How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2022

How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2023

How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2023

Are you interested in finding out if Walmart accepts returns for diapers? When my children were born, they needed different diaper sizes, and I wondered if Walmart would allow me to return them. After conducting some research, I discovered the details of Walmart’s diaper return policy in 2023.

Walmart’s policy states that unopened diapers can be exchanged within 90 days of receipt. However, if the diapers have been opened, they cannot be exchanged for a similar product. For Walmart Online Marketplace orders, the return period is 30 days, subject to the discretion of the vendors. If this was up your alley, you might appreciate Lowes attedance policy

Walmart is committed to ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, which includes accepting returns for diapers. To learn more about Walmart’s diaper return policy, keep reading. If you were a fan of this, you might also be into Who Makes Member’s Mark Diapers

Walmart’s policy allows for the exchange of opened boxes of diapers, provided they have not been opened for more than 90 days. You can exchange them for the same or a similar product.

Is It Possible To Return An Open Box of Diapers At Walmart?

Can I Exchange Diapers at Walmart?

If you are dissatisfied with your diapers, Walmart offers the option to exchange them. You have a 90-day window to request a comparable or identical product.

Diapers from Walmart make for great baby shower gifts, and if you end up buying more than you need, you can always return them.

If you have a gift receipt for the diapers, you can return them to Walmart. They will process the return in one of the following ways:

  • Exchange the diapers for another item.
  • Refund the purchase amount onto a gift card.
  • Credit the purchase back to the original method of payment.
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If you don’t have a gift receipt, Walmart will either exchange the diapers for a similar item or refund the purchase amount on a gift card. However, Walmart does not refund diapers that cost less than $10.

How Can I Return Diapers at Walmart?

You have two options for returning diapers to Walmart: in-store or by mail.

To return diapers in-store, simply visit the customer service desk, and a representative will assist you.

If you prefer to return the diapers by mail, you can ship them using USPS or UPS. Walmart provides an approved shipping slip that you can print online or have emailed to you after submitting a Returns Claim online.

How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2023

Returning Diapers Online At Walmart

Walmart offers the convenience of initiating returns online through their website.

To start a return online, you’ll need to set up a profile or log in to your existing Walmart account. Once logged in, locate the old online order and click on “Start A Return” below the order number.

Follow these prompts for the return process:

  1. Select the item you wish to return.
  2. Choose the reason for the return.
  3. Indicate whether you want a refund or a replacement item.
  4. Review and submit your request.
  5. An email confirmation will be sent to you, which includes a claim bar code.

If you need a replacement for an online purchase, it can be shipped to you or picked up at a Walmart store.

Walmart Online Marketplace Returns for Diapers

How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2023

If you purchased the diapers through the Walmart marketplace, you can request a full refund by sending them a message.

Keep in mind that marketplace returns may have different requirements compared to returns for Walmart store purchases. The time limit for returning marketplace products is 30 days.

Furthermore, online refunds for marketplace items must be acknowledged and updated by Walmart within 48 hours in order to process the refund.

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Once you file an online complaint with a marketplace vendor, you have three options to return the diapers back to Walmart:

  1. Print the order barcode or return email and take it, along with the diapers, to a Walmart store.
  2. Send the return email with the provided label, pack the diapers securely in a container, and return them through FedEx.
  3. Print the return label from the confirmation email, attach it to a shipping envelope, and schedule a home pick-up with UPS through their online service.

Required Items for Diaper Return at Walmart

When returning your diapers to Walmart, please ensure you bring the following items:

  1. A valid photo identification card.
  2. A receipt or any other item that includes your order number to confirm the purchase.
  3. A debit or credit card for the transaction.
  4. The item you wish to return.

Refund Options

How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2023
How To Exchange Diapers​ Walmart Diaper Return Policy 2023

Diaper Return Policy Without a Receipt

Under certain conditions, Walmart allows diaper returns without a receipt. To initiate a return, a valid form of photo identification must be presented. The associate may be able to locate the purchase in Walmart’s system using your phone number or credit/debit card number. Once the verification is successful, the refund will be processed. Restocking fees are not charged for diaper returns.

Options for Returns and Refunds

When returning diapers, you have the option to exchange them for a similar item or one of equal value. Diapers valued at $10 or less can be refunded, or you can spend $10 to receive a Walmart gift certificate. The method of purchase determines how you will receive your refund. If you request a refund online or in-store with proof of purchase, the amount will be credited back to your original payment method.

Guidelines for Credit/Debit Card Purchases

For refunds involving credit or debit cards, specific guidelines apply. It may take up to 10 business days for the funds to be credited back to your account. To receive a credit or debit refund, you must present the card used for the purchase. If the card is unavailable, you may receive a Walmart gift card refund. Customers who used a debit card for the purchase are more likely to receive a cash refund. Additional resources are available for more information on related topics such as the manufacturer of Parent’s Choice diapers, Walmart’s formula return policy, and Walmart’s baby registry. Walmart offers a generous policy for diaper returns, allowing unopened diapers to be returned with a receipt and the original payment method. Even in the absence of a receipt or an open container, you may still have the option to exchange the diapers or receive a refund, depending on the circumstances.

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Walmart’s Diaper Return Policy Summary

Return Period90 days for unopened diaper packs; diapers cannot be exchanged if opened for more than 90 days. For Walmart Online Marketplace orders, the return period is 30 days, subject to vendor discretion.
Return OptionsIn-store or by mail.
Return ProcessIn-store: Visit the customer service desk. By mail: Ship using USPS or UPS with an approved shipping slip.
Online ReturnsInitiate returns online through the Walmart website. Set up a profile or log in to your Walmart account, select the item, choose reason for return, select refund or replacement, review and submit request.
Marketplace ReturnsDifferent requirements apply. Request a full refund by sending a message.
Required ItemsValid photo identification, receipt or order number, debit/credit card for transaction, item to be returned.
Refund OptionsExchange for similar item, refund for diapers valued at $10 or less, Walmart gift certificate, or credit back to original payment method.
Return Without ReceiptPossible under certain conditions. Valid photo identification required.
Credit/Debit Card RefundsRefunds may take up to 10 business days. Present the card used for purchase; otherwise, a Walmart gift card refund may be issued.
Accepted Forms of paymentCredit cards, Debit Cards & Cash


Can I exchange unopened diapers without a receipt?

Yes, most stores will allow you to exchange unopened diapers for a different size even without a receipt.

Can I return an opened pack of diapers?

To receive a complete refund or exchange, you typically need to return the opened pack of diapers within 90 days. If you were a fan of this, you might also appreciate banfield prices list

Can I return an opened item to Walmart without a receipt?

Walmart accepts returns for opened items if the packaging is defective, damaged, or lost. However, a receipt is required as proof of purchase. You have 90 days to return the item for a full refund, but certain items like mattresses, DVDs, and video games are not eligible for return.

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