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Wondering about the Costco return policy for clothing in 2024? Learn whether you can return clothes without tags, explore online store returns, and get clarity on apparel refunds. No receipt? No problem! Find out how to return clothes easily with our comprehensive guide. Enjoy hassle-free shopping with Costco's flexible return policies!

Costco Clothing Return Policy In 2022 (Worn, No Receipt, Tags + More)

Costco sells clothing from high-end brands including Tommy Hilfiger. Calvin Klein. Calvin Klein. Birkenstock. Kirkland.

  • What if you have a piece of clothing that isn’t satisfied from Costco and want it to be returned? Read on to discover what I’ve found out about Costco’s clothing return policy!
  • Costco Clothing Refund Policy for 2022
  • Costco accepts returns of clothing items both in-store and online as of 2022, even if the items do not have tags or are slightly worn. The store does not accept damaged or worn items. Costco offers customers the ability to return their items with no receipt.

  • Learn more about the cost of returning clothes items to Costco.
  • You can return clothes to Costco without the tags or the original packaging, however, you will need to bring your valid Costco membership card to the store for verification.

    Costco will most likely fully refund any clothing purchased in good conditions, regardless of whether the tags have been removed.

    Costco will only refuse clothes that have irreplaceable damages (surpassing natural wear and tear).

    Costco staff makes the final determination about whether the returned item will be accepted or rejected. This means that your experience returning clothes with tags intact may differ from one store to the next.

    Can I Return Clothing Items To Costco Without The Receipt?

    Costco’s Returns policy says that it doesn’t matter if you bring your original receipt (e.g. jeans, shorts, shirts, hoodies, shoes, etc.) You can speed up the process by wearing your return item when you visit a store.

    Costco will accept your returned receipt even if it is not in your possession. As long as your Costco card and valid photo ID are present, you won’t have to be concerned about losing the receipt.

    Costco Clothing Return Policy In 2022 (Worn, No Receipt, Tags + More)

    Does Costco Accept Returns Of Clothing Items After 90 Days?

    Costco allows customers to return items within a specified time period of 90 days. However, all items may be returned at their discretion anytime.

    Clothes items fall under the category where there are no time limits for returns. You may return them anytime you like, even after 90 day.

    How Do I Return Clothes To Costco In-Store?

    Costco allows you to return your clothes in-store. Simply take the items with you to the Costco returns counter.

    The original receipt is the best proof of purchase. But if that’s not possible, your Costco Membership card will be.

    The method you used to purchase the item will determine the amount of the refund. Please bring the original credit/debit card that you used when you purchased it.

    Costco Clothing Return Policy In 2022 (Worn, No Receipt, Tags + More)

    How can I send my clothing back to Costco Online

    Returns for clothing bought online by Costco can be made either in person or via mail.

    Follow these steps to return your clothing items via mail:

  • Login to
  • You can select “Orders & Returneds”
  • Next to your clothing item, click on the button that says “Return Items”. Follow the next steps
  • Attach the label to your clothing (neatly packed) by printing it.
  • Drop the item at a courier station near you
  • The cost of returning items via mail will be refunded along with the refund.

    Can I Return Clothes To Costco If I Am Not A Member?

    Even though it is preferable to return your clothing to Costco without a Costco membership, items can still be returned to Costco shops even if the member you are not.

    You will need either a receipt, or a gift receipt to do this. Costco will use the receipt to verify the member of the original purchaser and process your return.

    Costco can either give you a cash refund or a credit card that you can use for other purchases.

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  • Conclusion: Costco Clothing has a Return Policy
  • Costco allows clothing to be returned, but not for exchanges. Costco won’t accept clothing items for return if they are damaged beyond normal wear.

    You don’t usually need a Costco member or receipt to return your items. Staff will sometimes ask about purchase verification. Costco clothing can be returned at their warehouse locations, or online.

    Can You Return Clothes If The Tag Is Off?

    It is possible to reattach tags. It is up to the retailer. However, most stores will take back merchandise even if you have removed the tags as long as they can tell that it has not been worn.

    What if I want to return something to Costco after 2 years?

    If members aren’t satisfied, they can return any item at any point. Some members, however, may see this as an opportunity to return worn or used items several years after buying them.Aug 17, 2018

    What if I don’t have a receipt?

    Costco offers a risk-free guarantee of 100% satisfaction that will let you return any item without receipt. Costco is able to view all past Costco purchases through their membership card. Therefore, no receipts are required.

    .Costco Clothing Return Policy In 2022 (Worn, No Receipt, Tags + More)

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