2024 Guide: Thwarting the Banana Trick at Walmart – MSD Tech in Action

Discover how Walmart's MSD technology combats the infamous banana trick at self-checkout stations in 2024. Learn the truth behind self-checkout theft and how to protect yourself with insights from ASDLS Illinois experts.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Rising Shrink

Everseen’s technology was designed in part to help solve a persistent problem with self-checkout. Everseen’s technology allows customers to scan their items and make purchases. However, this has led to increased inventory shrinkage due to theft and shoplifting. Christopher Andrews is a Drew University sociology professor and author of “The Overworked Consumer: Self-Checkouts and Supermarkets and the Do-It-Yourself Econonomy”.

Walmart and other retailers used weight sensors in the past to stop shoplifting. However, these were susceptible to errors and frustrating customers. Everseen is now being used by some stores to help reduce shrinkage and improve customer satisfaction. Everseen claims that they work with many major retailers. Amazon Go convenience stores use similar technology. A network of cameras logs the purchases made by customers. (Amazon is now licensing its “Just Walk Out” tech to other companies.)


Everseen did not respond to questions regarding its technology. In a statement, a spokesperson said the company “accurately and effectively identifies potential theft [sic] is why retailers have successfully deployed it at thousands of locations to date, with many more installations planned.” They added that Everseen typically accounts only for less than 10 percent of total interventions at self-service checkouts. The spokesperson stated that Everseen was committed to providing the best shopping experience possible for customers, particularly during the COVID-19 epidemic. Self-checkout offers the benefits of a generally contactless shopping experience, allowing for proper social distancing and avoiding manned-lanes in busy stores with limited staff available.”

However, Concerned home office Associates stated that their concerns about Everseen predate the outbreak. WIRED obtained emails showing that corporate employees also raised concerns about how technology failed to stop theft in 2017 and 2018. The employees said they were particularly vexed by Walmart’s continued investment in Everseen because NCR Corporation, which makes the majority of Walmart’s registers, had acquired an Everseen competitor called StopLift. They considered the acquisition an endorsement and were confused as to why StopLift’s technology wasn’t being further explored.

According to internal information, workers claimed that an employee of Walmart, the Intelligent Retail Lab, created their own anti-theft program. They believed it was better than Everseen’s. According to one Walmart worker, this technology is being used in approximately 50 locations.

Walmart refused to answer any questions regarding its anti-theft program, but it did not deny WIRED’s report. “At an enterprise level, there are a number of tests happening at any given time across our footprint of nearly 5,000 stores,” a spokesperson said in a statement. “The goal of IRL is to build AI capabilities that can be transferred to additional stores. The capabilities we have built in-house are regularly tested in small numbers of stores.”

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

The Side Effects Of Self-Checkout Theft

Self-checkout’s initial release was a great success. It continues to fulfill customers’ shopping needs and transforms an ordinary grocery shopping day into a memorable experience. Grocery companies aim to give their customers what they want and need, but once they start taking advantage of such conveniences as stealing at self-checkout stands are where they draw the line. According to security experts, theft is now five times more common at self-checkout stations.

These thefts are sometimes called “external shrinkage” by Loss Prevention, but it is still shoplifting. A typical American family spent an extra $435 last year due to shoplifting. Albertsons, a grocery store chain, has begun to fully implement self-checkouts in order to prevent shoplifting. Others are opting for another option. Back in 2015, some other major grocers were taking out or decreasing self-checkout lanes, and that continues today for some stores in an effort to deter thefts.

What Happens When You Steal From Walmart Self-Checkout?

Walmart immediately places the suspect in custody in case of theft. They will face charges as soon as they arrive at the police station. Here are the other consequences;

Stealing can have devastating consequences.

Here are some consequences if you and your associates steal during self-checkout.

The authority will call the cops on you. You will be held by a loss prevention officer until they arrive.

Based on the level of your crime, you will either be provided with a simple citation or taken into custody. If your crime is under the Class C category, which is filed if the cost of the stolen items is within $100 and you don’t have a history of committing theft, you will not be sent to jail.

You will face criminal charges if you are convicted of theft in the past, even though you were able to get your items for less than $100.

