Oggy And The Cockroaches

Oggy And The Cockroaches

Oggy And The Cockroaches


Oggy is a white cat with light blue skin, brown eyes, yellow nose, gray stomach and white feet. Oggy usually spends his time either watching TV or doing housework when not chasing the cockroaches. Oggy loves the cockroaches despite their constant destruction. Oggy hunts down the cockroaches and is then terrorized by their spirits in "The Ghost Hunter"/Ghost Hunting. If he becomes alone in his home, he starts to see the ghosts as a threat. As shown in Season 1 episodes, "The Rise & the Fall", and "Vertigo", Jack also fears heights. However, Jack is more afraid of heights in "The Lighthouse Keeper".

The Cockroaches are a gang of three cockroaches named Dee Dee, Marky and Joey, who loves playing tricks on other characters such as Oggy and Jack. As seen in "Moving Out", however, the cats would still miss one another if they moved on.

Dee Dee the youngest is a cockroach that has a dark body, an orange nose and green eyes. Insatiable, his hunger can reach extreme levels. This often leads to him eating larger animals, or even insects, than is healthy. His favorite musical instrument is opera. He is known to enjoy opera.

Marky is the tallest middle-sized cockroach. Marky started out loving causing mischief like Joey (Dee Dee) and Joey. But he's become more relaxed with each episode. Dee Dee often appears with Marky as his partner. He enjoys reading books and dating puppets. When he's stuck in an icecube, his eyes become redder again.

Joey (born 15 June 1991) is a cockroach with a purple-pink body, a pink right eye (originally red), a yellow left eye , lavender head, black nose, and black feet. Even though he is the shortest roach in the group, he is the most intelligent, always being the brain in the plans, but is sometimes forced to go alone because Marky and Dee Dee often think that his plans are stupid. While he is a lover of money, his efforts are often unsuccessful, and usually end in him being swatted, or even beaten up.

Jack is a cat with an olive body, yellow eyes, red nose, pale pink stomach, and white feet. Oggy finds Jack more violent, short-tempered and arrogant. His interests include physics and chemical, particularly the explosive, which is why he often builds huge machinery like roach-catching devices. Jack resides at Oggy's place and is able to sleep there. Oggy also owns a green Jeep in which Jack and Oggy can go fishing, on journeys and to the beach. He is sometimes seen trying to propose to Monica, but the cockroaches' pranks always make it stop. Jack and Monica have a baby. Oggy is asked to babysit the child in one episode ("Don't Rock the Cradle") Jack plans to get married, in "Just Married", but it is canceled because of roaches.

Oggy And The Cockroaches


Bob is a fierce brown bulldog and Oggy's neighbor who has severe anger management issues with him, especially when Oggy, Jack, or cockroaches doing something that accidentally crushes Bob, or shaves his fur or destroys his house, with Bob then pummeling Oggy or Jack off-screen. Despite this, he has some sort of friendship with them, as notably seen in "Olivia", "Steamed Out", and "Back to the Past!". Bob can also be seen as a Police Officer in numerous episodes. Oggy (and Jack) were both his teachers in the episode "Back To School".

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Oggy's grandma is the least known member of Oggy's family who appears in several episodes, including "Granny's Day" and "Oggy's Grandma". Oggy seems to treat her very well, and she is supportive of Jack and Oggy. She is seen attacking the cockroaches during "Oggy’s Grandma", where she was actually attacked by them. Oggy even slammed her head against the toilet lid. The cockroaches are also defeated when she has short-term energy bursts with coffee. In "Granny's Day", she captures Joey and Marky, but feels sympathy for them when Dee Dee cries on a picture of them with Joey and Marky crossed out.

Monica is Oggy's twin, Jack's lover interest and Oggy's twin brother. She has a son with Jack in the show "Oggy the Babysitter/Don't Rock the Cradle". Monica is known for her intelligence and willingness to try new things, such as skydiving and bungee jumps. She can also be seen rollerskating. Monica makes the most appearances of any characters. She does however make a brief appearance in Oggy Is Getting Married where she is seated next to Bob.

