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Easy & Effective Ground Mole Traps Review

I’m sure you already know, if you’re on this website, how destructive moles can be. These little critters are digging machines that can dig 18 feet in an hour! That’s why we suggest taking care of your mole issue as soon as possible, even though they might be adorable. With the right equipment and a little experience, the good news is, it’s very easy to get rid of moles.

You have two main choices when it comes to getting rid of moles, baiting for trapping. We normally suggest trapping, but you can check out our analysis on how to get rid of moles in your yard here if you want to see all your choices. We will cover the best mole traps on the market on this page and specifically how to set the trap to maximize effectiveness!

WireTek Easy Set Mole Eliminator (Scissor Trap)

Buy from Amazon. The worst nightmare for moles is this WireTek scissor trap. Although the trap is a little more costly on the list than others, we suggest using the “buy once, cry once” mindset and picking up this trap to make sure you don’t have to waste time and money on your mole problem down the line.

This good mole trap is the only device that, without digging, can be set into a tunnel mole trap, inserting cables that can be harmful, or putting down spears or clamps. This is a good trap and it also has protection measures to ensure that there is no risk to pets and kids. The trap is one of the simplest methods to use for catching a mole, and is currently the most powerful method for capturing moles on the market. To set up the mole traps, place the mole traps with gloves in the dirt of a straight tunnel to ensure that no scents are placed on the unit. Move on the trap to force the jaws apart once the trap is set in a hole. The mole traps back and forth to really get the trap into the tunnel while your foot is still on the trap rock to allow soil to fill in around it. It guarantees that the jaws will not get tangled up.

It will trigger the scissors as the mole goes through the tube, snapping the mole.

How to set a Victor Mole Traps?

Setting a Trap for Victor Mole is fast. To find the active tunnel, just follow the instructions below. First of all, flatten the tunnel and wait for 24 or 48 hours. That is an active mole tunnel if the tunnel returns, how does dawn soap get rid of moles?

Push the upper part of the tunnel with your finger and put the trap right there.

Press the trap down until the spears at the bottom are out.

Take the spears up and down ensuring they are free.

Ensure that the firing latch is outside of the pan

Pull the handle upward rapidly while retaining the trap frame, before the firing lock snaps over the pan. Now, the trap has been set.

Here’s a complete Victor Out O ‘Sight Mole trap video guide. How I had it set up’

How does the Wire Tek 1001 work?

The basic concept behind Wire Tek 1001 is pretty easy. The mole activates the scissor mechanism, and it snaps shut around his body, removing the issue instantly.

To cover any direction that the mole might travel through the tunnel, there are two scissor mechanisms set up in parallel. By first finding a portion of the tunnel, you set the mole traps, pressing the mechanism of the scissors, which are closed at this point, tightly into the centre of the tunnel until the base part of the mole traps reaches the ground. You then step on the setting lever that sinks the underground mechanism of the scissors in the tunnel. All you need to do is wait until the trigger is triggered by a mole, which snaps the scissors tightly shut.

There is no bait to think about, no digging up the tunnel, or fresh soil covering sections of the pit, or any of that material. You also don’t have to deal with toxic poisons or dangerous chemicals that might cause harm to an inquisitive pet or infant. All you do is firmly insert the trap into the centre of the tunnel and set the mole trap with your foot, only two decisive acts and it’s set, ready and waiting… You’ll know when the trap has been triggered, so to speak, as it will pop back up from the field. The trap will be flush with the ground when it is set, waiting to be triggered, but when the mole trap has been activated, the device will return to its state before you set the mole trap, which means it will be raised off the ground again, and visually visible.

The toughest part of using the Wire Tek Simple Set Trap is maybe understanding which part of the mole tunnel method is being used actively. There’s no point in setting a mole trap where, after all, a mole won’t go. One way is for all the tunnels that you can see to collapse. Simply do this by stomping it flat. The mole will re-tunnel through the sections it likes, so you will immediately know where the mole is likely to be before long when you see a section of the tunnel that has been raised again. That is where the trap should be set!

