2024 Guide: Can Walmart Ship to Your PO Box? Discover Delivery Options

Learn if Walmart offers shipping to PO boxes in 2024! Our comprehensive guide explains Walmart's delivery policies, answers 'can Walmart deliver to PO box' queries, and ensures you know exactly how to receive orders. Shop confidently with our tips on navigating PO box deliveries from Walmart. Click to find out now!

Does Walmart Deliver To Po Boxes In 2022? (Secret Hack)

Mail office boxes (P.O. People who don’t live near postal offices (P.O.Box) can use these boxes to collect mail.

However, if this is your only form of receiving mail, you may be wondering if Walmart delivers to PO boxes? What I learned is here.

Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022? (Secret Hack)

Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022?

Walmart has stopped delivering products to PO boxes in the United States since 2022. customers might be able instead to send their orders to their local postal office using USPS General Delivery. This service is only available to those who do not have a permanent address.

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  • Walmart does not deliver to PO boxes addresses.

    Walmart, unlike Amazon which has its own delivery infrastructure, uses third-party couriers for its delivery service.

    The two main delivery providers that Walmart works with to deliver Walmart items for online orders at and Walmart Marketplace are FedEx and UPS (United Parcel Service).

    FedEx’s and UPS’s delivery policies clearly indicate that only valid street addresses will be delivered. No PO Box addresses are accepted.

    UPS’s Policy on Shipping to PO Box Addresses states that UPS does not guarantee the delivery of packages to PO boxes. Also, any address that is incorrectly provided will be corrected.

    Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022? (Secret Hack)

    Do You Think There is Any Other Way?

    We found that does not offer a way to ship an order from there to a PO address. This is because many delivery companies aren’t able support such shipments.

    Another option is to use the USPS Standard Delivery service. It allows anyone who doesn’t have an address to send their items to any local postal office.

    You can also send your purchase directly to the local post office by entering their address in your order.

    If you want to be sure the order arrives at you on time, please add your PO card number with the Apartment Number field to Walmart when shopping.

    According to our research, FedEx and UPS drivers are able to ship products such as this. However, it is possible that your postal service might have different policies.

    This guide will help you learn about General Delivery.

    What is the difference between a PO box address and a regular street address?

    A US address format to send a delivery at a PO Box is identical to that of a normal US address. The PO Box number should be clearly identified under the addressee, company name (if this is a commercial delivery to a Po Box).

    Many street addresses are residential addresses where individuals get their mail. Whereas PO box addresses are often used as a business’s mailing addresses.

    However, a PO Box mailing address for a business may differ from its physical address and the actual location of the business.

    Does Walmart Deliver To PO Boxes In 2022? (Secret Hack)

    Do Walmart Deliveries to Street Addresses have any restrictions?

    Walmart delivers only within the US 50 states, as well as certain oversea territories (American Samoa, Puerto Rico, etc.) but will not ship overseas, nor to Canada.

    Shipping Walmart items internationally can only be done by individuals that are willing to find an international forwarding company that can successfully forward the package of Walmart items overseas to countries outside the USA.

    However, this has to be done by individuals of their own accord, and Walmart as a company will take no part in forwarding Walmart items abroad.

    If you want to learn more about receiving products from Walmart, check out these other guides. They will explain why your order isn’t processed, what Walmart ships from, how long it takes, and where Walmart delivers.

  • Conclusion
  • Walmart offers fantastic reliable delivery service within the USA for items purchased online at and Walmart Marketplace.

    Walmart cannot ship to PO Box addresses. This may be a problem for you, the customer. We suggest that you look at an online store that uses USPS to deliver your orders. USPS ships to all addresses, including PO boxes. This is a trusted and well-respected service.

    .Does Walmart Deliver To Po Boxes In 2022? (Secret Hack)

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