Stealing items that cost over $1000 will result in a Class B or A category charge. It is going to increase the chance of receiving jail time.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Good For Sales

The United States was hit with COVID-19 in April. People rushed to buy groceries and other household items at Walmart. Sales soared after that. The coronavirus quickly became a problem for workers. At least 20 Walmart employees have died from the virus. United for Respect is a non-profit that supports retail workers. They are crowdsourcing COVID-19 infections rates at Walmart stores and conditions of work. United for Respect reported that hundreds of Walmart workers participated in a nationwide strike last month demanding better working conditions.

A spokesperson for Walmart said the company has been working diligently to protect customers and its workforce and believes the rate at which associates have contracted COVID-19 is lower than that of the general US population. Everseen false positives were not widespread, and the spokesperson for Walmart said that the company hasn’t considered shutting down the system due to COVID-19 concerns.

“We assess our technology regularly, and as evident with the large scale implementation of Everseen across the chain, we have confidence it is currently meeting our standards,” the spokesperson said in an email. Just prior to the start of the pandemic, Walmart said it made significant improvements to its Everseen system, which resulted in fewer alerts overall. The spokesperson declined to answer questions about what the updates may have entailed.

The spokesperson also noted that there are a number of different reasons an associate might intervene during a self-checkout transaction, like when a customer has problems with their credit card. The company said it has taken a number of steps to ensure people are protected during these interactions, including regularly cleaning self-checkout kiosks and providing employees with protective equipment. The company also stated that workers have been given devices to allow them remote access to most of the interventions.

Mobile Self-Checkout Theft Prevention Systems

We have gained a lot of insight and developed advanced systems for preventing theft through the collaboration with Salling Group (a large Danish retailer). Here are some of the most efficient systems that reduce theft, while also keeping the self-checkout shopping experience as convenient for customers as possible.

1. Randomized self-checkout theft prevention

Randomised checkout control is one of the best ways to stop self-checkout theft. It uses an algorithm that randomly chooses baskets to be controlled before they leave the shop.

ScanGo’s mobile app allows customers to select their basket for random checks. The customer is then prompted to visit the kiosk to check the items. Their screen is locked, making them unable to pay and leave the store before having their basket checked.

The employee is prompted to perform basket control. The employee checks if the scanned items match the items in the basket. If there are just a few items in the basket, the employee can simply approve the basket without a lengthy process.

An employee may add the items that the customer forgot to scan or cannot. The customer is given a choice to either decline to proceed with the purchase, or accept the corrections made by the employee.

The customer must accept the changes. After the basket has been updated, it is sent to his app. Prices are then recalculated and the screen remains unlocked. The total price reflects the corrections made by the employee during the control, and potential theft or misunderstanding is avoided.

Your regular customers will learn that checks are necessary in order to provide frictionless checkout if they’re handled correctly. Shoplifters can be discouraged if their bags are checked.

2. Mechanisms for banning or monitoring users

ScanGo’s self-checkout technology allows shops to add more checks to their inventory. Smart algorithms can based on behaviour (live or historic) determine if a customer should be selected for basket control.

Smart algorithms allow the system to flag users who may have issues, show unusual behaviour while using the app or have a strange mixture of goods that could indicate potential theft.

Employees have the ability to investigate the entire basket of a user and follow trends in order to further improve self-checkout checks. For example, there can be a prompt if a user scans and then deletes a lot of items before leaving the store.

Employees can report suspicions of theft to their managers. Managers can notify them and force basket control, or manually check the product. Customers who cheat multiple times can be banned from the app.

In advanced systems such as Sprinting ScanGo, intelligent selection for checkout control is also individually settable for every store. This way you can select the options that work best depending on the context of the store.

These smart monitoring systems make it less likely for thieves to try to steal from one shop and then be tempted to do so again. What is also important is that there is less need to control non-risky customers.

3. Personal identification to prevent shoplifting

Self-checkout systems that require personal identification to use the self-checkout mobile app make it even less likely that people would shoplift as they are aware of the higher chance of being identified.