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Easy & Effective Ground Mole Traps Review

We will start with a discussion on how pests affect your garden, how you can identify them, the best mole trap and then move to the good key methods you can use to get rid of them.

What are Moles?

Moles are underground, carnivorous mammals that primarily feed on insects and other pests in your garden. The rodents are industrious underground tunnel diggers capable of occupying any nutrient-rich soil and can destroy your lawn or garden with an extensive underground tunnel system. Moles are largely solitary animals by nature and show up on the ground occasionally when the pests are searching for some food or a mate for procreation. The pests may be far from the ideal animals you need in the garden but Moles are not entirely destructive as they bring a lot of value to the soil and other plants. Let’s look at the negative side of Moles.

How Moles Affect the Garden

As we’ve already pointed it out, ground Moles are carnivores which eat a wide range of insects. Some of these insects are pests that are quite dangerous to the garden whereas some of these are useful for the ecosystem of the garden. A good example is Earthworms which play a crucial role in maintaining the health of the soil and plant. Secondly, Moles are capable of great underground feats despite the frail look of the rodents. One Mole typically digs a network of tunnels at around 10 inches underground which communicate with the outside through the Molehills. When there is a severe Mole infestation, the gardens soil structure and integrity can be compromised thus affecting the growth of plants in a negative way. In addition, the mounds can be a genuine nightmare to the overall appearance of the garden.

How to Identify Moles

Mole’s possess quite a unique look that shouldn’t be very difficult to recognize. In essence, the rodents are tiny mammals that have a distinctive pig-like muzzle, and tiny eyes and ears that are hidden under a black or grey fur. In terms of size, Moles are about 7” and prominent fore-feet which extend into web-like toes and broad nails used during the underground digging. The animals usually assume a swimming pattern movement both on and below the ground. Because of the nature of their movement, Moles prefer the soils that have a lot of moisture thus making the rodents more discoverable during spring and fall, especially in the early mornings or evenings.

Apart from the associated appearance, you can easily know you have Moles in your garden through the Molehills. Molehills are conical shaped hills that communicate with the tunnels below the ground. Depending on the gravity of the ground Mole infestation, the number of Molehills and tunnels may vary from just a few to dozens.

Getting Rid of Moles and the Best Mole Trap

The pest control world has a myriad of methods used in controlling Moles with varying efficacy. Like most pests, there are two main ways of dealing with Moles, and these are; mole traps and repellents. There may be a lot of ways suggested by well-meaning people but you should note that if you want to get rid of Moles completely, Mole traps give you the best chance. Moles don’t live in groups and chances are your garden contains one or a few Moles which you can effectively get rid of, with a single mole traps. Repellents are also proven methods but Moles can be a little cleverer than you expect as the pests can use the network of tunnels to their advantage, by simply abandoning the area containing the repellent. Consider having a mole eliminator and learn how to set the mole trap.

Having considered this, you should have the right tools that will help you get rid of the Moles and their tunnels effectively. To assist you with choosing the best mole traps and repellent that guarantees results, we have prepared a number of mole traps that we recommend for successful extermination.

We will look at the five best mole traps products in light of the features they provide, what other users experience has been like, and our thoughts.

Tomcat Mole Killer

Easy & Effective Ground Mole Traps Review


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Our first best mole traps to catch a mole effectively, the Tomcat has imposed itself as a gold standard brand in the pest control industry. The past four decades have witnessed a streak of products aimed at controlling rodents and other pests that endanger an endless number of gardens and lawns. The Tomcat Mole Killer is no exception as it oozes with a lot of quality both on paper and actual user’s experience. Let’s take a look at the features and related aspects of the Mole killer.


The Tomcat Mole killer is nothing like the conventional Mole traps that we usually expect from top rodent control mole traps. Instead, mole traps are a special formulation supposed to mimic Moles’ food delicacy, the Earthworm. The rather ‘fake’ and lethal Earthworm, whose actual ingredients are concealed by the manufacturer for obvious reasons, is simply put beneath the Molehill where the unsuspecting Mole ingests it to its own way to destruction. The amount of time before the life is effectively squeezed out of the Mole varies depending on the amount of the ingested material but the typical average time is 48 hours.


