2024 Guide: Are Dogs Allowed in IKEA Stores? Pet-Friendly Shopping Policies Explained

Discover IKEA's pet-friendly policy in 2024. Find out if you can bring your dog to IKEA or if there are restrictions. Learn about where small dogs are allowed, and get tips for shopping with pets at IKEA locations. Click to learn the dos and don'ts for a hassle-free visit with your furry friend!

Does Ikea Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022 Guide)

A pet dog might be something you consider taking along with you when you shop at any of the 50 IKEA shops across America.

  • IKEA allows dogs to shop in their stores, but are they pet friendly? All your questions answered!
  • Does IKEA Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022 Guide)

    IKEA Will Allow Dogs in 2022

    IKEA now allows dogs inside its stores, although only service dogs are allowed. It is compliant with the American Disabilities Act of 1990. There are no pets allowed, and there is no place for emotional support animals or other animals. Your dog can be left outside IKEA stores in designated areas.

    Do you want to find out more? You can read on to learn why IKEA prohibits pets from its stores and what IKEA outlets have broken the rules.

    Is IKEA pet friendly?

    IKEA isn’t pet friendly. There are no pets allowed in the IKEA store. Some customers, however, have reported some exceptions to this rule.

    Although IKEA doesn’t mention it on its website, Yelp users have called the company to clarify.

    IKEA US does not allow service dogs to join customers in store.

    This means that you won’t be allowed to bring your pet dog, cat, bird, or any other animal into the store.

    This is similar to the policies adopted by other supermarkets and warehouse stores such as Walmart and Costco.

    According to the Food And Drug Administration’s (FDA), Food Service Codes, all of these stores can not allow animals into their premises.

  • Although IKEA does not allow dogs, some stores do.
  • IKEA’s No-Dog Policy is not applied equally at different locations, so it would appear.

  • Additionally, a number of shoppers have reported seeing customers with pet dogs in their local IKEA stores!
  • Dog owners might take some comfort from this. It is not permitted to take your dog along with you to IKEA. Stores will often enforce the rules.

    Does IKEA Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022 Guide)

    IKEA Does Not Allow Pets

    IKEA is against pets. They want customers to enjoy shopping, regardless of whether they are afraid of animals, allergic to their hair, or both.

    In order to guarantee that each customer is at ease in the store, pet owners are generally prohibited.

    Safety and health concerns are also involved. IKEA restaurants do not allow pets to enter their stores.

    This is according to the FDA’s Food Service Codes. Live animals are not allowed in any establishment that sells food.

    It is possible for an animal to track dirt and drool into the store. This could contaminate other food products.

    IKEA allows Service Animals

  • Although you are not allowed to bring your pet into IKEA with, you may allow your service animal in!
  • Service animals are those that have been specially trained to perform work for people with disabilities.

    Service animals must perform tasks that are directly related to their owner’s disabilities.

    This exemption from the “no dog allowed” rule was approved by the ADA guidelines. These guidelines recognize the significant role of service animals within the lives and daily activities of people with disabilities.

    Does IKEA Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022 Guide)

    IKEA allows all service animals

    IKEA stores are permitted to house service dogs and any other service animal. However, some rules and restrictions do apply.

    Service animals and owners might have to be asked for their permission to let the pet go if it is disruptive.

    Additionally, IKEA workers are entitled to question whether a customer’s pet is a service animal according to the ADA.

    You can legally ask them what the function or task is that their animal is being trained to.

    All questions beyond the two main lines of inquiry, such as requests to see evidence of disability, are prohibited.

    Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed In IKEA?

    The ADA states that emotional support animals do not qualify as service animals.

    This is because they are trained to offer therapeutic benefits to people with mental or psychiatric disabilities. These animals are not trained to perform practical tasks the same as service dogs.

    So, no, emotional support animals are not allowed to accompany owners into IKEA stores.

    Does IKEA Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022 Guide)

    IKEA Dogs Can Go Outside

  • Your dog cannot go into IKEA with you, however they can come outside with you to help you wait.
  • Some IKEA stores have installed dedicated dog parking spots outside the front doors. These small areas are made up of astroturf and poles that you can use to tie your dog’s leash.

    They are sheltered from the sun and the rain, and may have water bowls and kennels, depending on the location.

    Customer service can be reached at 1-888-801-4532 to determine if IKEA’s nearest store provides dog parking. You can also use the online locator to find your nearest IKEA and contact them to inquire if the store offers the service.

    For more information, see the guides for the Walgreens and Target dog policies, Walgreens’ dog policy, Target policy, Target policy, Costco policy on dogs, as well as the Walgreens policy.

  • Conclusion
  • IKEA shops are allowed to have service dogs or other service animals. Service animals can be defined as any animal that is trained to perform tasks specifically for persons with disabilities.

    IKEA workers may be able to ask specific questions about the tasks that the animal does in order to establish whether it’s a service or domestic animal.

    Pets such as dogs, cats, and birds are prohibited from entering IKEA, as are emotional support animals. It has to do both with safety and health laws that affect food service establishments as well as concerns about customer satisfaction.

    Some stores offer parking for dogs outside of the entrance for customers who wish to bring their pet to IKEA. For more information, contact your local IKEA shop.

    .Does Ikea Allow Dogs & Are They Pet Friendly? (2022 Guide)

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