Does Best Buy Drug Test

Does Best Buy Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read)

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Learn More about Best Buy

You’ll first want to know more about Best Buy. The company originally opened as an audio specialty store named Sound of Music many years ago. Once it started focusing on consumer electronics, its name was changed to Best Buy Co. Superstores.

Its name was again changed to Best Buy Super Stores in 1984. Today, it is known simply as Best Buy. The company was founded in St. Paul, Minnesota, and is currently headquartered in Richfield, Minnesota. The company has 977 locations as of February 2020.

The company also offers great employment opportunities. Best Buy is a great place to start your search for work.

You must be ready to undergo a drug screening before you apply. The company strives to hire the best and most knowledgeable individuals. Below is more information about the drug testing policy of the company.

Can I Take a Pre-Employment Test at Best Buy?

Many employers require applicants to take a pre-employment drug test as part of the hiring process. Best Buy is not an exception. However, some Best Buy stores will allow candidates to retake the test if their original sample comes back positive. The retest may be at the expense of the candidate, but it may be worth it to get the job. After all, a positive drug test could mean the difference between getting hired and being passed over for another candidate. So, if you’re applying for a job at Best Buy and are asked to take a drug test, don’t despair if your first attempt is unsuccessful. There may be another opportunity to pass.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Companies that don’t drug test

Finding a comprehensive list of employers that don’t do any drug screening might be impossible. After all, most companies that don’t drug test prefer to stay quiet about it. They do not want to draw too much attention. Some of them, even when asked directly about the issue, will simply reply with, “No comment.”

That said, a few major companies–especially some that are part of the technology sector–are suspected of not having any drug-testing requirements. Word of mouth is a reliable way for job seekers to find out information. Current or former employees are often their best source of information.

It is important to keep in mind that any employer’s drug screening policy can change at any time. Word of mouth can sometimes be wrong. So you always have to be prepared for the possibility that any company on a list of employers that don’t drug test might, in fact, have some kind of drug-screening requirement for potential or existing employees.

With that said, let’s take a look at some large corporations that are often mentioned by former or current employees as places where drug testing doesn’t occur, isn’t done, or only for people who operate heavy machinery.

  • Google
  • Amazon
  • Apple
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Microsoft
  • Yahoo
  • Qualcomm
  • Starbucks
  • Gap
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Chipotle Mexican Grill

Many other employers do not drug test. Small businesses, especially, are less likely to have drug-screening policies. In states where marijuana has been legalized, the majority of companies in this industry don’t drug test.

When Is A Suspicion Reasonable?

Many states allow an employer to test for drugs based on a reasonable suspicion that an employee is under the influence. It is difficult to know what level of suspicion is appropriate and not.

However, some laws and courts attempt to provide guidelines which may prove helpful in the event that you are subject to a drug test or if your employer suspects you of using drugs. Reasonable suspicion must be grounded on facts, logic and inferences.

  • direct observation of drug use or its physical symptoms, including slurred speech, agitated or lethargic demeanor, uncoordinated movement, and inappropriate responses to questions
  • Abnormal conduct at work or unusual behavior, as well as significant decline in performance
  • a report of drug use provided by a reliable and credible source that has been independently corroborated
  • evidence that the employee has tampered with current drug test results
  • information that the employee has caused or contributed to an accident at work, or
  • evidence that the employee has used, possessed, sold, solicited, or transferred drugs while working or at work.

Many laws also require that employers have workplace counseling or outreach programs in place before employees can be tested. While most employers these days are too savvy to slip up on procedural details, many of the laws are so picky and detailed that it may be worth your while to make sure your test made the grade.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Do You Choose to fail a drug test or refuse to take part in the best buy?

You have the option to refuse to submit to a drug screen, but it is better to fail than to go through with it.

Drug testing in the work environment is usually implemented to promote workplace health and safety and maintain employee productivity.

Additionally, Best Buy’s company policy for employees requires the workers to undertake drug tests before and during employment.

So to abide by the company’s policy, you should not refuse to take the drug test.

