Ikea Stock: Can You Buy Ikea Shares & Will They Go Public?

Ikea Stock: Can You Buy Ikea Shares & Will They Go Public? 2022

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Founded 28 July 1943

; 78 years ago





in Sweden
Ingvar Kamprad
Delft, Netherlands
Number of locations
445 (2021)


Area served

Middle East

North Africa

East Asia


Southeast Asia


North America
Key people
Ready-to-assemble furniture

, homeware, food products
Revenue Increase

41.3 billion (












Retail page




  • IKEA retail chain is very popular. They specialize in offering high-quality, affordable furniture and goods for a great price. IKEA is a global retailer with stores in every corner of the world. Its current value exceeds $58.7 Billion.
  • It is possible that you are wondering if IKEA has plans to go public. You can find everything that I could!
  • IKEA Stock: Can You Buy IKEA Shares & Will They Go Public? 2022

    Is IKEA On The Stock Market In 2022?

    IKEA, a private company, is currently not traded on any stock exchanges. IKEA is instead owned by the Stichting INGKA Foundation, which was founded by IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad. IKEA does not plan to go public, or offer an IPO in the near future.

  • You can read on for more information about IKEA’s relationship with the stock market and the INGKA Foundation!
  • Is IKEA ever on the Stock Market before?

    IKEA has never been traded publicly on the stock market. This is because all shares in the company are held by the INGKA Foundation, which has been doing so since their beginning.

    The Kamprads currently own IKEA, INGKA Foundation, and so the family is likely to continue the tradition. It’s unlikely IKEA ever will enter the stock exchange.

    IKEA Stock: Can You Buy IKEA Shares & Will They Go Public? 2022

    What Is INGKA, And How Is Its Corporate Structure Made Up?

    Ingvar kamprad, the founder of IKEA back in 1943, founded INGKA. The INGKA foundation is largely intended to protect the IKEA business.

    Ingvar Kamprad is also a member of large parts of the INGKA supervision board.

    The INGKA organization also employs a powerful and effective anti-takeover protection strategy that keeps the company safe from being taken over either by a large company or forcibly.

    IKEA Will Go Public at The Stock Market.

    This is unlikely. IKEA can be considered a privately owned company. Stocks and shares of IKEA are all held solely by the INGKA Foundation. They include members of their family, as well other representatives.

    IKEA is also incredibly unwilling to have the company be taken over by larger corporations or other larger overseers. The INGVAR Foundation developed an anti takeover protection strategy to stop this from ever happening.

    Is IKEA competing on the stock exchange?

    Stock market investors often look at their nearest competitors for worthwhile investments, as IKEA is not listed on the stock markets.

    IKEA is not the only company that trades on the stockmarket.

    This stock market company is one of its most valuable. Amazon is a company that sells almost everything, at extremely high prices. This makes them a very profitable business. Amazon shares can also be purchased but at quite high prices.

    Much like Amazon, Walmart sells a massive variety of goods, both in-store and online, including furniture, which is IKEA’s entire market base. Walmart also sells their products at very high prices. This makes them affordable and therefore profitable.

  • Wayfair is an online shop that specializes in home furnishing and decorations. Wayfair has thousands of international suppliers, which makes them an excellent place to shop for all types of furniture. Wayfair is publicly traded on the Stock Market, and may make a good investment instead of IKEA.
  • For more information, please see my IKEA Statistics and Trends guides, as well IKEA’s Competitive Advantages. A further option is to see if Aldi stocks are available for purchase.

  • Conclusion
  • Ever since the company was first founded in 1943 by Ingvar Kamprad, IKEA has never once been a publicly traded company on the stock market. The INGKA Foundation is the sole owner of the company, founded by Ingvar Kamprad, founder of IKEA.

    The INGKA Foundation is a preventive measure that stops hostile takeovers. This means that for the foreseeable future the entire company will be controlled entirely by the Foundation.

    Ikea Stock Symbol

    IKEA stock is not represented by a symbol, as it’s a privately held company.

    Ikea Struggling to Get Stock

    Ikea claimed that they are unable to provide 10 percent of their stock according to BBC. Ikea, which is experiencing product shortages at the ports of Toronto and Vancouver, has had to acquire additional shipping containers as well charter vessels.

    Ikea Private or Public?

    IKEA has been the biggest furniture retailer in the world since 2008, and is now one of the most important privately owned companies worldwide. IKEA’s parent company is a nonprofit foundation, and its complicated corporate structure helps to limit its tax liability.

    Parlor or the Stock Exchange

    Parler, as I said above is owned by a private company. It is not listed on stock exchanges. Parler can be purchased if Parler raises more seed capital.

    .Ikea Stock: Can You Buy Ikea Shares & Will They Go Public? 2022

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