Our customer Salling Group, for example, associates each user with their unique nemID (personal identification number) in Denmark. This or any other type of personal identification will be required to register for the ScanGo App.

If a customer is banned or monitored due to potential theft, they cannot reinstall the app or register again as a new user. It prevents users from changing their usernames or apps to abuse the system.

What makes personal identification efficient in theft prevention is the fact that every customer is aware that the store knows their identity, which makes them less likely to attempt undesired behaviours.

Without having to resort to excessive theft checks or unpleasant friction, personal identification can be a great way to prevent self-checkout theft. It makes the customer’s experience more enjoyable, and the thieves less likely to visit your stores.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Self-checkout: The Benefits

The self-checkout is a wonderful alternative to paying at the standard checkout line. What are the positives of a self-checkout? First, customers love them. According to 2019, data, 47 percent of customers use self-checkout regularly. The COVID-19 epidemic made self-checkout kiosks a huge help. When they didn’t have enough staff, more physical retailers turned to self-checkout kiosks. This allowed them to reduce human to human contact.

The bonuses for retailers are great, since they reduce labor costs, thanks to fewer checkout clerks. You can also make more product displays by allowing for less storage.

Although self-checkouts are quick and easy, some people have used the opportunity to steal groceries. It is important to stop thieves from stealing products in order to keep the benefits.

Qualified personnel

There is a Walmart theft policy of hiring loss prevention workers trained to spot and identify shoplifters. These include assistant managers, store managers, and any other specialists who are specifically assigned to this job.

They monitor shoplifters and call the shop if there is any suspicious behavior. Only they are allowed to follow and capture shoplifters.

The main process includes:

  • If they’re unsure whether an individual shoplifts, they won’t act.
  • One witness, or member of the management, should always be present at every apprehension.

So, Walmart’s principal method of preventing stealing is through qualified workers. They can deter anyone considering shoplifting just by being present.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Self-Checkout Criminals On The Rise In 2021

Self-checkout Kiosks save grocers time and money and give customers more convenience and flexibility. They can also enable customers to steal products, and make it difficult for grocers to manage their finances. Be aware of different methods thieves may use, and take extra security measures with IT Retail to prevent theft.

Self-checkout stands are common in grocery stores to speed up customer shopping. Customers definitely benefit from self-checkout, although it may be in a different way than originally planned.

A new wave of self-checkout theft has been taking place and could be happening right in front of you. Did you think about how simple it was to cheat the system when you used self-checkout? If you don’t have those thoughts, somebody else might and they are now making them a reality.

How Does Walmart Prevent Theft At Self-Checkout?

Walmart, like all other retailers since retail existed, strives to reduce what’s known as “shrinkage,” or inventory loss.

Theft is a major cause of inventory losses, internal or external.

Walmart has spent billions on reducing shrinkage, investing in a variety of technologies designed to pick up on suspicious behaviors.

Walmart uses computer vision technology, or the Missed Scan Detection program to try and prevent theft from self-checkout registers.

If you have ever used Walmart’s self-checkout, you might have looked up mid-scan and noticed that you – on a screen – were staring right back at yourself.

This is the Everseen video camera detection technology, which is based in Ireland.

Hayley Peterson, Business Insider

The technology alerts checkout attendants when there is a problem, like an item that moves past the scanner and doesn’t get scanned.

But you’re not just being watched for suspicious bodily movement.

Employees monitor the registers.

Are you familiar with the hand-held devices that they carry at self-checkout?

These are linked to registers and track everything happening at them.

Some educational TikTok users even posted videos showing employees’ views.

Check out this article from Distractify, which shares one of the videos and shows you what the handhelds’ screens include – basically everything that’s happening on the registers, in real-time.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Non-Human Measures

Personnel does not always catch shoplifters in the act. Walmart is experimenting with picture recognition of shop products as one of the latest loss prevention tactics. Before passing through the checkout counter, the scanner monitors whether an item from the shelf is placed in a bag.

If the individual completes the checkout process and attempts to leave the shop, Walmart has the authority to hold them. In an earlier campaign, the store sought to persuade first-time shoplifters to pay for a store-sponsored anti-shoplifting course.

