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Bed Bugs Terminix

Bed Bugs Terminix

Terminix International Company, L.P.
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Type Subsidiary of Terminix Global Holdings, Inc.
Industry Pest control
Founded Memphis, Tennessee , U.S. (1927)
Founder E.L. Bruce
Headquarters Memphis, Tennessee , U.S.

Area served

Services Termite & Pest control
Revenue $1.798 billion (2019)

Number of employees

Parent Terminix Global Holdings, Inc.

Bed Bugs Terminix

Get the Heat on Bed Bugs

Terminix applies a highly effective, non-toxic thermal reduce treatment to rapidly and effectively eliminate bed bugs. By heating your entire home up to 130 degrees Celsius, we kill all the bedbugs. Not only is this solution safer for your home than pesticides, it's also more effective. You don’t have to take out your furniture or mattress!


Bed Bugs Terminix


Full Size Small Preview Thumbnail As college students are back on campus this school year, Terminix ranked the most bed bug infested cities in the country. Is your city on the list? (Graphic: Business Wire) BUSINESS WIRE )–Just in time for back-to-school, Terminix Global Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: TMX), a leading provider of essential pest, termite, mosquito and bed bug control services for residential and commercial customers, released a list of the top 50 most bed-bug infested cities in America.

There are many students who have entered college campuses all over the nation. They may find some unwelcome and inconsiderate roommates, often taking residence at dormitories. You can spread bed bugs easily from your luggage to backpacks or clothing. They also crawl through walls cracks making dorm rooms extremely susceptible.

Rick Cooper from Terminix, Senior Director of Bed Bug Services, says, "Bedbugs go wherever people go. So they can be practically anywhere." Infested buildings include hotels, airports schools, colleges and universities. You can carry them in your clothes and bags. The bed bugs can attach to clothes or bags. Terminix is equipped with the necessary tools and skills to deal with them.

Los Angeles took the top position on this year's infested places list, followed by New York City and Philadelphia. 13 states included Alabama, Arkansas and California as well as Florida, Kentucky, Michigan. Missouri, Ohio. Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Texas, Arkansas

Terminix determined its rank based on the total number of calls received from each city by 2021*. The top 50 cities for bed bug infestations in the United States are:

1. Los Angeles, Calif.

18. Tampa, Fla.


Bed Bugs Terminix

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If you're looking for pest control services, you've likely come across Terminix. A household name and industry leader, Terminix has served more than 2.8 million people in both residential and commercial pest control. This includes protection against termites, ants and bed bugs. Terminix prides itself on its expertise and forward-looking technology it was the first company to ever obtain a termite control patent.

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Call the number above to request a quote or fill out this form.

Terminix scored 98.5/100. This is our highest score for any company that we reviewed. But, before you make your final decision, it is a good idea to contact multiple companies.

You can read our Terminix Review to discover more information about Terminix, including its locations, ratings from customers, and how you might choose Terminix.


Bed Bugs Terminix

Bedding Bug Removal

Terminix offers customized treatments for bed bugs to eradicate them from any location they may be present. Terminix will first conduct an inspection in your home. They'll search for any bed bugs and other furniture. First, the Terminix technician will inspect your home for visible signs of bed bugs. Then the technician will treat any areas that may have hidden or infected bed bugs. Terminix has a wide range of treatment options, such as steam, rapid, non-toxic Rapid, and encasements. Freeze(r) solution.

Terminix guarantees bed bugs removal. Terminix guarantees that if bed bugs are found in your home after six months, Terminix will conduct an inspection.


Bed Bugs Terminix

Bed Bug Removal

Terminix, Orkin, and Terminix offer specific bed bug removal solutions. These are their comparisons.

Orkin's Points of Service method for bed bugs is used as with termites. This includes subbing of beds and furniture, or linens for woodenwork. Orkin will return to your home for follow up visits after treatment is complete.

Terminix's bed bug removal process begins with thorough inspection. After removing any visible bedbugs and eliminating all eggs, Terminix uses a number of techniques, such as steam, Rapid, and other non-toxic Rapid. Freeze(r) solution.

Terminix states that it is covered by its Terminix Bed Bug guarantee. Terminix will come back and inspect your home for bed bugs and then provide you with additional treatments.


Bed Bugs Terminix

Orkin Vs. Terminix Verdict

You can see that each company has a comprehensive service offering, more than a century worth of experience, as well as money-back and satisfaction guarantees. Their general pest control plans and approach to pests like termites, bed bugs, mosquitoes, and ticks, appear similar.

Terminix does have some advantages. We find it cheaper, more reliable, offers more customer service, and provides a better online chat feature. Orkin is more experienced and offers greater customer support.

