Best Backyard Mosquito Control

Best Backyard Mosquito Control

best backyard mosquito control

The 8 Best Mosquito Repellents To Prevent Bugs From Taking Over Your Yard

This spray will help protect your patio, deck and other outdoor areas.

The warmer months bring more mosquitoes to backyard barbecues and other outdoor events. Even though they prefer humid climates, the pesky bugs can be found anywhere. But just because their presence is inevitable doesn’t mean you have to suffer through itchy bites and annoying buzzes: Take matters into your own hands by protecting your yard with the best mosquito repellents and bug sprays.

Follow the guidelines set by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to make sure that you’re buying the most effective repellents. For clarity, insecticides for your yard must not be identical to those used on you body or clothes. Although they are effective in repelling mosquitoes, ticks, or flies from your garden, most bug sprays have EPA-registered active substances like picaridin, DEET, picaridin, and IR353535. According to the EPA, insecticides and pesticides that control adult and larval mosquitoes must be used in the right quantities. Remember to tip and toss: To empty any water that mosquito larvae might be hiding in, you need to turn over anything you don’t want. Craig Stoops, Chief Science Officer at Mosquito Authority recommends getting rid of any unwanted items in your backyard. These could contain breeding areas for mosquitoes. Further, the EPA advises that you get rid of potential mosquito habitats.

Draining water from rain gutters, tires, buckets or plastic covers

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Change the water in fountains, bird baths, wading pool, rain barrels or potted plant trays at minimum once per week

Filling temporarily with water or dirt

Swimming Pool water needs to be treated, filtered and maintained in a circulating

best backyard mosquito control

Full List Of Yard Repellent Options

Cutter Backyard

Feet, which covers a large area of most urban yards. It control mosquitoes for up to 12 weeks, but we recommend reapplication after about 9 or 10 if you want to really control the mosquito population. In most places, you will need to apply two times per year. Other bugs can also be killed by it, not only mosquitoes. This works well on gnats as well. There is also evidence to suggest that this can be used for tick control. To avoid adverse effects on the bees, it’s best not to treat flowers during flowering.

For best results, do the entire summer cycle, not just one application. Do not target areas below the ground or with more challenging vegetation.

EcoGuard Plus for Mosquitoes, Ticks. This is our top pick when natural repellents are preferred. The Ecoguard product is our most preferred for wide-ranging yard use, and it’s a close second to the Cutter. You can use it to control current and future insect populations in active areas. It is large enough to be used in most urban and suburban areas. The advantage of this product is its natural, biodegradable nature. However, it should be kept away from honeybee colonies. For best results, you should reapply it every 3-4 week like Cutter.

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Both Ecoguard and Cutter have shown us that there is a reduction in the number of mosquitoes within a few days. The mosquito population will drop after the second application.

Terminix All Clear Mosquito Bait & Defeat – Ecoguard is a natural, more cost-effective option for controlling mosquitos in your backyard. It consists of spray foliage with garlic oil which attracts the mosquitos then kills them in a day or two by making them sick. The yard will see a 90% reduction in mosquito populations. Unlike some of the others, it comes in a smaller aerosol-type canister so is suitable for smaller, more targeted application. It’s non-toxic which we love.

The Thermacell lantern can provide 15 feet protection. However, you won’t get a full yard of coverage. It is possible to use 3-4 of the lanterns in strategic locations, which will cover an average patio, deck or area near children’s play sets. It’s DEET-free. The unit does not spray anything. We tested the product and found that it worked very well. The unit is attractive and blends in with the surrounding environment. It is not meant to run constantly, but only when there are people in its vicinity.

best backyard mosquito control

Follow The Light

While citronella candles have been around for years to repel mosquitoes and other light sources can also be used in backyard mosquito control. Your outdoor bulbs might be switched to “bug lights” which can emit yellow light that attracts insects. These lights will not repel mosquitoes, but they can reduce mosquito populations and prevent large swarms from occurring around lightbulbs.

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Bug repelling lanterns can also keep the biters at bay. The lanterns, which can be powered by batteries or butane, emit an insect repellent that you can use to lighten your evening and keep bugs away. Avoid the bug-zapper lamps. They do not reduce mosquito populations in yards and can actually be more harmful than helpful.

The best mosquito control for your backyard requires a multi-faceted approach. The best way to repel them is to be diligent in removing any remaining standing water. However, if that’s not enough, aggressive methods may be required. You can reduce the amount of mosquitoes living in your garden and still enjoy summer.

What Is The Most Effective Outdoor Mosquito Control?

Our choice. Thermacell E55 Mosquito Repeller. For mosquito control, the best. … Runner-up. Thermacell’s MR450 Portable Mosquito Repeller is armored. Although not as handy, it’s still durable enough to take camping with you. You can choose the budget option. Pic Mosquito Repelling Coils. They are cheaper but more unpleasant.

What Is The Best Way To Keep Mosquitoes Out Of Your Yard?

  1. Use Your Screens. Use your screens to maximize the fresh air in your home, while protecting it from pests.
  2. You can get rid of standing water.
  3. Keep Your Yard Under Control.
  4. Use Fans Even Outdoors.
  5. Protect yourself and use Repellent. August 31, 2018.

.Best Backyard Mosquito Control

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