Types Of Cockroaches

Types Of Cockroaches

Types Of Cockroaches

5 Common

5 Common Types Of Cockroaches That Will Sneak Into Your Home, According To Experts

">Types Of Cockroaches That Will Sneak Into Your Home, According To Experts

How to find and eliminate household roaches

Poravute Images by Getty Images They can cause severe damage to your house and make it difficult to eradicate. Like other bugs, there is a variety of cockroaches you can find in your home. It's important to know which kind of cockroach you are dealing with so that they don't get into your home again.

Generally speaking, cockroaches are broken up into two main groups: domestic and peridomestic roaches. Dini Miller, Ph.D., states that domestic roaches are a species that has been around since caveman times and they have evolved to survive in humans.

, professor of urban entomology at Virginia Tech and Urban Pest Management Specialist for the state of Virginia. She said, "We don't see outdoor species roaming around among these guys."

Miller also describes the peridomestic group, which includes roaches that have become accustomed to humans but do not necessarily require to live in human dwellings. Miller states that they are ok to come in "opportunistically". "Let's say it gets too hot outside, or it gets too dry outside. This will lead to cockroaches moving into your building because they have no place else to go. You will have to be able to recognize them all and know what it takes to officially exterminate their unwanted friends.

Nigel Cattlin Getty Pictures What they look at: Coby Schal, Ph.D., describes the German cockroach as a small torpedo-shaped, dark brown, cylindrical roach. They typically grow no more than 3/4 inches.

Schal Lab, North Carolina State University's Schal Lab, is headed by. Schal adds that the German cockroach stands out because of its "racing stripes". You won't see it on any other types of roaches, but the adult German roaches are distinguished by two stripes on the pronotum.

Types Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches 101

Although the cockroach has been long despised by homeowners, it is much more than a nuisance pest. They can survive temperatures below zero and live for up to seven days without losing their heads. If it manages to escape indoors, this pest can be dangerous for human health. All kinds of cockroaches are susceptible to germs that they pick up on their legs while crawling through decaying materials. They may also transmit food poisoning to human beings. Cockroaches are known to spread at least 33 kinds of bacteria, including E. coli and Salmonella, as well as six kinds of parasitic worms and at least seven other kinds of human pathogens.

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Additionally, allergy attacks and asthma can be triggered by cockroaches. Their droppings, saliva, and shed skin can contain powerful allergens.

Pest control is essential to protect your home and family from an infestation of cockroaches. It's likely that some cockroaches may find their way into your home, as there are over 4,000 species worldwide. If you notice signs of an infestation, take immediate action to eliminate it. You should contact a licensed pest control professional to properly identify an intruder and recommend a course of treatment. If you are concerned about an infestation, this guide can help you determine the type of cockroach that has invaded your home.


Types Of Cockroaches


The most commonly found nuisance cockroach in homes is the German cockroach, Blattella germanica. The cockroach is more attracted to buildings than any other habitat. It reproduces quicker than all other species. It is particularly troublesome in apartment buildings and other shared living spaces.

Though they have wings, they don't fly; instead, they use their wings to glide. German cockroaches, which can cause disease in your house by contaminating food surfaces and cooking surfaces, are potentially dangerous. Additionally, they can trigger allergy attacks by shedding eggs and can also cause asthma attacks.


Types Of Cockroaches


Oriental cockroach , Blatta orientalis is a dangerous pest that mostly lives outdoors. The cockroaches thrive in densely populated areas. They are slower than other types of roaches, and they don't fly. Because they are not able to climb up vertical surfaces, they can often be trapped in tubs and sinks.

Oriental cockroaches, like all cockroaches, are much more disgusting than others because they consume garbage, feces as well as decaying plant or animal matter.

They stink, too. Cockroaches can be more hazardous than any other species of cockroaches because they spend so much time crawling on feces, dead animals, and bacteria. You can easily walk over them and they will contaminate your food, the food preparation area, or utensils. Their strong smell is enough to notify you that your food may have been contaminated.

Oriental cockroaches grow to about 1 inch in size, and they're larger than German cockroaches. They are brightly colored and can be found in dark browns to black. Female Oriental cockroaches do not have wings. Males and females both have wings. Males' wings are 25 percent shorter than their body. The Nymphs are small and wingless, looking like females.

