Best Kids Smart Watch

Best Kids Smart Watch

best kids smart watch

The 12 Best Smartwatches For Kids Who Don’T Need A Smartphone Just Yet

Perfect gift idea for your techie friend or teenager.

Kids smartwatches can be less powerful than the regular ones and are also more affordable. They’re specifically made for children younger than ten years old. They’re packed full of apps and games to keep your little ones occupied, and some even have built-in cameras for snapping selfies. Many others are complete communication systems that allow for phone calls, text messages, and track their location via GPS.

The majority of smartwatches made for children don’t require data connections. But, for teens we have listed some that sync with smartphones and/or provide independent data connections so your child can exchange messages with family members.

A smartwatch is an excellent middle ground for kids who are constantly begging for a smartphone. Although they won’t allow unlimited access to the web like a phone, some smartwatches are not subject to data charges. These models can be used as a transition tool to give your child greater autonomy and tech-savvy. Plus, these smartwatches cost less than smartphones. So, shop the best smartwatches for kids right now!

best kids smart watch

Everything We Recommend

Verizon GizmoWatch2 A reliable and affordable smartwatch that kids will love. The smartwatch can make voice calls, limited texting and track the location of your child.

TickTalk4 Bigger, more durable with a camera

The TickTalk 4 includes a camera for photos and video calls, and it allows for up to 50 contacts. Although the watch is rugged, it can also be bulky and large.

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Best performing, most expensive

The Apple Watch SE is the most versatile and the easiest to use of the smartwatches we tested, but it’s expensive and available only for iPhone users.

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best kids smart watch

Why you should trust us

I interviewed more than 12 parents and conducted research via social media to find out their opinions on smartwatches and cell phones. In order to get their feedback, I reached out to a number of my daughter’s 10-11-year-old friends. Additionally, I spoke to a technology analyst and representatives of several manufacturers in order to understand the market. For a look at what is available for brick-and mortar shoppers, I went to my local Target, Verizon and Best Buy stores. Online reviews and blog posts as well as reports about basic and smartwatches for kids were all available.

Long-time journalist in technology, I’ve covered mobile tech news for as well as the San Francisco Chronicle. Wirecutter’s Guide to Best Apps to Manage a Kid’s Smartphone and Advice on Setting up Tablets for Kids is also my book. Last but not least, being a parent to an eleven-year-old boy and a thirteen-year-old girl, I have a personal interest in finding a device that will keep them entertained with games and apps, while still allowing me to watch them go off on their own.

best kids smart watch

Children’s Smartwatches Benefits

You know the benefits of smartwatches. Smartwatches can be a wonderful alternative to smartphones especially for younger children.

Giving a young child a cellphone is not ideal as many of them aren’t responsible or mature enough. Smartwatches can attach to kids’ wrists securely and allow them to access restricted content.

Smartwatches designed for kids often have SOS and GPS buttons, as well as educational games. You can keep an eye on your kid while they’re away at school, or out with friends. Some even permit two-way calling, which allows you to keep in touch.

They’re also great for older children. Smartwatches for kids 6+ offer calendars, fitness trackers, and timers.

It is probably not the best choice if your child feels distracted by a smartwatch. Don’t allow your child to use it at school.

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A smartwatch may not be necessary if you have a young child who spends a lot of time at home with you.

best kids smart watch


(Image credit to Fitbit) Last updated Smartwatches no longer have to only be for adults. Smartwatches now come in a variety of models that are more appealing to young people.

These are smartwatches that kids will love, including smart fitness trackers.

Because during the summer holidays, you want to make sure your kids are staying active, rather than spending every day in bed playing Fortnite. You might encourage creativity with the best cameras for children. If you have a teenager, it is worth looking at the top smartwatches both for adults and teens.

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Looking for the best smartwatch deals? The good news is that Black Friday, which will occur at the close of November, has arrived and we expect to see some major discounts. To find the most amazing Black Friday deals, be sure to check out our Black Friday deals portal.

best kids smart watch

Here’s some information to help you choose the right smartwatch for your child: Best Smartwatch for Children

A TEACHER PET The Tobi Robot Smartwatch by Little Tikes Check Price An easy learning tool disguised to be a digital animal.

It’s a smart purchase because of its fun features, but it doesn’t cost a lot.

KEEP KIDS ON TRACK Garmin Vivofit Jr.

An activity monitor with stylish design that tracks sheep’s strides and strokes.

Smartwatches are smart and smarter than you might think. By tracking your steps, smartwatches promote good habits. These smartwatches are able to help children learn the value of owning and using a technology. The GPS tracker function can help provide parents with peace of mind and allow your child to be tracked. You can even make your child smile by reminding him or her that sometimes their parents are quite cool. But picking the right one isn’t as simple as grabbing a Fitbit or Apple Watch. The outfitting of a child comes with its own considerations. Will you use GPS, or step tracking? What makes kid-specific watches more appealing than the larger, older models for adults? This is how you can pick the right smartwatch for your child.

This is the best GPS watch to buy for kids.

Best child health monitor:

best kids smart watch

These are the Best Smartwatches to Buy for Teens and Kids.

Here’s the breakdown of what to look for when picking out the best smartwatch for kids and teens.

Capabilities. While the best smartwatches can track your health and provide fitness information, there are also many other options, such as built-in step counters, Google Maps/GPS and flashlights. Other features include games, speakers, music storage, FM radio and texting and phone calling.

Battery Life: These kids smartwatches can typically last about seven to ten days, depending on their usage. The battery itself is also in it for the long haul, and is usually designed to last at least a year or more.