You can read our post on Best Buy’s teacher discount and Best Buy’s shoplifting policy to learn more.

Best Buy conducts pre-employment drug tests?

Best Buy wants to make sure that all of our employees are fit for the job. Pre-employment drug testing is an important part of this process. No matter what position you’ve applied for, you’ll need to take a drug test as part of the interview process. After you have completed your interview, your application will be forwarded to the senior manager. If you pass their interview, you’ll then be asked to complete some pre-employment paperwork. One of the documents will be a consent form for the drug test. To be eligible for a Best Buy job, you must pass the drug test. A standard laboratory urine test will be used for the drug test.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

What is the Best Buy Drug Test?

So you know exactly what to expect, it’s worth learning more about Best Buy’s drug testing process. With that being said, you should expect to be asked to take a urine drug test. The HR representative with Best Buy will give you paperwork and instructions.

Usually, you’ll need to visit a local clinic to take the test. Once you arrive, you’ll give the paperwork to one of the medical professionals at the clinic.

When they’re ready, you will be asked to urinate in a sample cup. To ensure you aren’t cheating, your performance will be closely monitored.

Then, you will give the sample to the clinic’s worker. You can then leave. The clinic will ship the sample to a testing facility so they can determine whether you have drugs in your system.

It will normally take a few days to a week to get the results. You’ll hear from the company before you know it.

Stay in touch!

Since then, the movement for legalizing marijuana has grown in momentum. 36 states have allowed medical use while 18 allow recreational use. Now, that’s coinciding with the hiring crunch in a major way: In a Current Consulting Group poll released last year, 36% of respondents who were planning to remove marijuana from their drug testing panels said it was because “we are experiencing delays and/or cannot fill positions due to high marijuana positives.” It’s only gotten harder since then for companies to find workers to hire due to a widespread worker shortage.

Perhaps the most notable company to adjust its drug policy recently is Amazon, which announced in June that it will no longer include weed in its screenings for roles not regulated by the U.S. Department of Transportation. Amazon will continue to conduct impairment tests when workers are at work and after an accident.

“It’s archaic,” attorney Brittany Robinson, who lost out on a job due to marijuana use, told The Chicago Tribune last month. “Society has caught up to the reality of smoking marijuana on your own time, and people don’t care … we need laws and policies that stop putting people out of a job for petty reasons.”

No matter how strongly you may feel about drug testing, data shows that there is a market for candidates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that the U.S. saw a record 10.9million job openings in July. Companies will continue to do whatever they can to get qualified applicants, including toking up — er, taking up — drug-friendly policies.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Drug Tests At Walgreens

A person can suffer from substance abuse and have negative consequences for their lives in every way. You can encourage your loved one to seek treatment for drug addiction if they have admitted to using illegal drugs. You can conduct home drug testing to check for illegal substances in your home. Walgreens also offers discreet online drug testing. Shop the full product selection and place your order online today or use the “find at a store” feature to locate a Walgreens store that has the test you require in stock.

Potential consequences of failing a drug test in the military

You will need to be tested for drugs such as cocaine, methamphetamine, pot, heroin, codeine and hydrocodone before you can serve in the military. Military drug tests results are often returned within 24 hours.

If you fail the military drug test as an applicant looking to enlist, you still have a chance to retake the test after 90 days at a Military Entry Processing Station (MEPS). If you fail two times, however, your eligibility to serve in the military will be permanent disqualified.

For active military personnel, the consequences are even more complex. The test cannot be retaken. Typically, you will be suspended immediately and will have to spend time in a rehabilitation center.

A MAST and NJP will be required. This is non-judicial punishment. No matter what type of drug was found during your testing, you will be dismissed from the Navy, Marine Corps or Army. After you have been subject to non-judicial punishment under Article 15, if marijuana is identified, and you were an airman or lower-ranking officer you will be fired.

These cases will result in a dishonorable dismissal. This means that you will not be able to enjoy any military benefits, such as those for compensation, retirement, insurance, and loans.

