2024 Update: Top Items Shoplifted From Walmart & Theft Prevention Tips

Discover the most commonly stolen items from Walmart in 2024 and learn effective theft prevention methods. Can Walmart detain you? What can't you return without a receipt? Get answers & safety tips for a secure shopping experience.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Most Stolen Items From Walmart?

  • Most Stolen Items from Walmart?

People might steal or shoplift from Walmart due to unemployment, fun, lack of money, and more. Shoplifters might think that stealing from a retail shop is common and might not cost much. They can be the Walmart customers or employees that do not know how costly it can get for the store. So, every retailer must create a list of items that get stolen the most stolen. What are the Most Stolen Items from Walmart?

Walmart has been dealing with shoplifting since many years. Thus, it knows that the thieves like to steal. This article will explain to you about the most stolen items, theft tracking, punishments, and false accusations at Walmart, the giant American retailer.

Loss Prevention (Lp), may require you to dump the item rather than apprehend.

That’s right–if loss prevention sees you shoplift, they may try to get you to dump the item instead of immediately apprehending you.

Why? There are several reasons. It could be that the item is small enough or too inexpensive to not spend the necessary time to retrieve it and file the paperwork. An employee would have to be pulled from work to witness the proceedings in order to prevent loss. It could take anywhere from 10-30 minutes for an adult apprehension with no police involvement. Add 30-60 minutes to that if police are called or if the shoplifter is a juvenile. The needs of the business come first in retail. Sometimes letting an item walk out the door is the best solution.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Lp is prohibited from touching you or running after you

If you are stopped for shoplifting, loss prevention is not allowed to run after you or physically touch you.

Why? Liability. The detective can’t pursue you if you flee from the loss prevention detective when they stop you. In fact, depending on which store they work for, LP is not allowed to step off the sidewalk to stop you. I’ve seen more than one good LP get himself fired for either going out of bounds off the sidewalk or chasing someone who decided to run when he left the exit.

It is risky to chase shoplifters. Shoplifters and you could both be hit by cars. Innocent shoppers may be knocked down and seriously injured, which not only casts a bad light on their shopping experience but may force the store to pay out money to the injured party. Avoiding shoplifters is a way to avoid this scenario.

Shoplifters are unpredictable. Some carry weapons. Some are drug addicted. Some don’t care whether you (the LP) lives or dies. For these reasons, LP is prohibited from getting into a physical altercation with the shoplifter. If the shoplifter refuses to return to the store with LP, threatens physical violence, or pulls a weapon, the LP is required to remove themselves from the situation immediately and let the shoplifter walk (or run) away.

Walmart Tracks Theft

Walmart employs Artificial Intelligence and security cameras to detect theft.

The following are some details related to the theft tracking methods at Walmart:

  • Security Cameras
  • Security Cameras

Every area in Walmart has one or more security cameras that can rotate or tilt to overview every area. The number of cameras increases in high-theft areas. However, dressing and employee break rooms and toilets have no security cameras.

  • Loss Prevention Associates
  • Loss Prevention Associates

Casual dress is worn by loss prevention staff as they roam the stores. They look out for any suspicious behavior from customers and patrol the store. Once they find the thieves, they stop them at the exit to decide their punishment. However, the loss prevention associates might not physically touch or run behind the thieves.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Artificial Intelligence

Walmart’s Artificial Intelligence program uses smart cameras to track items and not customers. The cameras monitor products before they are scanned at counters.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Most Stolen Items At Walmart

The most stolen item from Walmart is meat. Since years, meat is being stolen from Walmart and other retailers. The thieves are too picky about the quality of meat they steal. Other top items stolen from the giant retailer in 2021 are alcohol, food, jewelry, cosmetics, smartphones, accessories, OTC medications, portable electronics, razors, clothing, video games, and baby formula. It is hard to believe that even water gets stolen. It mostly happens when the employees forget to scan the bottle.

So, we can see how the thieves steal the items required regularly. Walmart understands that thieves are most likely to commit theft in the early hours of the morning, when employees are busy getting ready for work and opening stores. The longer the thief stays in the store, the more are the chances of getting doubted. Another appropriate period the store knows about is in the evening when the employees get ready to close the store. Walmart’s theft tracking systems are foolproof, however.

The minimum dollar amount

Years ago, LP was pretty much left to make the decision on whether or not to call the police. Things like dollar amount, the cooperation of the shoplifter, and accuracy of the information provided all contributed to the decision on whether or not you’d be talking a ride downtown. That’s not the case anymore.

Stores have been able to establish a dollar limit for shoplifters prosecutions over the years. That way, the store cannot be accused of being prejudicial when it comes to prosecuting shoplifters. There are no racist or sexist cries if everyone steals more than $20 in merchandise. No matter how much they have stolen, everyone is treated equally. Now, rich or poor, male or female, black, white, or another ethnicity, you’re going to jail if you’ve stolen the minimum dollar amount.

