Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Who accepts Carecredit

CareCredit is available for a variety of healthcare services for the cardholder, cardholder’s family and cardholder’s pets. Cardholders should check with their healthcare providers to see if they’re in the CareCredit network.

CareCredit offers a search feature on its website that allows users to locate an in-network provider by zip code or city.

The types of healthcare services where CareCredit may be accepted include:

  • Animal/pet care
  • Chiropractic
  • Cosmetic
  • Dentistry
  • Dermatology
  • Fitness equipment
  • Hearing
  • Hospitals and surgical centres
  • Labs and diagnostics
  • Supplies and equipment for medical use
  • Pharmacies
  • Primary care and clinics
  • Sleep labs and medicine
  • Spas and treatment centers
  • Doctors
  • Vision
  • Weight loss surgery

The Bank Of America(r) Customized Cash Rewards Credit Card

If you’re a big online shopper but you want as much rewards flexibility as you can get month-to-month, the Bank of America(r) Customized Cash Rewards credit card is one of the most versatile cash back cards on the market. Although the online shopping rewards rate for this card is lower than 5 percent (which it does not have), you can still swap your 3 percent monthly category to get five additional options that include gas, dining and travel. Fixed 2 percent cashback categories will also be available that include grocery stores as well as wholesale clubs. The Bank of America’s Online Shopping category covers major retailers such as,, and a variety of specialty sites, like

The downside is that the Bank of America Customized Cash card’s 3 percent and 2 percent bonus categories share a $2,500 quarterly spending limit, which will drop all your spending to 1 percent cash back if you exceed it. The Bank of America card’s better $200 cash rewards bonus (after spending $1,000 on purchases within the first 90 days), 15-billing cycle 0% intro APR on purchases and balance transfers (transfers within the first 60 days incur a standard 3 percent fee; $10 minimum) and 14.24 percent to 24.24 percent variable APR may offset this hurdle, but the Amazon Prime card offers unlimited rewards. It’s worth noting that, aside from rewards, the Prime card also has meatier benefits.

Although the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature could be more rewarding if most of your online shopping is through Amazon, the better-rounded Bank of America Customized Cash card could be a more valuable day-to-day option if your online spending is varied enough that you can’t justify a Prime membership.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Banking Staff Experience

Several members of the Bankrate staff love the Amazon Prime Rewards card and dedicate a regular slot in their wallet to it. One of our editors, Nouri Zarrugh, enjoys the versatility online shopping rewards adds to his credit card rotation:

My cash-back strategy has been boosted by the Amazon Prime Rewards card. This card is one of my most useful cards, thanks to the fact that it gives you 5 percent off almost any item you buy from Amazon.

— Nouri Zarrugh, Credit Card Reviews Editor at Bankrate

How To Redeem

Although the reward terms make it sound like you’re earning cash back, you’re actually earning points. You can redeem your points at a 1:1 value toward cash back, travel, gift cards or Amazon purchases upon checkout.

There is no minimum rewards balance to redeem for cash back or for Amazon purchases, but there’s a disappointingly long list of what you can’t use points to buy. These items include small, frequent purchases, like music and Kindle eBooks. Cash back may be your best option, depending on the items you plan to spend points.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Rates and Fees

The rates and fees for the Amazon Prime Rewards card are standard, but the “no annual fee” comes with an important footnote. You must have an Amazon Prime membership to get the card, which is currently $14.99 per month or $139 each year (if you opt to pay for a whole year at once).

Amazon’s Feb. 18, 2022, Prime yearly membership price increase from $119 (previously $12.99 if you pay monthly) may make the extra $400 you need to spend each year (breaking down to about $34 more per month) at Amazon or Whole Foods to recoup your membership cost a little tougher, but leaning on your other categories can help fill the gap.

Amazon Prime comes with many valuable benefits. However, the price of Amazon Prime may not be worthwhile for those who don’t shop regularly at or aren’t interested in Prime Video. It takes spending at least $232 each month across and Whole Foods to break even on a Prime membership, or almost $580 per month across your 2 percent categories, so the no-annual-fee Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card might be a more reasonable alternative if you don’t spend a good deal more than that. The standard Amazon Rewards Visa card doesn’t require a Prime subscription but carries a slightly lower rewards rate in exchange.