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Types Of Cockroaches

Wood Cockroach Pictures

NY State IPM Programme

via Kansas Dept. Agriculture

Johnny N. Dell

Wikimedia Commons via Happy1892.

via Kansas Dept. Kansas Dept.

There are 12 species of wood cockroach (Parcoblatta), including the Pennsylvania wood cockroach , the Virginia wood cockroach, the Boll's wood cockroach, and the Broad wood cockroach. Although they thrive in damp woodlands, some can be found in homes. Houses situated near forests are especially at risk during the spring and summer. Since they feed on dead wood and other materials, these cockroaches are sometimes brought inside with firewood. These cockroaches can only survive in indoor environments for a short time.

Wood cockroaches are different from other cockroach breeds in their attraction to light. Only the males can fly short distances. Wood cockroaches are similar to other types of roaches in that they can cause food poisoning and allergic reactions.


Types Of Cockroaches


Periplaneta. fulginosa (smoky brown) is extremely sensitive to dehydration. They must be near water sources. They are an nocturnal insect and fly away from any disturbance. The smoky, brown cockroaches attract light just like the wood-cockroach.

The size of a smokey brown cockroach is approximately 1.5 inches. These roaches have a dark-brown to mahogany color and a thorax almost as black. Their wings are much longer than their bodies and can be distinguished them from other types.

The southeastern United States is home to the smokeybrown cockroaches.

Mode of Entry The Smokybrowncockroaches are most likely to enter homes through the plumbing and vents.

They are an outdoor type of roach and prefer to live in gutters, woodpiles, or planter boxes. They live under roofing and siding as well inside water meters and boxes. Sometimes, they even live in sewers. These cockroaches can occasionally get into houses, although it is rare. They are usually found in attics.

Habits and Reproduction Females keep their oothecae in their mouths for at least one day before depositing them. The 20 or less nymphs hatch in 45 days.


Types Of Cockroaches


It is important to understand the situation before beginning any type of pest control plan. Below are important facts about the six most common types of house cockroaches.

You will be able, with this data, to identify and locate the roaches that you are seeing. It will also help you determine the danger they pose and their severity. Now you are ready to take on your cockroach problem.

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We wish you all the best!


Types Of Cockroaches

Commonly Asked Questions

What are the different kinds of roaches?

There are 4500 varieties of roaches. There are 69 species in the United States, 10 in Canada and 30 that are pests.

How do roaches fly and what are their characteristics?

Certain roaches are able to fly. Others don't. Of the few that can fly, they have a lot of differences. While cockroaches of all kinds, including wood, Smokybrown, Australian and Asian, are good at flying, American cockroaches only use their wings to fly.

Which type of roaches are in your home?

Only a few cockroach species end up in homes. Wood roaches are more likely to enter homes by chance, while American and Oriental Oriental roaches can also infest houses when the environment is changed. However, Brownbanded and German roaches may actively attempt infesting your house.

What is the worst kind of roach?


Types Of Cockroaches

Types Of Cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most hated pests in all of human history. They can be both offensive and dangerous to human health. You can learn more about the Illinois and Iowa roaches, as well as how to get rid of them.

American Cockroaches

Cockroaches Brown-Banded

German Cockroaches

Oriental Cockroaches/Waterbugs

Pennsylvania Wood Cockroaches


Is There a Worst Cockroach To Be Having?

You might encounter many roaches in your area, including the German Cockroach. The German Cockroach is easily identified by its two parallel, dark stripes running from head to wings. It's usually smaller than most other roaches and can be found at less than half an inch.

What Roaches Are Infesting Your House?

  1. German cockroach. Nigel CattlinGetty Images
  2. Brown-banded and cockroach Wi6995Getty images.
  3. American cockroach. smuayGetty images
  4. Smoky brown cockroach. surasit bunnetGetty Images.
  5. Oriental cockroach. Goldfinch4everGetty Images.29 Oct 2019

Which Cockroach Is Most Common?

German cockroaches, (Blattella germanica), are the most widespread species. They measure between 13 and 16mm in length and have two darker-brown spots behind their heads.

How do I know what type of hair I have?

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.Types Of Cockroaches

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