Walmart Air Fryer

Walmart Air Fryer

Walmart Air Fryer

Walmart Black Friday Deals

This year’s hot product is the air fryer. They can make almost any food in half the time it takes to cook an oven.

Walmart is offering tons of new and used air fryers that shoppers can score for $40.

The first one is the Cosmo 2.3-quart electric Air Fryer, going for just $39.99 online.

This appliance has temperature control and an automatic shut-off.

This particular air fryer provides a wide temperate range of 180 degrees Fahrenheit up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next is the Ultrean Air Fryer, available for purchase online at $39.99

This brand gives you the option of four colors and is a 4.2 quart.

The LCD screen displays 1500 watts and features a removable cooking pot.

Walmart has also included holiday decorations to their huge Black Friday sale list.

Shoppers can grab a 6.5′ Madison Pine Artificial Christmas Tree for just $39.99.

The tree is prelit with 300 pre-strung mini clear lights and 600 branch tips.

It also includes a tree stand and an extra sturdy top branch for displaying a tree topper.
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Shoppers can also buy 40-count Christmas shatterproof ornament packs in a variety of colors ranging from $1 to $9.98.
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Each pack has matte, shiny, and glitter finishes in a variety of designs and is for decorative indoor use only.

Other notable deals:

Walmart Air Fryer

Kalorik Digital Touch Screen Air Fryer (8 Qt.)

It includes a trivet with a removable basket and sanitizer.
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A Walmart customer wrote, “What I like most is the touch panel. It is easy to use and very self-explanatory.” “The display is bright and the touch screen buttons are responsive. Tested on frozen fries from Whole Foods and the fries came out crispy and evenly cooked just how I like them! It is easy to wash the trivet and basket with warm water. I look forward to trying many different air-fried healthy meals. I am very happy with this purchase!”

Kalorik digital touch screen air fryer (8 qt), $49

Walmart Air Fryer

Farberware Air Fryer — $55, Was $99

The Farberware air fryer is a solid option if you need an air fryer that prepares meals just for yourself or for two, as its capacity of 3.2 quarts holds up to 2 pounds of food. You can set it with a timer to cook for as long as 30 minutes at a temperature up to 400° Fahrenheit. The Farberware air fryer, which also comes with a book of 25 recipes that will help start your journey as an air fryer master, is available from Walmart at $44 off, bringing its price down to $55 from its original price of $99.

Walmart Air Fryer

Ninja Foodi 2-Basket Air Fryer — $160, Was $180

For cooking a lot of food at a time, go with the Ninja Foodi two-basket air fryer, which offers a total capacity of 8 quarts. Each 4-quart basket can be set to cook at a different temperature and time. This means you don’t need to wait for one dish finished before moving on. If you’re interested, Amazon is selling the Ninja Foodi two-basket air fryer at $20 off, bringing its price down to $160 from its original price of $180.

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