Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

Home Depot offers everything from bathroom sinks and power tools, to cabinet handles, insulation, and even toilet bowls. Home Depot is a popular choice because of its affordable prices.

With a vast selection of paint colors and finishes available, it is easy to wonder how you can choose the best paint for your particular project.

So, does Home Depot give free paint samples? The topic was a subject that interested me so I researched it. Here is the result.

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022?

Home Depot also offers free samples of paint, including swatches. However, customers will have to pay a nominal fee to take home a small container of paint to test on a wall, including major paint brands. Alternatively, Home Depot also offers digital paint sampling through a smartphone app or via

  • You can read on for additional information about Home Depot’s painting samples availability, brands and pricing.
  • Do You Have the Right to Sample Paint at Home Depot

    Home Depot offers customers the opportunity to sample different paint finishes and colors.

    There are a variety of brands and types of paint available, so sampling your proposed color is an important step.

    Samples of affordable paint can be purchased for customers to try at home.

    Additionally, uou can also get sample paint colors in small cans from, for a small fee. These come in 8-ounce quantities for sampling.

    How do you get samples of paint from Home Depot?

    Home Depot allows you to request a sample. All you have to do is drop by the paint shop and take a look at the complimentary paint samples.

    The paint department also offers 8-ounce samples of paint cans. lets customers choose from a large selection of paint brands and colors.

    This is an option that works well for busy customers.

    Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

    How Much Do Paint Samples Cost At Home Depot?

    Home Depot provides all customers with free sample swatches of paint.

    Home Depot has sample-sized paint cans that are just $3.

  • Plus, these sample cans come with free ship-to-store pickup, or free and fast delivery straight to your door!
  • If you want a more temporary paint sample, try Home Depot’s adhesive paint swatches. You can also get free delivery online for these peel-and-stick swatches starting at about $2

    Home Depot has samples available in what colors?

    Home Depot stocks a wide range of colors and types of paint.

    Some brands may only be offered as samples in store, like Behr and Glidden.

    The brands can be only tasted online in 8-ounce bottles.

    You can also get free samples of popular brands like:

    Diamond Brite paint

    Harris Titanium


    Get more information about Home Depot’s paint-related services. Find out whether Home Depot sells Benjamin Moore paints or Sherwin Wilkins paints. You also can see what Home Depot makes with its mix paints.

  • Conclusion
  • Yes, Home Depot does offer some free paint sample options to customers, including in-store paint sample swatches and the Home Depot color match smartphone application.

    However, for other types of paint samples, customers can expect to pay just over $3 for 8-ounce sample paint cans, or purchase peel and stick paint sample kits from for a nominal fee.

    Is it possible to get paint swatches at Home Depot for free?

    Paint Sample Projects The paint department at Home Depot is a gold mine when it comes to free items and services. You won’t believe how many color samples you can get. Take home all the gorgeous sample swatches.

    Home Depot offers free samples

    Home Depot has free samples that can help you visualize how your pattern might look in your home. Free samples are available from Home Depot.

    Do You Pay For Paint Samples?

    You will most likely need to pay for samples. A paint sample should cost no more than $5 One time, free samples of paint were given by paint companies. Jan 22, 2022

    Do You Have the Right to Request Paint Samples?

    Yes, customers can sample paint colors and finishes at Home Depot’s paint department. There are a variety of brands and types of paint available, so sampling your proposed color is an important step. Customers can get free sample swatches or affordable sample paint sizes to take home.

    .Does Home Depot Give Free Paint Samples In 2022? (Guide)

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