This system has one problem: sometimes, the minimum is way too low. In stores, the minimum amount was anywhere from $10 to $20. A cop shouldn’t have to wait 2 hours just because a child has $10 worth of baseball cards. Cops have more important things to deal with.

For concealing merchandise, handbags have always been a favorite place.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Beauty Care Products

Surprisingly, beauty products can be purchased from Walmart because they are large.

For example, shoplifters and thieves can undoubtedly slip lipsticks and little make-up things into pockets and sacks without passing on an apparent engraving to implicate.

Again, these are small and easy to steal. These items were a popular target for shoplifters and other thieves, making them one of Walmart’s most stolen.

It is indistinct why the thing is so famous with shoplifters and thieves, but they sure love beauty products as stealing items.

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After Whole Foods security detains and questions a suspected shoplifter, the NYPD is called and formally taken into custody. Later, the suspected shoplifter can be given a desk appearance ticket and charged with petit larceny and possession of stolen property at the arraignment in court.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Retail Theft On The Rise In Swfl; How Legislators Are Working To Protect Consumers From Stolen Goods

It is common for people to steal designer clothes, baby formula, and razors from Southwest Florida shops. Authorities say thieves do it most of the time to sell the stolen goods.

It’s becoming a matter of routine at Crime Stoppers. We are on the lookout for thieves such as this suspect, who stole $7,000 of merchandise from Walmart.

He stole multiple TVs, speakers, home theatre projectors, and lots of baby formula.

These women got away with $4,000 worth of liquor.

High-end beauty products are another hot item. Ulta is a favorite among thieves.

Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers reports that two women were able to get away with perfume worth $5,000.

If you think retail theft is soaring, you’re right, and in the end, you pay for it.

They’ll increase the price of stolen items. It eventually trickles back at the consumer,” explained Trish Routte, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers.

Routte posts the requests for help in locating thieves around the area. She said there is a reason people are stealing and stealing specific items.

Routte said, “so one group typically works for a larger conglomerate where they’re literally giving shopping lists and say, okay, we’re looking for perfume, we’re looking for baby formula, and then they steal those items and bring them back to a source.”

They are sold online by this source at an attractive price.

They’re selling them through Facebook Marketplace. They’re selling them at a flea market. These people are selling the items from their vehicles in their local neighborhoods. The same thing goes with baby formula. Routte stated that baby formula is a very expensive item that young mothers need. However, if it can be purchased for less than the full price you will probably get it.

CVS stated that they have seen a 30% increase in thefts from retail stores since the outbreak.

The Florida Retail Federation said 70% of our retailers reported an uptick in thefts last year.

Two possible reasons are people being squeezed for cash and resorting to crime and stores having fewer employees watching the shelves.

Scott Shalley, President and CEO Florida Retail Federation said that both are contributing factors. This is an example where the retail employees are not officers. Our retailers do invest a lot to fight organized crime and they support law enforcement partners in every way possible. But the frontline worker is not in a position to make an apprehension, and particularly in a case where it’s aggressive crime.”

The state legislature is currently working on a new bill. Senate Bill 944 requires eBay and any other intermediaries between buyers and sellers to verify the identity of anyone selling more than $20,000 per year.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Dennis Baxley.

“If somebody’s selling something, one new item in a box on an online platform, it certainly makes sense. Sometimes you have something, you know, one, if you’ve got 30 products that are in the box brand new, that’s a little suspicious. Shalley explained that the legislation was created to gather some information on the seller and create an easier way to understand where products come from, as well as to cut out anonymous sales.

All the accused thieves in this story are out there. Call Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers (8777) if you recognise any of these suspects. A cash reward may be available to you

Have Another Question About Shoplifting? Have a question about shoplifting?

Shoplifters are a necessary evil. There are hundreds of thousands working in the loss prevention sector. They protect and make equipment to stop the theft of merchandise sold in stores. Shoplifting is likely to be the third or fourth most popular profession in the world after prostitution. Since time began, people have been taking advantage of others and they will continue doing so even after we are gone. Today, it’s one of the most frequently committed crimes by both adults and youth.

I want to thank everyone who read my past article, 5 Things You Didn’t Know About Shoplifting. Years later, that article has snowballed into a giant question-and-answer article. Unfortunately, that article hasn’t covered all the details of shoplifting. I still receive several each day, and I am happy to answer as many as I can. Feel free to continue to ask questions about shoplifting and the apprehension process.

These opinions are solely those of the author. It is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and should not be substituted for impartial fact or advice in legal, political, or personal matters.