Other than offsetting Amazon Prime, the only other potential rates to be aware of mainly are the ongoing interest and foreign transaction fees. The variable APR of 14.24 percent to 22,24 percent can be significantly lower than that for retail co-branded cards, according to surveys. It can also be less than current credit card interest rates. What’s more, there are no foreign transaction fees to worry about if you frequently travel.

Qualifying products

These items and categories are usually eligible for CareCredit.

  • Accessories for nursing/feeding
  • Baby furniture
  • Products for baby hygiene
  • Baby wipes
  • Car seats
  • Diapers and training pants
  • Formula
  • Pediatric nutrition
  • Safety devices
  • Products for haircare and styling
  • Products for shaving
  • Skincare (including sun protection)
  • Custom hearing aids
  • Hearing aid batteries
  • Hearing center services
  • Sound amplifiers
  • Allergy medication
  • Asthma medication
  • Blood pressure monitors
  • Cold and flu medication
  • Digestive aids
  • Products for family planning
  • First aid products
  • Hot and cold therapy
  • Use pain relievers
  • Supplements with probiotics
  • Quit-smoking products
  • Use sleep aids
  • Snoring aids
  • Supplements
  • Thermometers
  • Vitamins
  • Bar soap and body wash
  • Clippers
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dental care products
  • Deodorant
  • Face wash
  • Feminine care products
  • Hair regrowth products
  • Incontinence aids
  • Liquid soap
  • Prescription pet medication
  • Nutrition and food for pets
  • Vaccinations
  • Microchipping
  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles
  • Supplies for diabetics
  • Prescriptions
  • Contact lens cases
  • Contact lenses
  • Contact lens solution
  • Eye drops
  • Eye exams
  • Lens cleaner
  • Lens wipes
  • Prescription eyeglasses
  • Prescription sunglasses
  • Reading glasses
  • Vision center services

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Sites that Accept Care Credit

Many pharmacies, doctors, hospitals, and retailers accept Care Credit for online payment.

Walmart is at the top of the list having acceptance for purchase of in-store qualifying medical items. It includes Pharmacy & Over-the-Counter Vision and Personal Care Items, Baby Essentials, and Walmart Care Clinics.

Sam’s Club is another name on the list that accepts Care Credit for not only pharmacy, over-the-counter drugs but also beauty products and to pay membership fees too.

Walgreens has partnered with Care Credit to offer payment facilities for over-the-counter medicines and cosmetics on all 9000+ locations nationwide.

Care Credit offers 18-month promotional financing for Bowflex purchases above $200

Excitingly pets Best offers pet insurance that reimburses eligible vet bills for your dog or cat’s illness and injuries.

VSP vision care program offers an average of 43% saving upon signing up with a care credit card for vision car checkups and gears.

Rite Aid offers Care Credit at all of its locations nationwide for prescriptions and over-the-counter medicine, as well as cosmetics.

ByteMe and Smile Direct Club under the dentistry service also accept Care Credit for financial payments.

Amazon Doesn’t Accept Care Credit

Amazon doesn’t currently provide an explanation for why Care Credit is not accepted as valid payment.

However, it’s reasonable to conclude that Amazon doesn’t carry enough qualifying Care Credit products to justify the use of the card on their website.

Care Credit cardholders can only buy items that are essential for their health and wellbeing, including medicine, hygiene, baby formula and over-the-counter medication. may consider Care Credit cards an optional payment option, as they only carry certain health products.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Amazon Care Credit: What payment can I use?

While Amazon does not offer the Care Credit card as a payment method for healthcare items, they do offer SNAP EBT in the Amazon Fresh and Whole Foods stores in participating states.

The SNAP EBT payment method, similar to the Care Credit card is used for essential purchases. However, the SNAP EBT payment method may only be used for essential food, while the Care Credit card is used to purchase items such as vitamins and over the counter medication.