Because the shop feared that they would make more from fees than the merchandise stolen, the legislation was overturned.

Examples Of Self-Checkout Theft

A person can grab a product and then pretend that they are scanning it to steal it. They can also scan and then later delete the product from the shopping list. You can also steal 5 products by scanning one and then entering 4 in the self-checkout.

What all these approaches have in common is that the shop personnel and the other shoppers are supposed to be cheated into thinking that all the items have been scanned. This person mimics honest behavior and doesn’t feel embarrassed when they steal.

Keep in mind the example at the beginning that someone who simply grabs a product and leaves the store is suspect and embarrassing.

Although the risk that people accidentally scan items too small is very real, most people wouldn’t mind scanning too many things.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Customer Steal with Self-Checkout Kiosks

Studies show that customers enjoy being able to check out at their own pace without the assistance of a staff member. The convenience of self-checkout must be balanced against the fact that there are many who will enter your store to steal items, increasing the prices for honest customers and cutting into your bottom line.

Voucher Codes Pro is an Internet coupon company that surveyed 2634. Among this group, 20 percent said they had stolen at the self-checkout line. Over half of those admitted to having stolen said that they did so because the store security was poor.

Eye-opening data was also found in an audit that included 1,000,000 self-checkout transactions over a one-year period. Completed by criminologists, the survey found that of $21 million in sales, almost $850,000 of items were never scanned and purchased.

Customers are now taking self-checkout to new heights. Tricks such as “pass around”, “weight abuse” or “the switcheroo,” are used to steal groceries. The “pass around” is where the customer takes the item around the scanner without actually scanning the item and places it on the conveyor belt.

“The switcheroo” is when a cheaper item’s sticker is peeled off and placed on top of a sticker on different, more expensive items. The items should weigh in the same way so that the scanner doesn’t notice.

Another method involves “weight abuse,” whereby the customer tricks the scanner into placing a heavy item and using a code to purchase a cheaper item instead. Another name for this maneuver is called the “banana trick.” Just imagine a thief holding up a grouping of bananas near the scanner while passing an expensive ham around and into a shopping bag.

In New Jersey, five men were arrested for using such tricks in multiple grocery thefts but pleaded not guilty. However, a couple of months later prosecutors find that the same men using the methods mentioned earlier to steal $10,000 worth of merchandise from Home Depot.

Walmart Uses Image Recognition To Prevent Shoplifting

Walmart is a retail giant that has been around for a while. They are constantly looking to improve their operations. Recently, they have started using image recognition technology in their self-checkout lanes in an effort to reduce theft. The technology is supplied by the Irish company Everseen, and it works by scanning the items as they are scanned by the customer. If the item is recognized as being on the banned list, then the police are notified.

Mixed reactions have been received to this new technology. Some people feel that it is an invasion of privacy, while others feel that it is a necessary step in order to reduce theft. Walmart has said that they will be monitoring the results of the trial before making a decision on whether or not to continue using the technology. The results so far have shown positive results, including a drop in theft rates by around 20%. Walmart may decide to continue using this technology or not, but it’s clear they are constantly looking for ways to combat theft and protect the business.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

Diver Brief

  • The Atlantic reports that many shoppers are able to steal items by taking advantage of the self-checkout line. According to a recent survey from Voucher Codes Pro, a digital coupon company, nearly 20% of the 2,634 shoppers polled said they had stolen something while at the self-scanning station.
  • Shoplifters employ a variety of tactics to steal products, including the “banana trick” where they use a low-cost produce code for high-priced meats and passing them around the scanner. According to experts interviewed by The Atlantic, the anonymity of interacting with a robot empowers people who wouldn’t otherwise steal to do so.

Is it possible to steal from Walmart Self-Checkout

Walmart has an intelligent system to monitor its customers throughout the self-checkout process. It is impossible to steal in that area.

They will soon catch you if they find out that you are engaging in misconduct.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

What Happens If You Are Caught Shoplifting At Walmart?

If you’re caught shoplifting at Walmart, you can expect to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Walmart, unlike other shops, is not slow to file charges. It is also unlikely that Walmart will drop the petty theft charges.