(c) 2012 Joseph Addams

Even though you may have forgotten that you ever stole anything for months or years, you will still be able to recall the details. If your chain was stolen from an illegal shoplifting database. Esteem and APIS keep your social security numbers, name and address as well as the outcome of any case, including whether you have been charged or not, safe. They share their huge servers with other departmental stores.

Although these systems are claimed to be for statistics and data research, they can collect sufficient information to make you pay. It is not clear if this data is secure or being sold to others. However, if you pay $15 an hour for LP access to such information, it is a sure sign that your are in trouble.

Some chain stores contribute information to shoplifting criminal databases, such as APIS and Esteem.

PhotoMIX Ltd. via Pexels

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

These are the Top 10 Items Most Frequently Shoplifted in Retail

Recent New York Post articles revealed that shoplifters were targeting specific items in retail stores. Manhattan criminal named “The General” was the mastermind of this operation. He organized an army-like theft ring, which had been taking advantage of stores such as Best Buy and Staples over many years. According to The Post, the General provided special vests to his team with pockets that could hold Epson and HP ink cartridges and Bose QuietComfort 35 headphones and Nikon Coolpix digital cameras.

This is the exact type of information that retailers can learn from; as this story reveals what these burglars sought after most. To help retail stores protect themselves best, we have combined information from the burglars and professional security advice, as well as our research. Below we have listed the top 10 most commonly shoplifted items in retail, and combined them with our professional security advice for an all-encompassing approach to retail security.

Ink Cartridges

As we saw with the professional crime ring above, ink cartridges are a big time target for professional burglars. This story about three men from California who stole ink cartridges worth thousands of dollars in Utah and brought them back to California to sell on the black marketplace shows that the drug is highly sought after by criminals. An Office Depot security guard tipped police off and the three men were captured. Office Max officials say that more than $10,000 in ink was stolen from their stores alone.

The Daily Record reports that a group of men tried to steal Red Bull energy drinks worth hundreds of dollars. They were stopped by police and discovered with drug paraphernalia at Riverdale in New Jersey. Police say they went into Walmart to load a cart with Red Bull worth $160 and then left the store. Red Bull and energy drinks have been targeted frequently by burglars over the years due to their high demand.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

It’s already been decided to call the police

Why? “My kid is sick!” “I stole my husband’s job, and I lost my job!” “I’m about to get evicted!” My car was just repossession and I have no money. These (and other) excuses are familiar to every loss prevention investigator on the planet. They’ve been exposed to these excuses so often that they have become intolerant.

LP doesn’t care about your motive for stealing when they make an apprehension. They are able to recover merchandise, and they can justify their salary. They’re not going to let you go. They won’t allow you to go. And they also have no say over whether or not you’ll be arrested. That decision has already been made for them by the store, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

How Much Is The Fine?

Okay, so you’ve stolen a $6 DVD. It’s no big deal. It’s not a crime and you won’t have to worry about it. The LP also said that if you fill out a few forms you could be back at work by noon. What’s the point?

Not quite. Even if you aren’t arrested, shoplifting can have some side effects. It all depends on where you live and which store you shoplifted from. A civil penalty could be assessed that ranges from $100 to $1,000.

The majority of US states allow stores to recover reasonable costs from anyone who has caused loss at their store. A letter will be sent from the law office requesting that you either pay a fee or face execution at dawn. Well, not quite, but if you don’t pay the fee, these vultures will make your life miserable until you do. There is usually a 50/50 split of the money between the store and the collection firm. All profits go to the store.

Recently, I read that some lawyers are taking up the fight against civil demand fines. It is possible to find an attorney who will fight for you, and your fees may end up being less than the fine.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Razor Blades

If you were to head into a Walmart store, or a number of other grocery stores, you may find that razor blades are now protected behind locked doors.

They were highly sought after by shoplifters and have been for some time.

What are your chances of escaping shoplifting?

Attention loss prevention professionals: do you what your average odds are of catching a shoplifter? According to a recent National Retail Security Survey, the odds of getting caught shoplifting are 1 in 48. According to NRF data, inventory shrinkage costs the US retail sector $45.2 billion each year.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Is Target able to tell if you’re stealing?

Target stores have sophisticated security measures in place, including surveillance cameras that are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week. These cameras include image analytics software and face recognition technology to prevent theft.

What Happens If A Pawn Shop Lost My Stuff?

A pawnshop usually takes ownership of the property to secure a loan. … If the pawnshop is negligent in losing or allowing the property to be stolen by a third person, then it is liable to the customer who sold the property if they desire it back.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

What Is The Number 1 Stolen Item In America?

We Americans love our booze, especially when it’s free. Wine and spirits are the most popular items Americans take from shops. Interestingly, wine and spirits are down in the No. Globally, it is at No. 3.