You will also be charged with court-martial if your tests are positive for methamphetamines, LSD or cocaine.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Is there any advice for taking the test and getting its results?

There are some things you should keep in mind, since a drug screening can become a mandatory requirement and can have a dramatic impact on your life.

  • A failed drug test could have a devastating impact on your life. However, it can also be a sign that you need to quit using drugs.
  • One should look through the workplace’s drug policy and testing processes, as preparation for any test is always necessary.
  • Knowing the purposes, the procedures, and the usage of the results from any drug test is crucial before doing it.
  • Employers can’t penalize employees who have positive results due to prescription medicine, unless it affects productivity.

Let’s get to the bottom

Employer policies regarding drug screening vary. There are many jobs which require drug testing. However, many others don’t. You do have rights. But, in most cases, if you refuse to submit to a drug test, then an employer does not have to follow through on a job offer. And you might not have much legal recourse if you refuse a drug test and get fired because of it–unless you can prove that the employer discriminated against you or treated you differently from others in your workplace in the same type of position.

Based on the way courts have ruled, it is possible that you may not be covered if your drug testing results are negative for you applying for work and you still possess a prescription. For federally controlled substances like marijuana, an employer may have grounds to fire you or rescind an offer–even if that substance was obtained and used within the bounds of your state’s laws. Employers may face more difficulties if other prescription substances are allowed at federal levels. This is because disability discrimination laws have to be adhered to.

Just remember: If you’re wondering about your own particular circumstances, then you should contact an attorney in your state who specializes in this area of labor law.

How can you find out whether a company has drug testing? Start by checking out the employer’s website. It might include a statement along the lines of being proud to be a drug-free workplace. It is likely that your employer has a drug screening policy. You may still be able get an answer by anonymously calling your employer and asking if drug screening is included in the hiring process for the job that you are interested. It would be in an employer’s best interest to give you an accurate answer in order to help avoid any unnecessary effort or expenses.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Challenging Drug Tests

As an employee, you can always refuse to take a workplace drug test. But, if you are fired because of your refusal, you may have little recourse. (In fact, in some states, you might be denied unemployment benefits if you are fired for refusing to take a drug test.) Only your employer must show good cause to believe you are a danger to the safety of the workers or you cannot perform the tasks required. You would be placed in the difficult position of proving that your employer knew no such thing. You may, however, be able to win your job back if you can show that you were treated differently from other employees in the same position.

If you have been given a drug test and unfairly suspended or demoted because of it, your best bet may be to argue that the testers did not meet with the strict requirements for form and procedure set out in your state law. And note that employers are free to add safeguards to protect against specimen tampering–requiring those taking the test to remove their own clothing and don hospital gowns, or providing a test monitor who checks the temperature of the urine and adds dye to toilet water, as examples. However, a modicum of discretion is required; while most courts have found it reasonable to have a monitor listen as a urine test is administered, a number have found it an unreasonable invasion of privacy for the monitor to watch.

Is Best Buy Drug Testing Product Flow Specialists

To ensure that employees and customers are safe, Best Buy stores often conduct drug testing on product flow specialist during their hiring process. The reasoning behind this is that the role of product flow specialist is quite vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse risks.

However, it is essential to note that Best Buy has stores in different locations across the country as well as various positions in the stores. Because of this, the drug testing policy at Best Buy may differ slightly from one store to another. Some stores might only screen new employees, while others could test everyone on a regular basis. Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to drug test product flow specialists is up to each individual.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Does Kohls Drug Test Part-Time Employees?

I think it’s obvious that the question around does Kohls drug test part-time employees, is the same as asking that question about full-time employees. Their recruitment guide does not make any distinctions. So if you are going for a little part-time job, you will be background checked, and you could have to make yourself available to do a drug test as well.

I find it worrying that those who work part-time anywhere believe they will not be drug tested. You’re still representing the company, and you still have to follow the same rules.

Put it this way, how do you think a court would see it, if Kohls, or any employer, said that they don’t bother drug testing part-time employees, but they do drug test, full-time employees? This is blatant discrimination, and you will see lawsuits galore in America’s wonderful country of litigation.

