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14 Best Luggage Brands For Every Budget And Every Trip

This durable and top-rated luggage makes it easier to travel.

No matter how often or why you’re traveling, you’ll need a suitcase that suits your needs. Your bag should have enough space to keep all your gear, but also be light and portable enough that they can last for years.

The Textile Lab at Good Housekeeping Institute tests all types of luggage, including carry-ons and checked bags. These bags are evaluated in the Lab using various measurements such as water resistance (water resistance), abrasion/scratch resistance, weight/size, ease of use, durability and resistance to chemicals. To compare the capacity of each compartment, we also do packing tests. Next, we invite consumer testers who will test each luggage’s ability to maneuver through an obstacle course. We give feedback on things like wheel performance, handle comfort and maneuverability. The most recent evaluation saw us test 25 styles of new luggage and log over 4,000 datapoints to identify the best.

The past 10 years worth of test data was combined with many additional scores. We have selected the very best luggage brands. They are based upon the highest-performing products, experts favorites, new styles, and unique features. Continue reading to find out more about our top choices. In summary, these are the most popular luggage brands you should shop for in 2021.

Best Luggage for Long Trips:

Most Popular Luggage for Frequent Travelers:

Best Luggage for Infrequent Flyers:

best suitcases

Best Hard-Shell Carry-On Rolling Luggage

We love the Away Bigger, Bigger Carry On Away’s bigger carry-on is our favorite. It has been referred to by four frequent travelers as being their most reliable option for shorter and longer travel. Kelly Farber is the founder of KF Literary Scouting. She spent a 3-week trip in seven cities abroad using only her Away Bigger Carry On. Clemence poles is the founder and CEO of Style Recommendations site Passerbuys. She was drawn to the Bigger Carry-On because it has the perfect combination of durability, storage capacity, and style. “There is a sensibility to its design,” she says, “which is something I always seek in all the things I buy.” Writer and photographer Nicholas Gill likes the bag, too. His opinion is that “my suitcases go beat up to hell” so it’s worth paying more for a durable bag. “It’s sturdy but light, and has a USB charger so I can charge my phone just enough to order an Uber. It also has a nylon bag inside that I can use to store my clothes if it gets soaked in the jungle.

The Savvy Backpacker, who has always traveled with backpacks, is also a big fan of Away’s carry-on. He says that it can be used for short trips and “especially the battery pack to recharge our phones or iPads.” Stephanie Be from BUENA loves Away “TSA approved lock”, 360-degree wheels (with tough hardware), rugged hardware, and sleek design.”

best suitcases


Sunny Chanel/Business Insider Rimowa is an established brand in high-end luggage. They use premium materials and create durable, easily recognizable products. Although it costs over $1,000, its aluminum ribbed luggage is extremely popular. The rollers are heavy-duty but lightweight so they might still be worthwhile if you have a tight budget.

Essential Lite, while more expensive, is a better option. This collection I love most because it’s lightweight and durable, but not too heavy. Rimowa doesn’t make soft-sided suitcases. There are not as many accessories as other brands. Rimowa also makes weekenders, luggage tags, packing cubes and totes.

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Read our complete Rimowa Essential Lite review.

Rimowa Essential Lite Cabin Suitcase Rimowa Classic Check-In L Suitcase Rimowa Never Still Tote

best suitcases

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley Premium is distinguished with its use of hybrid fiberglass frames and ballistic nylon. It also features reinforced corners, quiet wheels, smooth YKK zips, and whisper-quiet tires that are easy to maneuver on any surface. Briggs & Riley was our number one choice for high-end, soft-side carry ons. I particularly like the super-smart interior features that truly elevate these suitcases, from a special CX compression-expansion system that increases packing capacity by 25%, to making sure the adjustable handle is entirely on the outside of the bag so no packing room is lost to the poles. The suitcases can be considered investment pieces. However, they are built tough and have a lifetime warranty.

