Biggest Ikea Stores In The World

Biggest Ikea Stores In The World In 2022 (Sizes + More)

Inter IKEA Systems B.V.
Founded 28 July 1943

; 78 years ago





in Sweden
Ingvar Kamprad
Delft, Netherlands
Number of locations
445 (2021)


Area served

Middle East

North Africa

East Asia


Southeast Asia


North America
Key people
Ready-to-assemble furniture

, homeware, food products

41.3 billion (












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IKEA, which is the largest furniture retailer on earth, operates over 445 retail stores worldwide. Given the number of stores in existence, one can assume there must be some very large locations.

  • I had a question about the size of IKEA’s stores around the world. Here’s the result of my research!
  • Biggest IKEA Stores In The World In 2022
  • Manila, Philippines is the home of IKEA’s largest store. It covers 65,000 square metres (699,654 sq. ft) and was completed in 2022. This IKEA store, which is 5-stories tall and contains over 8,000 products, hosts an ecommerce hub and attracts an estimated 20,000 shoppers per day.

  • Continue reading to discover where IKEA has the largest store, the largest IKEA shop in Sweden, and the smallest IKEA outlet!
  • Biggest IKEA Stores In The World In 2022 (Sizes + More)

    Which IKEA location is the most popular?

    The biggest IKEA store is currently in Manila, Philippines, which opened in 2021.

    This IKEA store covers 65,000 sqm (69,654 square feet). It also has five floors: a call centre, an ecommerce hub and warehouse.

    Additionally, the store holds more than 8,000 products and is estimated to attract nearly 20,000 visitors a day, and employs 500 staff members.

    Not far behind in second place is the IKEA store less than an hour outside of Seoul, in South Korea. With 59,000 sqm (635 07070 sqft), the size of this store is very similar to Paris’ Louvre.

    Where Is The Biggest IKEA Store In The US?

    The biggest IKEA store in the US is situated in Burbank, California. It covers 456,000 square feet, or approximately 42,000 sqm.

    This store stocks every IKEA product, which is unlike small stores. It also has 1,700 parking spaces.

    This store will replace the Burbank location, which was only 240,000sqft.

    Biggest IKEA Stores In The World In 2022 (Sizes + More)

    IKEA: Where is the Second-Biggest Store in The USA?

    Schaumburg, Illinois has the IKEA Store that is second in size.

    The total area of the store, which is 450,000sqft or approximately 41.800sqm, spans more than three stories.

    IKEA Sweden’s Largest Store

    Kungens Kurva IKEA in Stockholm is Sweden’s largest IKEA shop.

    It was completed in 1965.

    Biggest IKEA Stores In The World In 2022 (Sizes + More)

    Where Is The Biggest IKEA Store In Europe?

    The largest IKEA store in Europe is the Kungens Kurva store in Stockholm, which stands at 594,167 sq ft.

    Berlin (Germany) is the runner up with a store measuring 43,000 sq.ft. This makes it Europe’s 2nd-largest IKEA.

    Where Is The Biggest IKEA Store In UAE?

    The biggest IKEA store in the UAE is based in Dubai, in Al-Futtaim’s Festival Plaza.

    This store covers 35,000 sqm (376.736 sq feet) and has an area that is dedicated to training staff.

    Biggest IKEA Stores In The World In 2022 (Sizes + More)

    IKEA Canada: Where is the Biggest Store?

    Montreal has the IKEA Canada’s largest IKEA Store. This store is the result of renovations that increased its size. The store now covers 469,694 square feet.

    Renovations made the store larger than the one on Iris Street by 42 square feet. It is the most spacious in the nation.

    IKEA Stores: Where is the Smallest?

    Hong Kong houses the smallest IKEA retail store. It is temporary and only sells everyday household goods. The store also stocks IKEA meatballs, which can be frozen.

    The IKEA sustainable living philosophy is promoted in the shop, as well as energy-conscious items.

    Mini IKEA stores, which include planning and design stores in London, have also been opened. A new permanent, mini IKEA store is planned for the London Borough of Hammersmith, where flatpack furniture will be available.

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  • Conclusion
  • The Manila IKEA shop in the Philippines is currently at (699.654 sq. ft) and it’s the biggest open IKEA store.

    Burbank in California holds the record for the largest IKEA retail store. Schaumburg is a close second.

    Stockholm is the home of IKEA’s largest store. It covers 594.167 square feet. Hong Kong holds its smallest IKEA location, which is temporarily temporary. IKEA is set to open more mini-stores in the future.

    .Biggest Ikea Stores In The World In 2022 (Sizes + More)

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