It doesn’t really matter whether you are a full-time employee, part-time or a manager. You could be subject to a Kohls drug screening at any point in your career, particularly during orientation.

Is Best Buy A Good Job?

Businesses from all 50 states participated in the survey. Best Buy was proud to be included on Indeed’s first annual Top-50 Workplaces List. We landed at No. We are No. 39 among retailers and third overall. Best Buy ranked ninth on Indeed’s retail-only list in 2018.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Is Product Flow Specialists tested for drugs more often than others at Best Buy?

Yes, it is true that Product Flow Specialists are tested for drugs more frequently than others at Best Buy. Although not all Product Flow Specialists are drug-tested at Best Buy, this does vary depending on their job and where they work.

Product Flow Specialists in Richfield (Minnesota) are subject to more frequent testing than others, such as at Anchorage’s Anchorage store. This is due to the fact that these stores are more stable and have lower turnover rates. They want to ensure that they hire only the most qualified workers.

Does Best Buy Allow Candidates To Re-Take A Drug Test For Pre-Employment?

Best Buy might allow applicants to take a second pre-employment drug screening if they aren’t happy with the initial results.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Amazon Drug Test?


A mouth swab can be performed as part of your hiring process, or at random drug tests after you have started employment.

Quest Diagnostics receives drug testing from Amazon.

Amazon conducts tests on opiates and cocaine as well as amphetamines and PCP, to name just a few.

But…in the vast majority of cases, Amazon NO LONGER tests for marijuana…more on that below.

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Which Drugs Should Employees Be Tested For by Best Buy?

Employees at Best Buy have been tested for marijuana, opiates and cocaine. Alcohol is also part of the testing process, but these are the substances focused on by the drug screen.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Is Best Buy A Good First Job?

Best Buy was a good starting job to have, no matter how much technological experience you have. There are many great people to meet, as well as discounts. A lot of training to do a basic job.

Amazon Will Test Drugs After an Accident


Amazon reserves the right to do what they term “impairment” checks after an on-the-job accident or incident.

This includes testing for drugs and alcohol which can lead to you losing your job if you are found to be working while under the influence.

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Does Best Buy Call If You Fail A Drug Test?

You won’t be called by Best Buy if your drug test fails. If you get a call asking for the rest of the steps, it is safe to assume you have passed.

But, some stores will notify candidates about any negative results depending on where they are located.

Additionally, it is normal for employers to provide written notice of positive and negative drug tests in some U.S. states.

Table Of Contents:

  • Job Opportunities At Best Buy
  • Job Requirements At Best Buy
  • Does Best Buy Drug Test?

Does Best Buy Drug Test

Took Drug Test Friday When Should I Know Results – What Is The Process Of A Drug Test?

A drug test requires a bio-specimen sample, which is commonly urine, hair or blood. Later, the laboratory will analyze the sample.

Does Best Buy Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read)

Major retail chains in the U.S. have started conducting drug tests for potential and current employees to prevent health and safety hazards that can result in poor employee morale and decreased productivity.

  • Maybe you were wondering whether or not Best Buy tests employees for drugs when you apply to Best Buy. Here is what I’ve discovered through my research!
  • Does Best Buy Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read)

    Is Best Buy Drug Testing In 2022 Possible?

    Best Buy now conducts urine tests on potential and current employees. These include those working with heavy machinery or safety. Employees will be tested for traces of alcohol, illegal drugs, and prescription drugs. Failure to pass the drug test could result in the employee’s termination from Best Buy.

  • Keep reading to discover more about Best Buy drug testing requirements, random drug screenings, and the consequences of failing a drug screen.
  • Is Best Buy Drug Testing Available?

    Best Buy runs pre-employment drug screens on prospective employees after they hire to check for evidence of past use of illicit or prescription drugs.

    The test does not take place during the initial interview, but rather during the pre-employment period. During this time documentation is collected such as criminal history or convictions.

