Best Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

Best Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

best mosquito repellent for dogs


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For over 30 years, Vet’s Best has blended natural ingredients that work together to comfort and protect your pet. You can trust Vet’s Best to protect your pet and keep them safe.

– Repels Mosquitoes

For Dogs, Cats and the whole family

Sprays Upside Down and 360-degree

– Made with a unique blend of certified natural oils like Lemongrass and Geraniol (from Citronella plants)

– Independently tested and proven to work

best mosquito repellent for dogs

About this Item

SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Vet’s best mosquito repellent repels mosquitoes, without using DEET.

NATURAL INGREDIENTS – Unique combination of organic oils such as Lemongrass Oil or Geraniol (from Citronella Plants).

SAFE FOR DOGS & CATS: Use on cats and dogs aged 12 weeks and older. It is great for all ages.


MADE IN USA – Our products proudly are made in the USA using quality American and foreign ingredients.

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best mosquito repellent for dogs

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best mosquito repellent for dogs

What are Mosquito Repellents for Dogs?

Any substance which repels or pushes insects from the protected person, place or object is a repellent. Notice the word “tends”. It means that the effectiveness of the method is lower than 100 percent.

Any repellent, whether it is an insecticide with chemicals in it such as DEET or Permethrin or an all-natural combination of oils such as geraniol oil, lemon eucalyptus, or lemongrass, won’t repel every bug every time.

These repel and push away a small percentage of mosquitoes, ticks and other biting bugs that come up to your dog. This is why the

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“>best mosquito repellent for dogs is one that has multiple active ingredients.

It is estimated that 75-80% of the top mosquito repellents in the world are around effective. There are about 20-25 mosquitoes who will get by for each 100 that try to approach you. We recommend multiple active ingredients.

These repellents can be combined. What one doesn’t repel, the next one will.

best mosquito repellent for dogs



Vet’s Best Natural Mosquito Repellent Spray for Dogs & Cats gives you the signal to give pesky mosquitos a break. This potent spray is carefully formulated using nature’s most powerful plant extracts to repel mosquitos that can bite and bother your pet. This plant-based spray is an effective alternative to the traditional insecticides. It contains a blend of lemongrass essential oil and geraniol derived from citronella plants. It can be used all year to allow your pet friend to enjoy more of the great outdoors.

DEET can be used to repel mosquitoes.

Forged with an exclusive blend of certified natural oils including lemongrass oil, geraniol and citronella plant geraniol.

Great for the whole family and can be used on dogs and cats 12 weeks or older.

You can apply this product every 2 hours to ensure maximum protection.

This product is made in the USA using high-quality domestic and foreign ingredients.

best mosquito repellent for dogs

Dog Repellents Against Dangerous Insects

Some people use insect repellent sprays to keep mosquitoes away, while others may apply lotions to plants. However, some of these can pose a danger to dogs, so be careful.

DEET – Products that contain DEET should be avoided. They can cause seizures in dogs and even lead to death. This ingredient is found in many mosquito repellents that are made for humans.

Citronella plants and products-The citronella smell can cause irritation in dogs. It can even be toxic to pets if too many of these plants are consumed. Citronella is found in many products intended to be safe for dogs, but the scent does not appeal to them.

Geranium plant – In dogs, eating geranium may cause skin rashes or lethargy.

Marigold plants: Marigolds can cause skin irritation and, if eaten in excess, intestinal upset such as vomiting and diarrhea.

Garlic plants: Garlic can be fatal. It may lead to severe complications like anemia and even collapse. People sometimes give their dog very little garlic to keep fleas away, but it is risky.

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Essential oils: Many essential oils can cause harm to dogs if not used in a proper way. Avoid them. If licked, they can cause skin inflammation, GI irritation, and other severe side effects depending on what oil is being used. It is best to avoid essential oils that are toxic for dogs such as cinnamon, lemon (dlimonene), honeydew, sweet birch and tea tree (melaleuca), and wintergreen.

best mosquito repellent for dogs

The mosquitoes aren’t just pesky. They can transmit heartworm disease and pose a serious threat to our precious pets. Make Sure To Protect Your Pooch On Time With Mosquito Repellents For Dogs.

You can spend time outside with your pets, and it’s hard to beat spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, the mosquitoes could be a serious nuisance. These bloodsuckers not only make your dog mad, but can also cause serious illness. Dirofilaria imperatoris, which is also called heartworm, is transmitted via the bite of an infected insect mosquito. In addition to being irritating as heck, mosquitoes put your pooch at risk for heartworm disease . Many mosquito repellents are available on the dog market to help protect dogs from bites.

We selected some of the best mosquito repellents for dogs – be it sprays, collars, spot on, or chewables – each of them ideally suited for different conditions and situations. You can read on to learn which one works best for your furbaby.

Wondercide is an organic, effective, and natural spray that kills ticks, fleas, and mosquitoes. It’s extremely popular with customers. Wondercide is a combination of natural, organic therapeutic-grade essential oil and other ingredients that make it a potent spray. It has a distinctive scent that deters mosquitoes from attacking your dog. Use it once a week, spray on your pooch then massage in. Wondercide Spray comes in four scents, including lemongrass, rosemary and cedar, along with different sizes (four ounces, sixteen ounces, 32 ounces, 32 oz and 128 ounces).

Find out the current price. Insect Shield Premium Tee Insect Repellent Insect Shield products have a unique look and feel, which is why their Premium Tee is so special. This dog T-shirt is made with patented materials. This fabric is lightweight and breathable with a proprietary permethrin binding formula. Insect Shield’s fabrics are infused in an efficient insecticide. But, their secret formula makes them safe for pets and long-lasting. Wear this repelling tee with your pooch next time they go on the trail, camping or out in public. The Premium Tee is available in two colors and seven sizes.

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Get the best price Check Price 3. Well, it’s quite simple, really: make the environment inhospitable to them. Flea Away chewables repel insects. You can disguise the C02 your pet produces by using these chewables. These vitamin complex chewables are made from natural ingredients and change the pet’s body smell in a way that can’t be detected by the human nostril. They won’t smell too much like an insect meal. These chewables can also be used as treats by being liver-flavored.

See Price K9 Advantix II Spoton Treatment: The Best All-In-One. There are not many treatments that repel, kill and treat mosquitoes. K9 Advantix II is an exception. It is an effective topical insect repellent for dogs that kills mosquitoes instantly. This spot-on treatment is a very popular option for pet owners. It provides a broad range of protection against parasites, and can be applied once a month to protect your pet for as long as 7 weeks. You don’t need to worry about your pet getting stung by bugs or mosquitoes. This treatment can be used on dogs with different sizes and weights.

See the Price Get the best plant-based repellents for dogs – Vet’s Best Natural Mozzer Spray. It is DEET free and safe to use. It contains a combination of natural lemongrass oils and geraniol oil, which repels mosquitoes from reaching their original targets. The same smell doesn’t cause discomfort for dogs and owners. This repellent, made in the USA, is safe for cats and dogs older than 12 weeks and adults over two years. Vet’s Best seems to be the most popular repellent for mosquitoes.

How can I repel mosquitoes from my dog?

Cedar Oil Cedar oil can be used to repel pests from your dog. Cedar oil repels ticks and fleas as well as mosquitoes. In fact, it’s said that the ancient Egyptians used cedar oil in embalming to keep the bugs away.Nov 9, 2021

Mosquito spray can be applied to dogs

You should not give your dog human insect repellent. They can cause serious health problems. DEET (the main ingredient of most bug sprays sold in drugstores) can cause skin irritation and vomiting.

.Best Mosquito Repellent For Dogs

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