You could be convicted of shoplifting, and this could lead to a criminal history that could hinder your ability to get a job in the future. If you’re convicted of shoplifting, you could face significant fines and even jail time. So, if you’re considering shoplifting from Walmart, think twice – it’s simply not worth the risk.

Move around

Items that leave the conveyor belt and are placed in the bag without being scanned at all are stolen with the “pass around” method. In other words, the thief “passes” the item around the payment device while pretending to scan the item for payment.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

“I get to take or 2 things for free”

The association surveys thousands of small-time shoplifting offenders each year, and has found that many view self-checkout as easy prey because few staff are present.


Walmart doesn’t take shoplifting seriously, even though it is a minor crime. They charge the offender with self-checkout theft.

Walmart’s huge 2019 revenue loss is the reason. They won’t give the criminal another chance, as theft is a very real possibility in self-checkout systems.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

The Carrot Trick And Other Scams

“The store employees noticed, as he’s going through the self-checkout, that the items that he was ringing up were fairly expensive items but, repeatedly, this $5 price tag kept coming up,” said Medicine Hat police Staff Sgt. Cory Both.

Last Thoughts

Shoplifting at Walmart comes with many potential risks. Not only could you be caught and arrested, but you could also end up with a criminal record. If you’re considering shoplifting, we urge you to think twice – it’s simply not worth the risk.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft

1, What If Walmart Catches Me Shoplifting?

Walmart quickly pursues anyone caught with theft. Walmart is less likely to drop petty theft charges than other stores. This could lead to a criminal record. This will make it difficult to get a job afterwards.

If you are over 16, the item’s value you shoplift will decide how long you might be jailed. If you’re under 16, you can be caught shoplifting at Walmart. The store will ask you to return the item and get out of the area.

Restricted access

Anyone who attempted to steal items from Walmart may receive a “Notification Of Restriction From Property”. They are not allowed to shop at Walmart anymore.

Compared to calling the cops or filing charges, this is a far easier and simpler option to help handle shoplifting. Walmart will not have to be concerned about repeat offenders.

It helps to prevent accidental shrinkage if a shoplifter misplaces items in the bagging area and does not scan them.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft In 2022 (Warning: Must Read)

Self-checkout is a popular option for shoppers, but it also creates frustration for small businesses.

Walmart, one of the biggest retailers worldwide, is clearly concerned about theft. Self-checkout has made this even more evident.

But with their enormous resources, Walmart has put in effort to combat self-checkout theft and keep these losses as low as possible.

Here is a must-read on Walmart self-checkout theft and all that the company is doing to keep its losses to a minimum.

Walmart Self-Checkout Theft In 2022 (Warning: Must Read)

What is the best way to get caught with Walmart Self Checkout?

It is possible to be caught at Walmart self-checkout counters stealing.

Walmart has a tendency to press charges straight away if anyone is caught. states that retailers have an extended grace period before they can decide whether to file charges.

Walmart does it quickly, and the arrest is immediately recorded.

This permanent record will allow potential employers to see it.

In order to assess your suitability for the mortgage they offer, banks may also have that information.

Walmart may be able to drop the “petty theft” charges. But they might have learned their lesson the hard-way and decided to pursue the reverse route.

It is worth taking the chance knowing Walmart will charge you a lot, and that Walmart may even have video evidence of theft.

  • One word: Nope!
  • For those who are curious as to what Walmart’s steps have been taken to combat theft at their self checkout registers, continue reading.

    Walmart Self-Checkout Theft In 2022 (Warning: Must Read)

    Walmart: How does Self-Checkout prevent the theft of its customers?

    Walmart strives, just like other retailers, to minimize inventory loss, or “shrinkage”.

    Internal and external theft is the most common cause of inventory loss.

    Walmart spent billions of dollars on shrinkage reduction and investing in technologies that can detect suspicious behavior.

    Walmart uses computer vision technology, or the Missed Scan Detection program to try and prevent theft from self-checkout registers.

    If you have ever used Walmart’s self-checkout, you might have looked up mid-scan and noticed that you – on a screen – were staring right back at yourself.