Customers who need medication, paraphernalia for babies, or hygiene products are advised to visit stores as well as websites that accept Care Credit cards.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card Overview

The Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card is one of the best online shopping credit cards due to its high reward rates on Amazon purchases with no spending caps and Visa Signature benefits. This card is great for anyone who spends at least $2,800 on Amazon or Whole Foods. Used to its full potential, you can easily recoup the cost of your Amazon Prime membership while enjoying other key perks, including surprisingly rich travel and purchase protections.

The biggest drawbacks are the cost of an Amazon Prime membership, being locked into Amazon brands and for your best reward tiers and a few missing purchase protections–but these are minor nitpicks compared to what many other store cards (don’t) offer.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Where Can I Use A Care Credit Card Instead?

While cardholders cannot use Care Credit on,there are many retail stores that accept the card as a valid payment method. The following stores accept Care Credit:

  • Duane Reade
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart

Customers should note that not every location for the above mentioned stores may accept Care Credit, and may depend upon each individual store manager or region.

Therefore, if customers are unsure whether or not they can use their Care Credit card at the above mentioned stores in their area, they are recommended to phone ahead and ask for further clarification.

Short-Term Financing

Cardholders can select from 6, 12, 18 and 24-month promotional financing periods with no interest on purchases of $200 or more, but if the balance is not paid in full by the end of the promotional period, interest will accrue for the full promotional purchase starting from the original purchase date. The card’s standard APR (highest) will be applicable from the date of purchase, and not at the end the promotional period.

The minimum monthly payment listed on each monthly statement may not be enough to pay off the balance by the end of the period. To avoid paying interest, you can calculate your minimum monthly payment by multiplying the balance by the promotional period. Pay that amount on time every month to avoid accruing the high interest rate.

Keep in mind any extra charges made during the special financing period may change the way payments are allocated to the total balance.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Carecredit: What stores offer it?

CareCredit is a health-focused credit card that allows cardholders to pay for medical expenses over time. CareCredit can be used at many hospitals, doctors, optic centers and veterinarian offices.

You can also use CareCredit at a small number of retail stores to purchase health and wellness products such as over-the-counter medications or personal care products. CareCredit’s retail partners at the time of this writing are:

  • Duane Reade, as previously reported
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walgreens (as previously reported)
  • Walmart

We confirmed this information with store customer service representatives and CareCredit representatives; CareCredit also lists partner information on its website. CareCredit cannot be used at any other retail store that is not a CareCredit partner.

Where You Can Use Your Carecredit Credit Card

  • 225,000 healthcare providers in the U.S.
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart (health, wellness and personal care items)
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club (health and wellness, personal care products)

The CareCredit Credit Card helps individuals pay for healthcare expenses that aren’t covered by insurance. The cards are different from regular credit cards because they offer more financing options, and you can take longer to repay the debts. CareCredit Credit Card provides financing options for costly medical expenses. These loans may be more expensive than regular credit cards and can take longer to repay. For purchases of $200 or more, you can receive a 0% APR period of 6, 12, 18 or 24 months. But that’s deferred interest; if you fail to make minimum monthly payments along the way, or you don’t pay off your full balance by the end of the 0% period, interest will be charged from the original purchase date.

The CareCredit Credit Card also has longer-term financing options with low fixed interest rates (rather than 0%) for purchases of $1,000 and up. These have payoff terms of either 24 or 60 month. Your fixed interest rate will drop the shorter you select the payoff period. There are fixed monthly payments required until the amount has been paid in full.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Carecredit Partners

CareCredit has partnered with insurance plans, pharmacies and providers to offer discounts and other benefits for cardholders. Here’s how cardholders can take advantage of partner offers:

  • PetsBest: PetsBest is a pet insurance company that reimburses clients for eligible veterinary bills for cats or dogs. CareCredit cardholders can pay for a pet expense using their cards, combined with a promotional no-interest offer to be followed by the card’s standard rate APR as calculated from the date of purchase, then file a claim with PetsBest for reimbursement.
  • Walgreens and Duane Reade: Cardholders can use their card at over 9,000 Walgreens and Duane Reade locations to purchase anything but lottery tickets, gift cards, alcohol and tobacco. Promotional financing doesn’t apply.
  • Walmart: CareCredit cards are accepted at Walmart for pharmacy, over-the-counter medication, baby essentials, optical, health/beauty and care clinic purchases. There may be limitations depending on location (check the CareCredit website for more info). Promotional financing, which is followed by the card’s standard rate APR as calculated from the date of purchase, doesn’t apply to most purchases.
  • Sam’s Club: Sam’s Club accepts CareCredit cards for purchases on pharmacy items, over-the-counter medication, baby essentials, optical, hearing, health/beauty and membership cards. Promotional financing doesn’t apply.
  • Bowflex and Schwinn: CareCredit offers 18-month special financing for purchases of $200 or more on any Bowflex or Schwinn fitness equipment to be followed by the card’s standard rate APR as calculated from the date of purchase. Use the CareCredit card when checking out online or call CareCredit to make a purchase.
  • RiteAid: RiteAid has over 2,500 locations in the U.S. CareCredit is accepted at all RiteAids for almost every purchase except for lottery tickets, gift/prepaid cards, alcohol, tobacco and money services like Western Union. Promotional financing doesn’t apply.
  • VSP Vision Care: VSP Vision Care is a vision benefits company with a provider network in the U.S. CareCredit cardholders are eligible to enroll in what’s called the Vision Savings Pass, a no-extra-cost discount vision services program. Services include wellness exams, prescription glasses and LASIK surgery.

Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card

Annual Fee

Intro offer

Up to a $150 Amazon Gift Card instantly upon approval

Reward rate, Whole Foods Market, Whole Foods Market, Whole Foods Market, Whole Foods Market, Prime Membership*, 2% at gas stations and restaurants*, 1% on all purchases

Annual fee

Intro offer

Reward rate

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

The Complete List Of Cards Offered By Synchrony Bank

Credit cards from Synchrony Bank

  • Sam’s Club Mastercard

Synchrony Bank Store Cards

Amazon accepts Care Credit

9 January 2020

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

Amazon accepts Care Credit

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t accept Care Credit cards. You can, however, pay at Amazon with EBT for grocery items. Major retailers, such as Walmart, accept Care Credit payment.

Continue reading to find out more about Care Credit and how it works.

What Gas Stations Can I Use My Synchrony Car Care Credit Card At?

* Accepted at over 25,000 gas stations and auto service centers nationwide including Exxon and Mobil, Chevron and Texaco. Consolidate all of your repair and maintenance expenses to easily manage your car and truck needs.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

What Can I Purchase With My Care Credit Credit Card At Walmart?

Synchrony Bank is a partner with Walmart, which allows customers to purchase care credits at the various branches that fall under its medical tag. This includes pharmacy products, HBA, baby care products and Walmart-operated Vision Centers. When shopping for these items, remember to use your Care Credit card first.

Napa uses Synchrony Car Car Care

NAPA EasyPay is already proving to be a success in more than 5,000 NAPA branches! Synchrony Car Care’s NAPA EasyPay credit-card program helps customers pay for their automobiles with one card. It also provides solutions that go beyond consumer financing and can help you improve every facet of your business.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

What Cosmetics Does Carecredit Cover?

  • Cosmetics or aesthetics: Dysport, baxy cosmetics and xeomin.
  • Discovery’s episode of Peely.
  • Hair can be removed with the use of lasers.
  • An accident caused by a microscope.
  • The treatment consists of IPL and laser treatments.
  • The removal of tattoos is one of the most common procedures.
  • Cool effects for sculpting

What is Carecredit for Amazon?

Amazon currently does not accept Care Credit cards as a valid method of payment. Amazon doesn’t accept Care Credit cards. The card can be purchased at many Walgreens, Sam’s Club, and Walmart stores.

