat

Home Depot offers its customers a huge range of home improvement products, including a variety of paint colors, types and finishes. Home Depot boasts an innovative paint mix technology and is the perfect spot to shop for paint.

  • You might wonder if the store sold Benjamin Moore paints. You can read on to learn more!
  • Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Try This Instead)

    Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint In 2022?

    Home Depot doesn’t sell Benjamin Moore paints in its wide range of available paints. Home Depot sells several paint brands like Behr PPG Glidden and Glidden. But they do not carry Benjamin Moore paint. Benjamin Moore paints can’t be found at large-box stores so Home Depot does not sell them.

  • Read more to find out why Home Depot doesn’t carry Benjamin Moore Paint, which paint brands Home Depot does stock and where you can buy Benjamin Moore paints!
  • Why Doesn’t Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint?

    Benjamin Moore paint does not ship to Home Depot, as it is an established retailer. Benjamin Moore would prefer to sell to smaller retailers.

    Benjamin Moore also explained why they only sell to independent retailers and emphasized their values.

    Benjamin Moore would like their paint to distinguish itself from other brands by offering a high-quality product and an individual experience.

    According to their belief, customers won’t receive a personal service at large-box stores. Therefore they don’t stock them.

    Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Try This Instead)

    Home Depot offers paint that looks similar to Benjamin Moore.

    Home Depot stocks a variety of brands including Glidden and Behr paints.

    You may also be curious about which paint brands have the closest relationship to Benjamin Moore’s range.

    Below is a compilation of several brands Home Depot has stocked and how they compare against Benjamin Moore.

    Home Depot owns paint brand Behr. This paint has been compared to Benjamin Moore’s quality, and the Behr Marquee series is their highest quality choice. It’s praised for having excellent coverage and being more cost-friendly. Behr has a wide range of colors, and it is Home Depot’s version to Benjamin Moore.

    paint is Home Depot’s own brand of paint. It’s been compared to the quality of Benjamin Moore paints, with the Behr Marquee range touted as their best quality option. It’s praised for having excellent coverage and being more cost-friendly. Behr offers a good range of colors and is Home Depot’s answer to Benjamin Moore. The Kilz ceiling paints have been also compared with Benjamin Moore paints. Although the coverage may not be as great, they are still comparable to Benjamin Moore’s.

    This paint is also comparable to Benjamin Moore paints. Even though their ceiling paints don’t have the same coverage, they are still considered superior. The PPG Diamond paint is said to provide good coverage and durability, comparable to Benjamin Moore paints. PPG is also less expensive than Benjamin Moore.

    is said to have a good amount of coverage, good durability and is comparable to Benjamin Moore paints. PPG can also be purchased at a cheaper price than Benjamin Moore. Glidden Premium: Recommended for bathrooms and kitchens. It is easy to clean and has mold and mildew resistance. You can get this paint at a much lower cost than Benjamin Moore.

    Does Home Depot Color Match Benjamin Moore Paint?

    Home Depot paints can not always be color matched with Benjamin Moore, but there are similar options.

    Home Depot offers a color matching service that may allow you to match Benjamin Moore samples. The Home Depot paint mixer has the same color range as Benjamin Moore paints.

    Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Try This Instead)

    Where Can I Buy Benjamin Moore Paint?

    Benjamin Moore can only supply retailers that are independent, and finding one in your region may be harder.

    Benjamin Moore can help you find nearby stores which carry the paints.

    Benjamin Moore stores ship to the US mainland only. However, they do have retail locations throughout Alaska and Hawaii.

    Benjamin Moore paint may also be purchased online by eligible merchants

    You may check out our other paint-related posts and find out if Home Depot gives free paint samples if Home Depot sells Sherwin Williams paint, and find out who makes Behr paint for Home Depot.

  • Conclusion
  • Home Depot does NOT stock Benjamin Moore paints at any of its locations or online.

    Benjamin Moore paints cannot be sold at Home Depot.

    Home Depot stocks a variety of paint brands that are similar to Benjamin Moore paints. They can also color match Benjamin Moore samples in-store.

    .Does Home Depot Sell Benjamin Moore Paint? (Try This Instead)

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