Outdoor Supplies

Outdoor supplies can be pretty costly. Hence shoplifting them could be viewed as appealing. Hardware is easy to conceal and is thus targeted by shoplifters and thieves looking to make a quick buck over a shoplifting deal.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Can Stores Track You If You Steal?

Video surveillance is used by many retailers, particularly large grocery and department stores. Cameras in and outside of the store can detect suspicious activity and capture evidence of the individual stealing.

Shaving Razors

If you somehow managed to head into a Walmart store or various other supermarkets, you might observe that disposable cutters are secured behind locked entryways.

Because they have been a well-known item among thieves and shoplifters for quite some time! In recent years, razors were a target of criminals, which has been confirmed by the stores’ secured shows.

There have been many occurrences of things being exchanged on the market. Stores like Walmarts are frequently focused on, mainly when conveyances are being made.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart!

Are Pawn Shops able to tell if something is stolen?

The pawnbrokers collect information such as the serial number and condition of each item. They also look for any markings. Once they have everything assembled, pawnbrokers will collect the customer’s information and background history; they will also need a form of ID just in case the item turns up stolen.

What is the best way for stores to detect shoplifting?

Anti-shoplifting alarms use a technology called RF (radio-frequency), while a similar (but more advanced) technology called RFID (radio-frequency identification) has many other uses, from tracking pets and public library stocktaking to collecting fares from bus passengers.

15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

Walmart believes in offering the best products and services for every customer, millions upon millions.

  • Walmart is a popular destination for shoplifters due to its wide range of products.
  • You may wonder what are the most sought-after items at Walmart. You might be surprised at some of these items! Below is all I managed to learn!
  • 15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart In 2022!
  • 1. Cosmetics
  • Surprisingly, most cosmetics stolen from Walmart are small in size.

    Small products such as lipsticks, mascaras, and other make-up can be easily slipped into bags and pockets.

  • 2. Portable Electronics
  • The perceived value of electronics makes them tempting targets for theft. Electronics of smaller dimensions are most likely to be stolen. They can also easily hide.

    Walmart stores lock the doors of larger, more expensive electronics. This makes it more difficult for shoplifters to get hold of smaller electronic goods.

  • 3. Packed Meats
  • While it may sound unbelievable, the truth is that it really does happen. This has been the norm for shoplifting over more than two decades.

    Why is the item so popular among shoplifters ….?

  • 4. Alcohol
  • Again, this generally tends to be the case with more expensive alcohol that comes in smaller containers, making them more inconspicuous when being slipped into a bag or pocket.

  • 5. Cell Phone Accessories
  • Shoplifters can hide cell phone accessories like chargers or cases on their person. Especially phone cases that can be put directly onto the victim’s device while they are in store.
  • 6. Baby Formula
  • Again, it’s unclear why baby formula is so popular with so many shoplifters, though my research has shown that there is a potentially high resale value for baby formula, meaning that profit is ready to be made!
  • 7. Sunglasses
  • It could be because a customer is able to walk right up to glasses and slip one on their face.
  • 8. Blu-rays, DVDs and Video Games
  • These items can be carried around in pockets or bags, and they’re often very costly, making them highly profitable!
  • 9. Razor Blades
  • Some razor blades might be protected by locked doors in Walmart stores and other grocery shops.

  • It’s because shoplifters were very fond of them for a while!
  • 10. Drugs Available Over-The-Counter
  • You can put this down to the difficulty involved with accessing them.
  • Due to their difficulty of accessing in-store, the cost for over-the counter drugs will be higher elsewhere.

  • 11. Cigarettes
  • The items cannot be sold to persons under the age 21 and must be bought over-the counter.
  • 12. Jewellery
  • These items can be easily hidden inside pockets or bags and are sure to fetch you a lot outside the shop.

  • 13. Sporting Goods
  • The idea of shoplifting expensive sporting goods could seem appealing.

  • 14. Jeans
  • Jeans are a favorite choice of shoplifters. Once, they were stolen regularly from changing rooms. Jeans are very much in fashion today.
  • 15. Swimsuits
  • These can very easily be hidden in bags and pockets, making them easy to steal.

    15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’d Never Guess It)

    Are You Looking For The Top Shoplifted Walmart in America?

  • This, of course, is not the best award for any store to be given. Unfortunately, the title has been displayed in many Walmart stores around the US.
  • The’most shoplifted” location isn’t clearly identified, but Westwood Cincinnati and Mankato Minnesota’s Walmart hold the titles of most shoplifted stores.
  • To learn more, you can also learn how Walmart tracks shoplifters and if Walmart presses charges when they catch shoplifters.

  • Don’t miss my article on Walmart’s most popular items!
  • Conclusion
  • Walmart gets a variety of stolen items each day. These items tend to be small and easy-to-hide, which makes them easier for thieves to steal.
  • .15 Most Stolen Items From Walmart! (You’D Never Guess It)

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