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2024 Bed Bug Hotel Registry: Find & Report Bedbugs

Discover the latest 2024 updates on bed bug infestations in hotels. Use our comprehensive bedbug registry to report sightings and check your hotel before traveling. Stay safe, travel smart, and avoid bedbug encounters. Visit our registry today!

Bed Bugs Registry

Bed Bugs Registry

Can the Bedbug Registry Still Be Useful? What can you do to find out if your hotel is infested?

You can't get rid of bedbugs. However, bedbugs can be easily avoided in hotels if they are trained properly.

Bedbug Registry has always been a good resource to check if there were bedbugs in a hotel that you're considering booking. The site mapped 12,000 hotels in the U.S. and Canada, to flag where bedbugs had been reported, based on 20,000 reports from individual travelers.

However, since the beginning of 2016, the Bedbug Registry seems to not have received any new reports. That means the site, which was once an invaluable tool in mapping hotel bedbugs, is no more current.

The Bedbug Registry is no longer the best option. Bedbug Reports is a better alternative to the Bedbug Registry. It lists all recent bedbug reports at popular hotels. Search the site by state and city to find out which hotels to avoid plus, you can file your own report about a hotel, if you've encountered bedbugs there.

User-generated reviews of hotels, such as, can provide references about bedbug issues at particular hotels. Advisor, Smarter. Travel's parent firm. To find out whether the hotel is affected, search for the word "bedbugs". You might also find other sites helpful, such as Know Bedbugs, which allows guests to choose hotels where staff have been certified against bedbugs.

While most people don't have to worry about bedbugs while traveling, many friends have had to deal with them. They are difficult to get rid of and can travel with luggage and clothes. The bedbugs are hard to find and can hide during the day so that hotel housekeepers don't see them. Hotel management will only be alerted if an angry guest brings up the problem.

Bed Bugs Registry

Here's how to find out if your hotel was reported for bedbugs

In the last decade, bedbugs became a major problem at all levels of hotels, including Airbnbs, Disney Hotels, Hostels, and Waldorf=Astoria. Because they feed on human skin while asleep in their bed, these tiny, brown bugs are often referred to as "bedbugs". Because they travel quickly and are great hitchhikers it is easy for them get in your clothes or luggage. This puts you at risk of them getting into your house and possibly even your car.

Some hotels can manage to silence their bedbug infestations, it is obvious. Some, especially hotels that have well-known brand names, reach national news.

There are a few ways to find out if your hotel has had reports of bed bugs. You might also like: The Bedbug Registry. The Bedbug Registry, which was founded in 2006 and has more than 20,000 reports on 12,000 places in Canada and the U.S. You can search for reports by hotel name or address on the website.

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If there is a bedbug infestation within one mile of any address you provide, the Bedbug Registry will email you an alert.

The city maps also include New York's 4000+ reports, San Francisco's Tenderloin area, Los Angeles and Chicago as well as Toronto and Vancouver, which pinpoint areas where bedbugs are reported.


Bed Bugs Registry


However, it is important to treat every report of bedbugs with care. Although I am not saying some people lie, it is true that there are some people who are lying. Some people may claim that a hotel has bedbugs because they are sickly funny or to get revenge for someone or something who cheated them. Also, it is not clear if the rash they reported was actually due to bedbugs.

Also, it is a good idea to look through all three references as part of your research. Although someone might not put something on The Bedbug Registry and Bedbug Reports, they could have it on Trip. Advisor. Advisor.

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Bed Bugs Registry

Do Not Trust the Bed Bug Registry. What consumers Need to Know

Bed bug infestations are becoming more common, and you should be worried about your hotel or apartment. In fact, 1 out of 5 Americans has had a bed bug infestation in their home or knows someone who has encountered bed bugs at home or in a hotel according to a 2011 study . The chances of these infestations have increased dramatically over the last five years. Yet as our previous blog stated, this epidemic does NOT rest firmly on the shoulders of the lodging industry. Hotels did not invent bed bugs. The fact that bed bugs can be found in hotels is because they were brought in by guests. To prevent the spreading of the plague, guests as well the lodging industry are responsible.

