2024 Guide: Are Roaches Attracted to Coffee Grounds? Unveiling Myths & Facts

Discover whether cockroaches are really drawn to your coffee grounds. Our 2024 research answers the question, 'do roaches like coffee?' and explores the truths behind coffee grounds and roach attraction. Find out if having coffee around increases the risk of cockroach infestation. Click to learn more and protect your home!

Roaches In Coffee

Roaches In Coffee

Why do Roaches end up in Coffee?

It happens to coffee coffee beans because large amounts of coffee beans become infested by cockroaches. Emlen states that it is difficult to completely eradicate these pests. These insects are simply added to the ground coffee beans. Watch the video interview, which starts at the 34-minute mark. FDA permits bugs to be in coffee, and other foods as long they do not exceed a specified percentage.

On the one hand, Americans and Europeans are too easily grossed-out by bugs. However, the fact that many cultures enjoy eating bugs, as well as the fact they can be a great source of nutrients and protein, doesn't take out the disgust factor. Sometimes there is bug residue in our food or around us. Some people just have to learn to accept the fact that pests are part and parcel of our world, as well as our food system.

Roaches In Coffee


Some prefer to have cream, while others like sugar. But others, according to a widely circulated internet rumor, also slurp up their daily cup of joe with a decent serving of cockroaches.

In late February 2021, Snopes readers asked our team to look into the claim that ground coffee contained traces of insects cockroaches in particular. This claim, as disturbing as it may seem to others, was based in fact.

Douglas Emlen, now a University of Montana biologist, made the claim viral in 2009. NPR interviewed Emlen about his research into dung beetles. Though coffee and cockroaches were not specific to his work, an anecdote about why Emlen's undergraduate advisor would regularly travel 45 minutes out of the way to buy freshly ground coffee quickly swept the internet.

Emlen recalls that Emlen gave him trouble because they were spending a lot time traveling to satisfy his caffeine addiction. "It was really difficult for me because I remember giving him a very hard time.

"He finally explained to me he had to drink only sort of whole bean fresh ground coffee. That was because of the cockroaches.

In all the years that Emlen was interviewed, various versions of Emlen’s statement about ground coffee beans containing cockroaches are being circulated over the internet. An examination of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Microanalytical Procedures Manual – MPM, which includes an analysis for trace elements in food found this claim to have been proven true. MPM routinely analyzes processed food to find levels of unavoidable or natural additives not considered to be a danger to human health. Although insects are a common trace element found in whole-bean and ground coffee, our searches did not uncover any reports that specifically mentioned cockroaches in coffee.

Federal law allows the FDA to limit natural substances that may unintentionally cause food borne diseases. The FDA can do this because it found it impossible for food manufacturers to produce food with acceptable levels.


Roaches In Coffee

The ground-up Cockroaches may be present in pre-ground coffee

Yes it is tragic but so true. Studies by FDA show that up 10% to 15% of green coffee beans have been infested. The insects can't be processed so the coffee beans are just roasted. We all know that the FDA allows certain quantities of pest parts in our food. However, it is not allowed to exceed a specified percentage. (how lucky are we?) If you're like me and most other Americans, we get grossed out by the idea of eating bugs. They are high in protein, and many cultures have been known to eat them frequently. America isn't yet able to accept that view. Though I have posted blogs on ingestion of insects, that doesn't mean I accept it as something I can ever live without. Asthma and allergies can both be caused by the ingestion of cockroaches. Can someone with severe allergies or asthma drink cockroach tea? That's obviously not healthy.

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Whole Bean Coffee, No Surprises

What is the solution to this problem? The answer is YES. You can purchase whole bean coffee, and then grind it yourself. This has become a more popular trend in recent years. There are many coffee grinders available and whole beans can be purchased in various brands. Some say the ceramic coffee grinder is the best.

Cochineal Extract, Carmine Dyes and Food Colors

Now you might be asking yourself, 'What about places like Starbucks that grind their beans fresh?' Good question. Although it might solve your problem with bugs like roasted roaches, it won't fix all of the bug problems. Have you heard of cochineal extract or carmine dye? These are dyes which can be found in drinks and food for the reddish color. It doesn't stop with coffee. Other products that contain cochineal and carmine dyes include yogurt, jelly and jam as well as ketchup, ice cream and ice-cream. To keep the bugs away from your mouth, look for cochineal or carmine extract on labels. They are basically natures answer to Red #40. Oh and if this wasn't bad enough, they also use this 'bug dye' in lipsticks and other cosmetics. This is a different blog.

Pay Attention to Your Labels Please read the labels!

Because we know that there is a certain amount of insect parts, rodent hairs and fungus in almost all the processed foods we eat, this whole coffee bean thing may not really bother you. And that's cool, but I feel that we should all be informed and aware of what is in the foods and beverages we put into our systems.


Roaches In Coffee

Don'T Worry, There Are Acceptable Levels Of Ground Up Cockroaches In Coffee Tins

My belief is that coffee you love to drink the most makes the best coffee. You believe that the Best Part of Waking up is when you are able to enjoy every drop. The pre-ground tinned espresso is your favorite. However, I'd be remiss if I didn't tell you about a hidden ingredient in your morning cup of coffee: Ground up cockroaches.