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit

What can I do with my Carecredit card to pay for gas?

You can use your CareCredit credit cards to make qualifying purchases in-store at Sam’s Clubs across America (exclusions Gas Stations,

Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead…)

Cardholders have the option to use Care Credit as a payment method for their health and well-being purchases, such as medical supplies and hygiene products.

  • Customers may be curious if will allow them to use their Amazon Care Credit, which is a wide range of health and wellness products. Read on to learn what I found out!
  • Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    Amazon Will Accept Care Credit in 2022

    Amazon will not accept Care Credit payment as an acceptable form of payment. Amazon offers SNAP EBT, which is a payment option that can be used to purchase groceries, vitamins, and other essential products at Whole Foods and Amazon Fresh locations. Care Credit cardholders may also use their card in Walgreens, Walmart, or similar stores.

  • Continue reading to find out more information about Amazon’s refusal to accept Care Credit. There are other payment options customers have access to on Amazon. Care Credit is also available.
  • Why Doesn’t Amazon Accept Care Credit?

    Amazon does not have any reason to refuse Care Credit.

    It is reasonable, however to conclude that Amazon does not offer enough Care Credit products for the card to be worth the purchase.

    Care Credit cardholders cannot purchase anything that is not essential for their health or well-being. This includes medicine, toiletries, formula, and other similar products. doesn’t carry many health products so the Care Credit card may not be considered an essential payment method.

    You can also use a Care Credit card instead.

    Care Credit cannot be used on by cardholders, but there are many retailers that will accept it as a payment option. These retail stores can be found as follows:

  • Duane Reade
  • Rite Aid
  • Sam’s Club
  • Walgreens
  • Walmart
  • Customer should be aware that Not All Stores Accept Care Credit. This is dependent upon the Manager of each particular store.

    Customers who aren’t sure if their Care Credit card is valid at these establishments in their locality are advised to contact customer service and clarify their doubts.

    Does Amazon Accept Care Credit In 2022? (Try This Instead...)

    What products can I purchase with my Care Credit Card?

    Customers who have Care Credit cards can shop at eligible stores to purchase essential items. These items are currently available for customers to use Care Credit.

  • Accessory for feeding/nursing
  • Furniture for baby
  • Product for Baby Hygiene
  • Baby wipes
  • Car seats
  • Diapers and training pants
  • Formula
  • Children’s nutrition
  • Safety devices
  • Produits for haircare
  • Products and services for shaving skin
  • Hearing aids made to order
  • Hörgehilfe batteries
  • Services at the Hearing Center
  • Sound amplifiers to aid hearing
  • Allergy medication
  • Asthma medication
  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Flu and cold medications
  • Digestive aids
  • Products designed for Family Planning
  • Products for first aid
  • Both hot and cold therapies
  • A pain reliever
  • Probiotics
  • Products for former smokers
  • Use sleep aids
  • Snoring aids
  • Supplements
  • Thermometers
  • Vitamins
  • Body wash and bar soap
  • Nail clippers for the toe
  • Cotton swabs
  • Dental care products
  • Deodorant
  • Face wash
  • Hygiene products for women
  • Hair regrowth products
  • Incontinence aids
  • Liquid soap
  • Co-pays
  • Deductibles
  • Supplies for diabetics
  • Prescription drugs
  • Contact lenses and case
  • Contact lens solution
  • Eye drops
  • Eye exams
  • Customers who own a Care Credit card can purchase the above mentioned items, in addition to a number of other qualifying products.

    Care Credit card holders cannot purchase items like alcohol, food, toiletries, housewares, tobacco or similar.

    For more information about Amazon’s payment method, please see our posts: Amazon accepting Afterpay? Amazon taking Apple Pay? Amazon taking American Express?

  • Conclusion
  • Amazon will not accept Care Credit at this time as a payment option. Amazon does offer SNAP, an alternative payment method, for essential food products in its branded grocery shops. Customers can also use it in other states.

    The Care Credit card cannot be used on by customers, but they are able to use it at Walgreens or Sam’s Club stores.

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