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Super 8 Motel Guest Says She Was 'Eaten Alive' By Bedbugs

News 12 Staff A woman who recently stayed in a Newburgh motel says she was "eaten alive" by bedbugs.

Scherie Franklin was recently at Super 8 Route 300 and said the bugs were all over the bed, under the covers, and inside the mattress.

Franklin, who was visiting North Carolina, said that the bugs were so numerous, she and her child were covered.

She says the motel staff knew the room was infested and just switched them to another room. Franklin said that there were more insects in Franklin's second room than she had in her first.

She says, "We stayed there until 20 minutes and then turned off the lights. Then we got up again."

Franklin claims she left the motel by 4:45 a.m., and that she slept in her vehicle in a Walmart parking garage.

Franklin's money was returned Tuesday by Super 8 but Franklin says that the Super 8 never made an apology.

Super Bedbug

Video: Guest Finds Bedbugs Crawling On Sheets At Super 8 In St. Augustine Beach

By Danielle Avitable and Action News Jax There is a possible bedbug infestation at a St. Augustine Beach hotel and a former guest spoke exclusively to Action News Jax after sending us video of the bugs crawling in her sheets.

The hotel has not been notified of bedbugs for four days. However, the manager informed us that they had called pest control.

Rebecca Milvich sent Action News Jax this video showing several bedbugs crawling under her bedsheets.

Milvich declared, "That has to have been the greatest infestation."

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According to her, she had checked in at the Super 8 St. Augustine Beach. She was lying on her bed and checking her smartphone.

"As I'm looking down, I saw something out of the corner of my eye move," Milvich said.

When she heard that, she said that she had to throw away all the sheets.


What exactly is a Super Bed Bug, and how can you identify it?

Many bed bugs have shown remarkable resistance to pesticides such as deltamethrin, pyrethroids and others. However, the bed bugs are still susceptible to insecticides.

How Do You Get Rid Of Super Bed Bugs?

You can remove bed bugs from your bed using steaming, vacuuming and freezing. It is important to immediately cover the mattress in a bed bug-proof mattress encasement after you have done any treatment.

Are Bed Bugs Super Tiny?

The shape of a bed bug is similar to an apple seed, but they are smaller. Adults are dark brown, while the nymphs have similar appearances but are lighter and smaller in color.

How can you mistake these bugs for bed bugs?

  1. Bat bugs. Brown.
  2. Spider beetles. Color: They can be pale to dark brownish or reddish, and may even appear almost black.
  3. Booklice. Colour: Creamy yellow or pale brown.
  4. Carpet beetles. Color: The color is black with a yellow/orange pattern.
  5. Fleas. Color: Reddish brown.

.Super Bedbug

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