This Mole killer is without doubt one of the most effective extermination agents on the market today. The simplicity of administration is unparalleled and should take a few minutes especially when your lawn is not heavily infested with Moles. Furthermore, it seems to be a fairly humane way of eliminating the pests as the rodents usually meet their fate below ground thus eliminating any need for handling and disposing of dead and unsightly Mole.

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On a minor negative note, this trap is something that needs extra care when applying since the lethal chemicals may pose potential harm if the user is exposed to the product.


In terms of the reception so far, our research and daily experience show a lot of encouraging signs as it is not a secret that the product is in good standing with most of its users. A tryout with one of these is definitely nowhere close to a bad move against the dreaded Moles that are infesting your yard.

Victor Plunger Style Mole Traps

Victor Plunger Style Mole Traps Image


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The second mole trapping in our review is the Victor Mole Trap which is one of the best products on the market. This Mole trap is nothing short of durability and effectiveness thus forcing its way onto our review. Let’s skip the blurb and see if the product is worth it.


Just the first glance at the Mole trap will tell you that the designers meant serious business against any unfortunate Mole that gets in the path of the product. The Steel Mole Trap takes the form of a plunger with spears will inflict a deadly blow into the Moles physiology. The Mole trap is designed to be placed into the pest’s tunnel such that the trigger pan blocks part of the tunnel partially. Additionally, the Moles incorporates a safety pin which is aimed at preventing any false firings thus ensuring your safety.

In terms of size, this mole trap is 4.3’’x5.4’’x14.1’’ and weighs an approximate 1.76 lbs.


The outstanding feature that the mole trapping possesses is the superior strength and reliability for getting rid of Moles. The steel build and sensitive mechanism of the mole trap should be enough to stage a one blow attack into the tunnels to kill the Mole almost instantly. Another advantage of the mole trap is that it is fairly easy to use as it is generally easy to implant within a short period of time. Additionally, the safety pin integrated into the product gives the Mole trap an edge in terms of ensuring your safety. The Mole trap is definitely a worthwhile addition to your pest control inventory.


The experience and reaction have been positive so far. The Mole Trap lives up to expectations as most of the current users are showering praises over the product.

Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap

Wire Tek 1001 EasySet Mole Eliminator Trap Image


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The Wire Tek 1001 boasts of a more aesthetically built Mole trap which can be installed without the need of any drilling or digging through the ground. The feature set of the Mole trap extends its promise of superior safety standards and effectiveness. Let’s appreciate the key features of the product and see why it stands out among the best Mole traps.


The Mole trap is made of 100 percent galvanized steel providing enough strength that renders a highly effective blow to the Mole. The material also makes sure that the pest is usable in a range of soil types including loamy earth and sandy soil.

Additional features within the package include a user manual, which comes in handy if you are new to Mole traps, and a 1-year warranty which is a great pledge of quality and reliability.


The installation process of the Mole trap is quite a breeze even for a first timer. All you should do is locate the pest’s tunnel, set the trap into the tunnel until the base rests on the earth, followed by a hard step on the lever to activate the mechanism of the trap. After successful trapping, you can retrigger the lever by simply dropping the Mole trap on the ground. Apart from the easiness associated with the installation process, the Mole trap provides a durable and highly effective product that should last more than a few years while getting rid of the unwanted garden guests consistently. Another upper hand is the enhanced safety the product provides. The fact that the Mole trap can be installed independently into the tunnels and does not accommodate any sharp edges or spears makes it an ideal product especially when you have children or pets around.

On a negative note, the usual price associated with the Mole trap ensures that it comes with a pinch of salt especially when you are on a tight budget.


A diligent trek across the web shows one distinct trend associated with the Mole trap, which is within the favor of most users as demonstrated through the highly positive reactions.

The Underground Exterminator

The Underground Exterminator Image


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Next up on our review is a chemical based Mole trap designed to inflict a painless and quick death to the unsuspecting Mole known as The Underground Exterminator. The Underground Exterminator utilizes fumes which work on the cardiovascular system of the Mole thus rendering destruction right from the heart of the Moles’ life. Let’s take a deeper look at the product.