While I find the soft-sided bags to be some of Briggs & Riley’s best options, there are also some nice hard-sided carry-ons and checked bags for those who prefer to go that route. Briggs & Riley offers a wide range of travel accessories, including backpacks, weekend bags, laptop bags and adapters.

Briggs & Riley Baseline-21 Inch Expandable Rolling Carry on Briggs & Riley Large Baggo Backpack Briggs & Riley Baseline suiter duffel

best suitcases

The Tests We Did

We got our hands on nine check-in sized suitcases and tested them for weeks, taking note of their packing capabilities, durability, maneuverability and more. As the most convenient carry-on luggage, checked bags can be easily wheeled. The suitcases we test have all four 360-degree-wheeled wheels, as well as hardshell exteriors. Our medium-sized bags were approximately 25 inches tall. Because you can still fit more items in larger bags (typically around 29 inches tall), it is possible to overload and go over an airline’s weight limit.

Only two bags that measured more than 25 inches were tested: the Paravel Aviator Grand, and the Samsonite Maxsum Eco. They measure 28 inches and 29 inches respectively. Some of the larger suitcases we tested offer extra space, so you might consider those.

We have broken down all of our testing:


Impact: After packing every suitcase completely, we took it down one flight of stairs. After examining each suitcase, we noted how scratched or scuffed it looked and then checked for dents.


Capacity testing: The Away Medium was packed to the brim and the contents were set as the standard. Each suitcase was then checked to make sure it fits the standard size. We also took note of how easy it was to open and close each one.

best suitcases

Everything We Tested

Paravel Aviator Grand, a great suitcase that almost won the top spot in our tests, is fantastic. This bag holds a lot and is very durable. We also love its smooth rolling. However, it was the second biggest bag we tested and weighed the most. It weighed 12 pounds, although the company lists it as 11.8 pounds. This bag was 2 and 3 lbs heavier than our Away bags. If you are trying to travel under the airport’s 50-pound maximum, extra weight is important. The Paravel Aviator Grand, if you’re not afraid to pack strategically but still want something stylish and practical that can be moved easily and is durable and maneuverable, would be a good choice.

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Rimowa Essential Check-In M ($850;

The Rimowa was our favourite suitcase to roll, thanks to its smooth wheels, strong handle, and excellent maneuverability. However, the handle got extremely hard to pull in and out when it was packed full, and it didn’t excel in our drop tests either. While it is an incredibly nice piece of luggage, we just don’t think it’s worth the high price tag.

Delsey Paris Helium Aero 25-Inch (starting at $114.99, originally $231.84; or $149.99, originally $300;

With its smooth, well-made wheels and comfortable handles that made it simple to lift up or down stairs, the Delsey is another strong contender. The Delsey performed similarly to the Samsonite Freeform. If you don’t love the design or prefer a different color, it is an excellent choice.

Samsonite’s Samsonite bag is another sturdy suitcase that performed very well in our testing. It actually survived the drops with minimal damage, outperforming all other suitcases. Also, the suitcase weighs in at just 9.4lbs and is 29 inches tall. It has a latching system rather than a zipper which makes it harder to open or close.

best suitcases

Samsonite Omni Pc Hardside Spinner 28

Samsonite luggage is known for being rugged and stylish. The Omni suitcase is no exception. Its injection-molded polycarbonate shell is super stylish and can withstand the most difficult of airline journeys.

Sleek and shiny on the outside, the micro-diamond texture is extremely scratch-resistant, meaning your case will look great no matter how many times you use it. Because the case is super simple to use, you will be able to practice upright 360 degree turns anywhere with just a slight touch.

TSA locks feature as standard in the entire range. That means agents will be able to gain access to your bags at any time and that your belongings won’t be affected by malicious intrusions.

Weighing in at 10.5 pounds, this case will eat into your weight allowance without even a pair of socks packed inside but it is also one of the most practical and durable cases out there.