    Best Buy also makes it very clear that all applicants must pass the pre-employment drug test in order to be eligible for the job.

    Best Buy shops often test employees in heavy-duty jobs. Sometimes they allow salespeople to bypass the drug testing requirements.

    Does Best Buy Randomly Drug Test Employees?

    Best Buy conducts random drug screenings on all employees, current or new.

    In general, the new employee is informed about the drug screening after the interview. Instructions and deadline dates are provided before they submit the results.

    Best Buy also informs current employees about their rights before having to conduct drug screenings.

    Does Best Buy Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read)

    What happens if they check your purse before administering a drug screening at Best Buy

    Best Buy drug tests will be conducted by collectors who check employee pockets to ensure that no one is tampering.

    Also, before you take part in a drug screening, please remove your outerwear, any bag, purse or briefcase and wash your hands.

    What Pre-Employment Drug Examinations Does Best Buy Conduct?

    Best Buy performs pre-employment drug test regardless of your position.

    After the initial interview has been completed, you will receive a pass to a senior manager so that you can have a second interview. Then you will undergo the drug testing.

    To pass the second interview you must complete the pre-employment paperwork, which includes the drug test. Not all job offers can be made if you pass the drug testing.

    Drug tests at Best Buy will require that you take a standard lab urine test, with samples tested immediately and the result confirmed as either a positive or negative.

    If the test passes, you’ll receive a call asking you to continue with other pre-employment steps.

    If you fail to pass the exam, Best Buy will not consider you for employment.

    Does Best Buy Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read)

    Do you get Best Buy’s call if your drug tests fail?

    Many Best Buy locations won’t contact you if you fail the drug screening. So if they call and ask you to fill out the remainder of the forms, then you should assume that you passed.

    If negative tests are found in a store, they may notify the candidate.

    In some states, employers are expected to send written notices to inform employees about positive and negative drugs tests.

    Can You Retake A Pre-Employment Drug Test At Best Buy?

    If the urine test results are positive, some Best Buy locations allow you to take a retake pre-employment test in five days.

    In this case, the retest may be at the expense of the candidate, unless the collector has doubts about the validity of the original test results.

    Does it make more sense to either fail the drug test, or not take part in the Best Buy Drug Testing Program?

    Even though you have the choice to take a drug test or not, you are better off failing a drug test than refusing to take it altogether.

    To maintain workplace productivity and promote health and safety, it is common to conduct drug testing.

    Best Buy employees are required to take drug test before and during employment.

    To adhere to the policy of the company, it is important that you take the drug test.

    We have posts about Best Buy including whether it offers a teacher discount or if Best Buy is open for shoplifting.

  • Conclusion
  • Best Buy offers drug tests to all current and potential employees. This typically involves a urine test which checks for illegal and prescription drugs.

    You could lose your job, or be fired, if you fail to submit to a drug testing. Most Best Buy stores may have more stringent drug testing requirements for employees using heavy machinery and heavy equipment.

    Is it necessary to take a drug screening in order for Best Buy to be approved?

    For pre-employment, yes.Jan 12, 2019

    What Is A Good Excuse For Failing A Drug Test?

    Additionally, some employees might make excuses for failing to pass a drug testing. Perhaps they had too many cookies, ate the wrong kind of brownie at a party, or were stuck with someone who was using weed. Perhaps they’ll argue that the test is wrong.Jan 21, 2020

    Is Best Buy Safe to Use for Nicotine

    Drug Testing Process Felony Friendly Jobs explains why Best Buy tests for 5 types of drugs. These include cocaine, marijuana (opiates), methamphetamines and amphetamines. The store also tests for alcohol and nicotine; they prefer a urine sample to screen for the drugs.

    Do Companies Notify You If You Fail A Drug Test?

    Follow-up to a negative result. If you have negative drug test results, you can expect a medical officer (MRO), to contact your employer. Your employer will usually contact you about the next steps in the hiring process. October 25, 2019.

    .Does Best Buy Drug Test In 2022? (Warning: Must Read)

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