The report says that this strange discovery by creepy crawlies happened somewhat accidentally. Douglas Emlen of University of Montana is a professor of biology. In the late 80s, Dr. Emlen was a student driving cross-country along with his entomology teacher. The professor would take 45 minutes off-route in order to make a cup of freshly ground coffee. And while Dr. Emlen notes that the professor was a coffee junkie and the late '80s weren't exactly the golden years of good coffee, these weren't the reasons the professor would make such lengthy detours.

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After years of handling them, the professor became allergic to them. According to Dr. Emlen the professor experienced the same reaction when he drank pre-ground, tinned coffee.

Dr. Emlen tells NPR:

And it turned out when he looked into it that pre-ground, you know, your big bulk coffee that you buy in a tin, is all processed from these huge stock piles of coffee. The cockroaches can infest these huge coffee piles. There is nothing that they can do about it. The coffee is then ground.

The occurrence is so common that the FDA has an acceptable level of "insect filth and insects" that can be in coffee. According to FDA's website, no more that 10% of all coffee beans by count is insect-infested/insect damage.

The FDA has strict guidelines for small-batch specialty coffee producers. That means every coffee tin doesn't have cockroach legs. However, it is important to have this information in order to decide if it is worth the extra cost to buy a grinder or whole bean coffee.


Roaches In Coffee

Doctor Warns That There May Be Cockroach Bits in Your Coffee

Tik. Tok. You've likely seen Dr Karan Raj debunking health myths or sharing the facts about common health issues.

But now the NHS doctor has told us something we wish we didn't know.

The surgical doctor said it is likely that our ground coffee beans includes a small percentage of cockroaches and other insect bits.

These are not intentional or tasteless. They just happen to be able to reach the coffee bean bags.

Food and Drug Administration conducted studies which showed that up to 10% of green coffee beans (and sometimes more) become infested with roaches and other insects.

They are not suitable for coffee makers, so the insects get ground with them.

FDA is similar to the British equivalent MHRA allowing a limited amount of insect parts in our food provided that it doesn’t exceed a particular percentage.


Roaches In Coffee

Do Roaches Like Coffee? How to handle Roaches that like Coffee

Do you have roaches living in or around your coffee maker? Perhaps you believe that roaches prefer coffee. Discover the truth about roaches and their habits!

Are roaches attracted to coffee? You might find yourself wondering this after you've found a few roaches next to your trashcan. You might be asking this question if you have seen more than you should around your house.

This is most likely true. Numerous homeowners had problems with these pests nesting in their trashcans, where they found coffee grounds. It has been reported that they nest in cupboards and pantries, as well as coffee machines. It's possible that they were found because of their droppings, or due to the strong coffee aroma. There are many ways to stop them from getting into your coffee beans. We'll show you how to stop them getting too close to the coffee grounds, before you make your next cup.

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Roaches In Coffee

Roaches And Coffee

They aren't picky, so it's not surprising that Roaches may find their way into your kitchen.

Roaches aren't particularly in love with coffee, so it really doesn't matter what type of coffee bean you use. You can be sure they will find their way to dark or medium roast. Roaches are willing to eat anything for the nutrition and energy that they need in order to survive.

They'll drink your coffee if there's nothing else better or delectable. Because they love coffee, that's why you can let them have the whole bag of beans.


Roaches In Coffee

The Roaches Within A Coffee Machine

Our complete guide to eliminating roaches explains that coffee machines can be home to roaches. A coffee maker that is rarely used has the perfect conditions for roaches. It can have enough room, dark crevices, holes, lots of moisture, and plenty of food. There are steps you can follow to address a similar issue to the one that we discussed.

Washing all removable parts is the best option. Get rid of any droppings or eggs left by roaches.

Try natural alternatives such as baking soda and sugar. You can place the mixture inside a sealed bottle cap. Pair the mixture with another battle cap that's filled with water. You will be attracting roaches. The reaction of the baking soda to water will create gas which will cause them death.

It is also possible to make catnip and steamed tea. Make sure to use the tea in the machine. Catnip can be consumed by people.

Boric acid used for coffee machines can cause serious health problems if they are infested by bugs. The powder is highly toxic to humans, so it shouldn't be placed anywhere near parts that make contact with consumable coffee.


Do Coffee Beans Have Bugs?

It's legal to eat small amounts of maggot and mealworm in foods such as coffee, chocolate, and flour. It's completely legal. The FDA permits small quantities of insect matter to be in our food. 21 June 2017.

Are Cockroaches In Chocolate And Coffee?

Morton Teich of Mount Sinai School of Medicine is an allergist. According to him, contamination by cocoa beans and their droppings are unavoidable.

Coffee and Cockroaches?

Roaches are repelled by ground coffee. Ground coffee can repel mosquitoes.

What Happens if You Drink Anything With A Roach?

Cockroaches can spread bacteria to your food. 22 May 2019

.Roaches In Coffee

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