This Samsonite bag is available in 20-, 24-, or 28-inch sizes. It also comes with a wide range of sophisticated colors.

What Are We Like

Integrated TSA lock for security

best suitcases

Explore the 11 Top Luggage Companies and their Finest Suitcases to Travel Style

Get moving.

Watching your carefully packed suitcase be whisked away by seemingly unaccountable conveyor belts is a real cause for anxiety for many.

For a flight, it’s not easy to part with all your personal belongings. While you have the option to choose a suitcase or carry-on backpack for your flight, there are times when you simply need more room.

You have no control over the outcome, but you can choose your own suitcase. You should choose durable, reliable and ergonomic luggage for your travels. This will ensure that everything is well-maintained in the carry.

Luggage brands recognize the importance of safety and security.

These suitcases are among the top luggage brands in the world. With these suitcases, you will be able to travel comfortably and stylishly.

best suitcases

Rimowa: Best High-End Luggage Brand

Whether you’re heading to The Plaza, NYC, or the Burj Al Arab, Dubai, you’re going to want to look the part. RIMOWA, a German luxury luggage brand with a worldwide reputation, seamlessly combines elegant designs and modern engineering to create timeless designs.

RIMOWA was established in Cologne, Germany in 1898. It is known for creating some of the most luxurious hardshell suitcases available to accommodate frequent flyers and jet-set travelers. They introduced aluminium trunks back in 1937. Then, in 2000 they innovated with polycarbonate luggages.

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RIMOWA bags are made to last. They come with the highest safety ratings, to make sure that your belongings are protected, and can easily follow you from the hottest Arabian desert to the coldest Icelandic winter.

Star Products by RIMOWA Original

The RIMOWA Original is one of the most iconic designs in luggage history. It features a distinctive grooves design to celebrate the golden age aviation.

RIMOWA’s Original can be ordered in various sizes and colors. It is anodized aluminium of the highest quality. You will be amazed at how robust the suitcase feels and how light it is. This is due to the extraordinary craftsmanship and innovative design of the luxury luggage company.

TSA-friendly combination locks ensure that the TSA-friendly combination lock does not compromise security.

best suitcases

Delsey: Best Value Luggage Brand

Delsey is a well-respected manufacturer of beautiful luggage that’s practical, stylish, and reasonably priced. They were actually the first company to sell hardshell suitcases in 1970.

They are brimming with French style and their mission is to ‘Enable customers to travel elegantly, while reducing their carbon footprint. Is there anything not to like?

Star product: Helium Aero

This iconic polycarbonate shell protects the Helium Aero, ensuring elegance, durability, comfort, and style.

The deluxe interior supplies two compartments with a lined divider to reduce unwanted movement of your things, all packed in neatly and securely by the TSA three-dial locking system.

You can be sure that no marks or scratches will appear on your bag’s surface due to its scratch-resistant twill texture shell.

These suitcases are ideal for anyone who wants a larger, more spacious check-in bag with the best combination of style and dependability.

best suitcases

Best Suitcases For Toddlers

When you travel with toddlers, remember that the journey can be as significant and unforgettable as the destination. It is important for your child to bring their own baggage. It’s not only more fun for little ones to have their own toddler suitcase to pull (or even ride), but parents might appreciate the extra space!

Think about how much more space you will have in your bags if you don’t need to carry around all of your stuff. There is one downside to buying a small travel luggage for toddlers. You might end up with one less piece of luggage! If you trust that your toddler will be interested in pulling their own suitcase then these mini luggage bags will make traveling more of a treat than a chore, and everyone will be happier for it!

Choosing luggage for kids can be tough because there are so many options to sift through. Don’t be discouraged, there are many options available. You can choose from a variety of fun and colorful designs, including ones with cartoon characters that are more appealing to younger kids or simpler options for older children. We’ll take you through all of them with the help of our list of best toddler travel suitcases below.

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Shop all Toddler Suitcases from Amazon

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