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Bed Bugs Terminix

Terminix releases the top 50 bed bug cities

Los Angeles took the top spot on the list, which Terminix based on the number of requests received from each city in 2021.

Bed Bugs

MEMPHIS Tenn. Terminix created a list listing the 50 most bed-bug infested US cities.

Students have arrived on college campuses nationwide, and joining them could be some annoying and uninvited roommates taking up residence in dormitories. Traveling with luggage, backpacks, or clothing can make bed bugs easy to spread. These pests are able to get through cracks in walls making dormitory living very vulnerable.

"Bed bugs go where people go, so they can be virtually anywhere," says Rick Cooper, senior director of bed bug services at Terminix. "Bed bugs move from infested structures – whether that be hotels, airports, schools or college campuses. They can tag along on someone's clothes or backpack. Terminix is equipped with the right tools, knowledge, and methods to properly assess the situation and deal with bed bugs.


Bed Bugs Terminix

Terminix releases top 50 bed bug cities as college students return to campus

Los Angeles wants to be the best, which means that college students from the City of Angels MEMPHIS, Tenn., September 9th, 2021, (BUSINESS WIRE ) –Just in time for the back-to school season, Terminix Global Holdings, Inc., a top provider of essential pest, moth, and bed bug control services, published a list of America's 50 most bedbug-infested communities.

Multimedia features are featured in the press release. The complete press release is available here.

Terminix ranks the worst bedbug infested cities for college students this academic year. Did your city make the list? (Graphic: Business Wire) Students have arrived on college campuses nationwide, and joining them could be some annoying and uninvited roommates taking up residence in dormitories. Bed bugs spread easily by hitching rides on luggage, backpacks and clothing, and can crawl through cracks in the walls, making common spaces of dorm living extremely vulnerable to infestations.

Rick Cooper, Terminix's senior director for bed bug services, said that "Bed bugs travel where people go so they can almost be anywhere." "Bed bugs move from infested structures – whether that be hotels, airports, schools or college campuses. These pests can be found in clothing and backpacks. They are a very difficult pest to manage, and Terminix has the knowledge, tools, and techniques necessary to correctly assess and treat the problem. Is Bed Bugs More Common in Certain Areas?

Los Angeles is the highest-ranking city on the list. New York City was next, along with Philadelphia, Detroit, Cleveland and Philadelphia. Thirteen states had more than one city on the list, including Alabama, Arkansas, California, Florida, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Tennessee and Texas.

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Terminix's rankings were based upon the amount of requests each city received in 2021*. The top 50 cities for bed bug infestations in the United States are:

1. Los Angeles, Calif.


Bed Bugs Terminix

Commercial Control Methods

For bedbug infestations to be detected and treated, it is important to thoroughly inspect the bedrooms.

Terminix also offers "Canine Detection Services", which is available in the UK. It allows for faster identification of the exact location of bedbugs.

For killing the insects, you can use heat or intense chemical treatment.

The treatment of bedbugs can be a long process. Infestations with large numbers of bedbugs can be difficult to eradicate.


Bed Bugs Terminix

Here's What You Can Do To Help

Store any suitcases and bags off the ground and away from your bed when staying in any multi-occupied establishments abroad or in the UK

Check your baggage carefully if you've travelled or stayed in public accommodations

When you return from vacations, wash your clothes at 60oC. This will kill any eggs or bed bugs.

Be sure to inspect any secondhand furniture carefully for evidence of pest infestations before you bring them in.

These are often found in hotel bedroom bathrooms

Bed Bug Bites Bed-Bug-Facts_Bed-Bug-Identification_Terminix-UK.pdf CALL US NOW


What is Terminix for Bed Bugs?

Overall rating: 4.7 / 5. (Excellent). Terminix offers bed bug treatments that are fast and guarantee. Terminix offers free, no obligation inspections.

What is the average time it takes to get rid of bed bugs after extermination?

The process can take anywhere from 6-8 hours. This requires both careful monitoring and homeowner preparation. If you don't want to wait 2-3 weeks for bed bug treatment, then heat therapy can be done in an afternoon.

How much do bedbug treatments cost?

A professional exterminator will charge $300+ for each room and more than $1500 to treat the whole house depending on how severe the infestation is. May 5, 2021

Do you want to know how much it costs to professionally exterminate bed bug infestations?

The average cost of bed bug extermination is between $1,000 and $2,500. Your price will vary depending on how severe the infestation is, what type of treatment was used and where the pests are located. For a small infestation, you could spend $300 and for large houses $5,000.

.Bed Bugs Terminix

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