Monica is shown to be a childhood friend and co-incidentally a child of Oggy in the hindidub. Oggy is also shown as having been born in her same hospital, the same place and at the same moment. Oggy's parents were neighbours of hers. Oggy, Oggy's father, was a neighbor. Oggy moved into Billa-Dhaam to live with Oggy. They fell in love again. Oggy eventually reconciles her with her after a while. Jack eventually becomes her lover-interest and then her husband. Two episodes of the series show Jack, Oggy's brother in Hindi-dub), having a baby.

Olivia is Oggy’s girlfriend and a white cat named Olivia with a yellow bow around her head. Olivia is aware of the cockroaches' mischief, so she stops them when they are around by using some aggressive methods. Olivia is very concerned about her appearance, as she demonstrates in "Olivia’s Pimple," where she refused to leave her home when she noticed a pimple. Oggy gets married to Olivia in the episode "Oggy Is Married", which is about their honeymoon in Venice Italy. She currently serves as Oggy's spouse. But, the story of their married life isn't shown in the later episodes.

Lady K is the light-colored male cockroach Lady K. Olivia doesn't know she has her, but Olivia knows that Olivia lives with her. She hates Olivia for some unknown reason. For her own gain, she uses the cockroaches frequently as her pawns. Julie, in Hindi-dub is her name.

Pit is a grey-colored dog, living near Oggy. Pit debuted with Season 4. He is strong and similar to Bob but does not make an appearance in front of other characters in the series, except Oggy, Dee Dee Marky Joey, Joey, Joey, Jack, or Marky.


Oggy And The Cockroaches


Oggy is known for his laziness. Oggy enjoys eating, watching television and listening to music. Oggy follows the cockroaches round the house as they always get in his way. According to the internet, he enjoys watching polka and chips while in the tub. He fantasizes about owning a self cleaning oven and a vacuum cleaner with 12 gears on "The Wheel of Fortune." He also displays a love for gardening and board games Despite his lazy nature, Oggy is a diplomatic and easy-natured cat. He has a tendency to show kindness and take care of animals. He couldn't bring himself to slaughter an octopus within one episode. In spite of appearing to have a calm demeanor, Oggy will retaliate without hesitation when provoked (predominantly by the Cockroaches ). Oggy can sometimes be seen eating a lot while trying to go after the Cockroaches. Oggy is also known for making a mess, and wasting a lot of food. Oggy can also be a good cook/baker, making delicious and tasty food on some episodes. His red oven is located in the living room/kitchen. He often uses gloves to help him take out his food.

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In several episodes, Oggy has been shown to have five main phobias: hydrophobia (fear of water), musophobia (fear of rats/mice), trypanophobia (fear of needles), acrophobia (fear of heights), and aviophobia/aerophobia (fear of flying). Oggy turns out to be a playful, more outdoors-oriented cat in season 4, as he spends much of season 4 outside his house.


Oggy And The Cockroaches


Jack is Oggy’s neighbor. Jack helps Oggy to attack the cockroaches. Oggy sometimes gets into trouble due to Jack's dominating nature and vainness. Many believe Jack may be Oggy’s cousin. However, this is not explicitly stated in the canon. Jack had a relationship with Monica, Oggy’s twin sister. Oggy regards him as more of a friend than neighbor. Oggy often sees him living at Oggy's House (mostly in Season 1)


Oggy And The Cockroaches

The Parents' Guide To This Show's Content.

The purpose of the show is to entertain and not educate.

Oggy's relationship with the cockroaches is far more "hate" than "love," thanks to the bugs' relentless pestering and sabotage that usually ends with Oggy in pain. It's hard to imagine their actions causing the sort of serious injuries they might in the real-world. You can make fart sounds or reach into cats' nostrils to get potty humor.