This mole trap is basically a 6.8 inch powered pipe that releases the deadly carbon monoxide gas into the Mole tunnels. Since carbon monoxide is almost a universally poisonous gas, the Mole Trap is useful for killing and getting rid of most rodents and other animals that may be infesting your garden. The pipe is connected to a vehicle exhaust pipe, with a diameter of no more than 3 inches, which powers and pressurizes the gas inside this trap for a quick release into the Mole tunnel network. In terms of the range of penetration, the product can release the gas about 275 feet.

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The Mole trap’s main highlight is the revolutionary and highly effective method it uses which employs carbon monoxides destructive capability. Another advantage of the mole traps is that it presents a fairly humane method of killing if you are not as vengeful to the Moles because the work is done as a completely underground mission which does not require the removal any dead pests from a mole trap. The mole traps versatility is also something worth appreciating as the mechanism warrants an effort to some other unwanted guests apart from the Moles.

However, on a negative note, the perpetual need of a vehicle exhausts for the proper use of the trap may be a significant barrier if you simply don’t have one or when the exhaust doesn’t have an appropriate size for the Mole trap.


A critical eye across the internet told us one distinctive reaction from current users which means the Mole trap is quite a worthwhile product for the money and effort. The Mole trap lives beyond expectation and could be a great addition to every dedicated gardener’s pest control arsenal.

ZENY Live Animal Cage Trap

ZENY Live Animal Cage Trap Image


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If you are not the type for killing pests and bloody sights but prefer not to have any destructive visitors including Moles in your garden, Zeny has a probable solution for you. The Mole trap provides a great lure-and-cage method that enjoys high regards in different parts of the world. Let’s put it under the magnifying glass and see if it works against Moles.


The Mole trap comes in a rectangular 32”x12.5”x12” steel cage that has high rust resistant properties. The entrance of the mole trap is fortified by a spring-loaded door with extra sensitive triggers for a clean and safe closure once the pest gets inside the cage. Attached to the steel cage and handles are handled guards that keep your hands away from the angry and aggressive Mole trapped inside.

Additional items in the full Mole trap package include a manual that will serve the newbie a breeze through the installation.


All in all, the Mole traps proves a worthwhile rival to all the top-notch mole traps in the pest control world. The most notable feature is the highly humane mechanism the Mole trap employs which thrives on a simple principle; capture-it-alive and release it at the right place. Apart from this, it provides an easy option to set the trap for any beginner. Thirdly, the safety profile of the Mole trap provides enough safety for any homeowner with kids and pets around to set the trap and relax without having to be on the lookout for anyone’s safety. Lastly, the average price tag of the Mole trap accommodates all the midrange to high-end budgets. However, though there is much to appreciate, the trap has one major shortfall related to its door. Although the door of the product provides top-notch security, mole traps are somewhat susceptible to failure when the captured Moles get more aggressive and try to escape.


A sweep across the web tells a positive story related to the Mole trap as most users have a positive experience so far. Any decision to take the trap on board definitely has a lot of backing both from the feature set it promises and the actual user experience.


In a nutshell, Moles can be destructive creatures if there is no decisive action against them thus the most effective measures should be used. Using Mole Traps remains the best way to kill and get rid of Moles entirely and the above examples should clear any dilemmas or uncertainties related to choosing the best product for your needs. The best of luck as you are embarking to restore the beauty of your garden or lawn! Have a problem with mice too? Check out our article on the best mouse traps.

We will start with a discussion on how pests affect your garden, how you can identify them, the best mole trap and then move to the key methods you can use to get rid of them.

What are Moles?

Moles are underground, carnivorous mammals that primarily feed on insects and other pests in your garden. The rodents are industrious underground tunnel diggers capable of occupying any nutrient-rich soil and can destroy your lawn or garden with an extensive underground tunnel system. Moles are largely solitary animals by nature and show up on the ground occasionally when the pests are searching for some food or a mate for procreation. The pests may be far from the ideal animals you need in the garden but Moles are not entirely destructive as they bring a lot of value to the soil and other plants. Let’s look at the negative side of Moles.

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