How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022

Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)

Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)


Do you want to know if Walmart allows you to return your diapers? My children wore different diaper sizes after being delivered when they were born.

  • If you are like me, and have bought the wrong diapers, will that make your money go down the drain too? I did some research, and this is what I found out about Walmart’s diaper return policy!
  • Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022

Walmart lets you exchange unopened diapers within 90 day of receipt. The only exception is if the diapers are opened, the customer can not exchange it for a similar product. Walmart Online Marketplace orders have a 30 day return period. They are up to the vendors discretion.

  • Walmart promises 100% customer satisfaction, which means diaper returns can be made. Keep reading to find out more about Walmart’s diaper-return policy.

Can I Return An Open Box Of Diapers At Walmart?

According to Walmart policy, you can only exchange opened boxes of diapers for the same or a similar product. However, diapers must not be opened for more than 90 days.


Can I Exchange Diapers At Walmart?

Walmart offers exchangeable diapers for customers who are not happy with their product. Within 90 days, you can request a comparable or identical product.

Walmart will accept returns of diapers received as a gift.

Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)

They are an ideal gift to give as a baby shower favor. These diapers are so in-demand that you might end up buying more. You can always return them to Walmart.

If you received diapers with a gift receipt, then luckily, you can return them to Walmart, which will process the return in one of the following ways:

  • Exchange
  • Gift cards: Refund your purchase
  • You can credit the purchase back to the original method of payment

If you did not receive a gift receipt, Walmart will exchange the diapers for a similar item or refund the purchase on a gift card.

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Walmart will, however, refund any diapers less than 10 dollars.

How Can I Return Diapers At Walmart?

Walmart accepts returns by post or in-store

To return an item in store, please visit the customer service desk. A representative will be happy to help.

Walmart offers an alternative option. You can ship your returns via USPS or UPS with an approved shipping Slip that you can print online or send to you by email after you have submitted a Returns Claim online.

Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)

Can I Return Diapers Online At Walmart?

For your convenience, returns can be initiated online from the Walmart website.

The first step to returning items online is to set up a profile on Walmart’s website or simply log in if you already have one.

You can start a return by clicking on an old online order once you login. You will see a button that says, “Start A Return”, right below the order number.

These are the prompts you need to follow:

  • Please select which item you would like to return
  • Next, select the reason you want to return.
  • Choose if you would like to receive a refund or a replacement item
  • Click on the submit button to review
  • Email confirmation will include a claim barcode.

If you need a replacement for an online purchase, it can be either shipped or picked-up in-store.

  • Walmart Online Marketplace Returns For Diapers

To get a full refund from Walmart, send them a message if diapers were purchased through the Walmart marketplace.

However, Marketplace returns may have additional requirements than Walmart Store returns.

Only 30 days are allowed to return products on the market

Additionally, online refunds must be acknowledged and updated within 48 hours by Walmart in order to process the refund.

In addition, you can return the diapers back to Walmart using three different methods after you file an online complaint with a marketplace vendor.

Print the order barcode or return email and bring them along with the diapers to the Walmart store.

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Send the email with the return label, print it, put the diapers in a container and return them to FedEx.

The return label you received in confirmation emails can be printed and attached to a shipping envelope. UPS will schedule your home pick-up online.

How do I return my diapers to Walmart stores?

Bring the required items to Walmart when returning your money.

  • A valid photo identification card
  • You will need a receipt, or any other item, along with your order number, to confirm purchase.
  • You can use a debit or credit card for your purchase
  • The item you wish to return

Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)

Do I Need A Receipt To Return Diapers At Walmart?

Walmart offers diaper returns without receipts if certain criteria are met.

To make a return without a receipt, first begin by presenting a valid form of photo identification.

In some cases, the associate will look up your purchase in Walmart’s system with a phone number or the credit/debit card number used for the purchase.

Once the verification has been approved, the refund will be processed.

  • You can exchange the diapers for a similar item, or another item of the same price.
  • Save cash on diapers valued at $10 or less
  • Spend $10 to get a Walmart gift certificate

Walmart will charge a restocking fee for returns of diapers

Walmart accepts returns at no cost. Walmart does not charge any restocking fees for items returned.

Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)

How can I redeem my Walmart Diaper Return credit or cash?

Since you can buy Walmart diapers in several ways, the purchase method determines how you receive your refund.

If you submit an online request for a refund, either in-store, or online, we will issue a credit in your original payment method, along with proof that the purchase was made.

  • Debit Or Credit Card Refunds

There are also specific guidelines regarding refunds for credit and debit cards.

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You may need to wait up to 10 business days before funds are credited to your account.

For a credit or debit refund, the card you used to purchase the item must be presented. The card may not be available so you get a Walmart Gift Card refund.

You’ll most likely get your cash back if you used a debit card for products.

We also have posts that explain who makes Parent’s Choice diapers as well as the return policy of Walmart’s formula and Walmart’s baby registry.

  • Conclusion

Walmart also offers diaper returns at a very generous rate.

Unopened diapers can be returned if the receipt is provided and payment method used.

If you do not have the receipt, an open container or a receipt for your purchase, you may be able to exchange it for the identical item or the same price.

Is it possible to exchange unopened diapers without a receipt?

The great news is that most stores will swap unopened diapers with another size, even though you do not have proof of purchase. It’s great because children may outgrow diapers within a matter of days, just like they outgrow baby clothes. )Oct 9, 2019

What if I want to return an opened pack of diapers?

For a complete refund or exchange, you will need to be within the time limit of 90 days.

Are you able to return an opened item to Walmart with no receipt?

Walmart will accept returns in the event that the packaging, box, or original packing is defective, opened, damaged, or lost. A receipt must be provided as proof of purchase. Customers have 90-days to return the item to receive a full refund. Mattresses, DVDs and video games are not eligible for return.

.Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022 (No Receipt, Open + More)

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