Oggy And The Cockroaches

Here are some things parents should know

Oggy and his Cockroaches play up physical violence and slapstick comedy among their mutually-contentious characters in order to have fun with them. A typical episode contains instances of characters being burned and dismembered. The episodes are very similar to Tom and Jerry. None of them is bloody and wounds heal within a remarkable amount of time. Bathroom humor includes farting, and other bodily functions.

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Oggy And The Cockroaches

This is the Story

OGGY AND THE COCKROACHES is a story about Oggy, a gentle-mannered cat, and three mischievous, cockroaches housemates, Joey, Dee Dee and Marky. They live in a precarious partnership that makes Oggy's life difficult. Oggy may be subject to home invasions and meal thefts by pesky insects on any given day. But Jack is able to help him get a few more hits against the annoying trio with his clever cousin.

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Oggy And The Cockroaches

Are You a Good Person?

Oggy and The Cockroaches takes the same black-and blue power struggles that Tom and Jerry loved and adds more mean-spirited pranks to it. They are gruesome pests and the relentless badgering of these roaches results in an entertaining show consisting only of painful encounters among archenemies.

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While there are some clever ways to make mischief (electrocution of a cat produces an exquisitely prepared meal on a platter), it is clear that the purpose of the show, which is meant to entertain rather than terrorize young children, isn't real. However, at the end of it all, you will see that it entertains purely by making up physical quarrels between enemies. Also, hard knocks is something kids can find funny, which may send mixed messages.

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Oggy And The Cockroaches

Western Animation / Oggy & The Cockroaches

Check out these Awesome Characters. Fuel Shout. Out Trivia Western. Animati… WMG. YMMV Fr. Animation. Occ… from top to bottom

Joey Dee Dee Olivia Marky Jack Jack Bob

The comic strip featuring the trickster. Everybody knows the routine: Some character pulls off a cruel trick on another. The victim reacts. The cartoon violence spirals out of control and both parties are caught in it.

Hilarity Ensues

This continues until all houses have been destroyed and all forests are lost, all cities have become garbage, and everything is Kaboom! Next, the crew starts it all again.

This tried-and-true formula was used in many Looney Tune Tom and Jerry films. It is being revived in Gaumont, France's top film studio. Oggy and the Cockroaches (Oggy et les Cafards – 1998-1999.2008,2013.2017). The episode, which debuted on Space Goofs Episode "Venus Junior", features the same formula. Each 7-minute short (there are at least 351 of them) follows the life of the rotund blue cat Oggy, who has the misfortune to share the same house with three cute but exceptionally mischievous roaches:

Dee Dee Dee Marky Joey. There is only one purpose to their existence: having fun with Oggy through a series practical jokes. Jack, Oggy's cousin is often there to help. Jack is a green cat with good mechanics and short fuse. The result is a great comedy team-up.


Oggy: Who was the Killer?

Oggy and the Cockroaches: Oggy Kills Oggy. After the introduction, a title card upside down with "The Cockroaches kill Oggy" is shown. A picture of Dee Dee wearing red eyes and a title card are also revealed.



">Oggy And The Cockroaches Indian?

Oggy, the Cockroaches, originated in France. Original episodes aired originally on France 3. (seasons 1-and 2), Canal+ Family. Seasons 3 and 4 were followed by Gulli. Older episodes could also be reran on Gulli.

Do You Ban Oggy and Cockroaches from Your Home?

Oggy purchases a female female snail. This episode was forbidden in Muslim countries (except Malaysia, Singapore), however Iran has videos. IRIB Pooya removed the footage of cockroaches in dance. This episode was banned in the Middle East.

What is the age of Oggy from Oggy and The Cockroaches?

Oggy is now 20 years old, according to a YouTube video. This corresponds with the number of years since 1997/98 when the original show aired.

.Oggy And The Cockroaches

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