Durability. Watches with IPX (waterproof) or IPX (water-resistant IPX) ratings can protect your watch from liquid damage. An anti-scratch coating is a good choice to protect against damage to your face.

Band: Although the band doesn’t directly control what your watch does, children can have a hard time choosing colors or comfort when they wear it daily. A lot of brands provide a range of options to select from. This allows you to make sure they are happy with the color or pattern. A wristband that is adjustable and snug enough to fit your child’s wrist is important. As their wrist sizes change, it will need to be flexible.

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Age range: Teens will want different features from kids like calendars and contactless payments. They also need yoga and workout guidance. Sleep and hydration tracking. Skin temperature for meditation or exercise. Calorie counter. Storage for photos. You should choose something with a user interface that suits their needs if you are buying it as a gift.

And since the watch is attached to them, no more lost cell phones – as the “Find My Phone” feature is always a huge help.

best kids smart watch

What To Look For In A Smartwatch For A Kid

For parents who want to track their children with hectic schedules, GPS is the most crucial factor. True smartwatches (like the Verizon Gizmo) act more like a cell phone in the sense that parents have a live tab of a kid’s location and the ability to text and call. Fitbit Ace 2, a wearable that focuses more on fitness tracking, may not offer location services. However, it does provide the ability to communicate with other people. Do you not feel the need to use an app? It is possible to get a standalone smartwatch that doesn’t need any investment.

While watches that are focused on activity may have advantages, they do not offer the same level of tracking. Smartphones are less mobile-friendly than smart watches, and they encourage movement in children. Parents who have concerns about the time their kids spend on screens will find that smart trackers can be more beneficial for them. The kids can track their steps for the day and get reminders to stay up. But the best part about smart fitness trackers is the celebration when they reach a certain daily goal or meet a sleep goal. The settings can be adjusted in the parental app. But, allowing kids to choose their own alarms and following their activity guidelines could help them take some responsibility.

Although a smartwatch may replace a tablet or phone, it doesn’t necessarily mean that entertainment is not possible. Many watches are designed for younger children, with games such as math and number puzzles, augmented reality mystery, funny faces filters, and even augmented reality challenges. It is small in size, but the screen resolution is impressive and enough to entertain children in lines at the shop, in waiting rooms, and in cars.

If your child agrees to the plan, it will be easier for everything. You may decide to get a watch that tracks your location or has GPS boundaries. This can encourage mutual respect, even though it might be met initially with resistance.

Check out these smartwatches that kids will love in 2021.

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

best kids smart watch

Smartwatches: The Reasons Why Your Children Should Have One

This may sound like something that is a luxury rather than necessary, but it’s not. Smartwatches for children can be used to keep you connected, monitor their activity, and track where they are. They can also help with their independence by allowing them to move freely around their locality, without having to worry about being lost. This gives you a lot of peace of heart.

This is all taking into account the fact that mobile phones can be difficult to manage for children, particularly when used outdoors. It’s possible for kids to drop their phone or cause damage, and a smartwatch with a simple interface is better.

All that said, let’s take a look at some smartwatches that kids will love.

best kids smart watch

These are the Best Smartwatches for Kids For GPS Tracking, Messages and Fun

WIRED recommends top-rated smartwatches to kids with activity monitors and games. If you are looking for the best smartwatches in the market for your child, the only thing that will matter is the time. Many of the latest models come in attractive fascias with colourful straps. They also have silly or unnecessary interactive settings that will keep your child entertained. With a variety of technology options such as camera, fitness tracker, and games available, it may not be easy to find the ideal design.

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The list below features the best and most innovative smartwatches. They were evaluated on ease-of-use, ergonomics and, most importantly, fun and engaging functions. The future is now, and you can’t deny that your children are going to be using smartwatches.

best kids smart watch

What’S The Best Smartwatch For Kids In 2021?

The Xplora X5 Play is our top choice for the best smartwatch for kids. It features GPS tracking and a step counter, as well as the ability to send and receive messages and calls.

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Tobi Robot Smartwatch (PS37.50), is an excellent choice for kids. Its cute built-in robot animation moves its arms and legs and sulks and laughs – much like a toddler. This is enough to entertain little ones, but the games and camera are sure to challenge them once they become more familiar with it.

best kids smart watch

Kinder Smartwatches with Gps

GizmoWatch allows you to monitor where your kid is at all times. You can use a GPS locator to locate GizmoWatch and the child it’s attached too. You can even set up boundaries to get an alert when they travel outside them. There are Quick Dial and Auto Answer features for when you need to get in contact with your kid quickly, and you can add up to 10 approved contacts. Your kid will love it because you can use the watch as a fitness tracker or watch. Also, reminders and alarms are possible. Available in both pink and blue colors.

TickTalk3 Unlocked 4G LTE Universal Kids Smart Watch

For a way to reach your kids without actually giving them a phone, this TickTalk smartwatch is the next best thing. It’s compatible with most phone carriers and can handle video and voice calling, messaging, and location tracking. The watch can be connected to WiFi, and paired with other TickTalk watches to send texts and emojis. Parents can use the app (available on iOS and Android) to preset contacts, set reminders, disable features, and more.

One reviewer

She said “This watch in every way is amazing.” This watch was the most amazing item that I’ve ever purchased for my daughter. It is both high quality and easy to use the app from my smartphone. My daughter is in a stage when she needs to check on her family, but doesn’t need a phone. The idea of being able to connect to her if she’s late for school is an added bonus. We love location tracking and firewalls that prevent telemarketers. 4G is working great!

Check out our Kids Gear for more great ideas. Although we recommend only products we love, it is possible that we earn commissions on sales made via links on our website.

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