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In particular to the traveler, there are now a number of sites where guests can both view AND submit reports of bed bugs in hotels and motels. These sites are among the most popular:

Bed. Bed Bug Reports

This "bed bug registry" sounds great at first glance. However, you can find many other reasons not to use hotel bedbug registries.

1. You can submit reports on bedbug events at hotels, motels and condos.

This is a user-friendly platform, for sure. A majority of sites let you enter the name and zip code of the hotel to receive a report. The reports are displayed directly on the website. This might sound great for letting concerned travelers know, but then you realise that it… They do not check the validity or accuracy of user reports. This is clearly stated on each site.

You cannot verify the accuracy of the reports (information) provided by these websites. The sites do not validate accuracy. It can be difficult to determine whether or not you should trust this information. It is possible to have many reasons for someone wanting to make a complaint about a hotel. Paula Bolyard reports in the LIFESTYLE Section on PJ MEDIA that Maciej Czeglowski of the Bed Bug Registry is a writer/programmer who created the website to take revenge for a bad experience in a San Francisco San Francisco hotel. His motive was to not start a dialogue, to not help the industry, or to even help travelers. It was his point to deserve retribution. It's simple. The whole world is blind if one eye fails to see the other.


Bed Bugs Registry

A way to prevent bed bugs from entering your home?

You should avoid hotels that have bed bugs. Modern travelers have many resources that will help them to choose the best hotels.

One is the highly touted Bed Bug Registry.

The Bed Bug Registry outlines how to prevent bed bugs from ruining your next trip.

What is the Bed Bug Registry and how can I get it?

A public database of reports about bed bug sightings is The Bed Bug Registry. It can be found in both the United States (USA) and Canada. This site was started in 2006 by someone who had been traumatized from a San Francisco bed bug encounter.

These parasitic organisms feed exclusively on human blood. As with lice, bedbugs ride on clothes and body fabric to seek out food. Bed bugs do not carry any diseases but can cause severe allergic reactions and itching.

The Bed Bug Registry has approximately 20,000 reports on bed bugs in hotels and apartments across America and Canada. Witnesses can either provide reports publicly or anonymously. You may search the reports to locate a hotel in which you might be staying.

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Bed Bugs Registry

How can I stop bed bugs from entering my home?

Prior to booking, check any hotels that are listed in the Bed Bug Registry.

Check for bed bugs in the rooms before packing or sitting on them.

If you do notice any bed bugs, leave and report your findings to the hotel and on Bed Bug Registry.

When you arrive home, sanitize all your belongings.

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Bed Bugs Registry

Here are some ways to verify the bed bug registry

Yes, there's actually a National World Bed Bug Registry which still blows my mind. The registries allow you to view a map and type in an address to see if the hotel, motel, apartment or other establishment has bed bug infestations.

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Bed Bugs Registry

Bed Bug Registry

See up-to-date information about which hotels and other locations around the country are having bed bug infestations. The website relies on users to share their bed bug stories, often down to the room number.

You are well aware that bed bugs can cause problems in apartments, condominiums, hotels and hospitals.

Get more info about heat treatment for bedbugs at the "CEU update" December 1.

The bed bug registry is available at:


Is the Bed Bug Registry still effective?

However, since the beginning of 2016, it seems like the Bedbug Registry has not had any recent reports. That means that even though it used to be a wonderful tool for mapping hotel bedbugs, it's no longer up-to-date. 2/2019

What is the best way to find out if a hotel has bed bugs?

Pay attention to the points where floor molding meets the wall. These little corners are popular hangouts for bed bugs. Check the corners and joints of your closets as well as seals on drawers and doors. The spiderwebs can be found anywhere, so you could also have bed bugs. 4.2017

Are Bed Bugs Still A Problem In Toronto?

Minuscule and bloodsucking, bed bugs are a growing public health problem in Canada, especially here in Toronto. According to Orkin Canada's annual rankings, Toronto was once again ranked the most problematic city for bedbugs. 20, 2021

Toronto Bedbugs: What Are They Like?

Toronto was actually named the city with the greatest bedbug infestation in 2017. Toronto Bed Bug Registry is certain to agree, with 2,270 reports of bed bugs in Toronto. Oct. 20, 2020

.Bed Bugs Registry

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