    It’s Everseen, an Irish tech company that makes video camera detection technology.

    Hayley Peterson from Business Insider says:

    These cameras monitor and analyze activity at self-checkout registers as well as those run by Walmart cashiers.

    When a potential issue arises, such as an item moving past a checkout scanner without getting scanned, the technology notifies checkout attendants so they can intervene.

    You are not only being monitored for unusual bodily movements.

    An employee monitors the registers.

    Do you know what handheld devices are being carried at the self-checkout counter?

    They are directly connected to registers.

    In fact, many educational TikTok users uploaded video clips showing what their employees see.

    Check out this article from Distractify, which shares one of the videos and shows you what the handhelds’ screens include – basically everything that’s happening on the registers, in real-time.

    Walmart Self-Checkout Theft In 2022 (Warning: Must Read)

    Walmart Monitors Self Checkout

    Walmart has a system that monitors their self check-out registers via an internal computer AI called Missed Scan Detection.

    Everseen from Cork in Ireland has created this program which combines surveillance video with scanning detection.

    It picks up discrepancies between items scanned and items placed in the bags, on the weighted bagging sections.

    Walmart has also provided handheld monitors to keep employees in close proximity, so they can receive instant feeds about what’s happening at the registers.

  • A notification is sent to the employee who monitors the item if it’s placed in a bag without being scanned.
  • Walmart Self-Checkout Does Facial Recognition Work?

    Walmart currently does not use facial recognition in its security measures.

    Ace Hardware, Lowe’s, H-E-B and other retailers are all listed as using the drug. But, both of these stores released statements denialing it.

    Walmart Self-Checkout Theft In 2022 (Warning: Must Read)

    Walmart may use fake cameras

    There’s no way to be certain if these security cameras are actually real without knowing the truth from someone working on Walmart Security.

  • But the cameras used to track your movements at self-checkout are real and work – they can be seen working right in front of your eyes.
  • If you feel you could “cheat” the self checkout registers with no detection from regular security cameras you may be better off not trying it.

    It’s safer to assume the cameras are true and all you might be caught doing is illegal.

    What Is The Walmart Secret Self-Checkout Hack?

    TikTok is a dance phenomenon that has gone viral, but it’s also used to disinformation and conjure up false dreams.

    One user started a fake rumor that shoppers could walk into a Walmart, and when the doors opened to let them in, they could look up and find a code.

    According to the story, shoppers would then be able to go up and check out at a register where they could enter their code for a 10% discount on their entire bill.

    Unfortunately, this “hack” is not real, but according to the Independent UK, “millions” were duped by it.

    There were many disappointed TikTokers that tried the video but did not get the desired results.

    If you do look up and see a four-digit number where the doors open, it’s more than likely just the store number.

    Walmart can also help you learn about shoplifting. You may be curious to know how Walmart maintains security footage and whether Walmart is secure.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart has become the leading retailer globally and must improve the theft prevention of their self-checkouts.

    Walmart strives every day to avoid product shrinkage by using a combination AI software as well monitoring technology and old-fashioned vigilant workers.

    Walmart Does Walmart Have Information on When Customers Steal from Self-Checkout

    Walmart monitors self-checkout registers with an AI computer system called Missed Scan Detection. Everseen, located in Cork Ireland, has developed this program. It combines both video surveillance and scanner detection.

    What does Walmart do to prevent theft at Self-Checkout

    TikToker claims to have worked for Walmart and revealed that they monitor self-checkout registers looking for theft. A TikToker named Athenia Maria (@atheniamaria) claimed in a viral video, that Walmart employees have “TC devices”, which enable them to view all purchases made at self-checkout registers.

    Walmart may come after me if I shoplift at Self Checkout.

    However, Walmart has no authority outside of it’s own store, and even in their store, they can only detain you until the police come, so no, they can’t come after you themselves.

    Walmart Theft Policy: What is it?

    Anyone convicted of shoplifting in Walmart is subject to a life ban. The ban may not be lifted and you might face criminal trespassing charges if you enter Walmart after you have received it.

    .Walmart Self-Checkout Theft In 2022 (Warning: Must Read)

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