Is Superstore Based On Walmart?

Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

Walmart Inc.
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US$252.5 billion



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US$87.53 billion



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U.S.: 1,600,000



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From 2015 to March 2021 one relatable show got big laughs: Superstore, a 30-minute comedy that followed the lives and antics of a group of employees in a big box discount store.

  • Cloud 9 #1217 is the name of the store. It was unique in its character and relatability. That was because people compared it to their Walmart. What is Superstore’s relationship with Walmart? Learn more below.
  • Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

    Walmart Is Superstore?

    Cloud 9’s hypermarket, which is featured on the sitcom Superstore shares many similarities with Walmart. However no one involved in the series has publicly stated that Walmart is the source of this fictional location. Cloud 9 has elements that are both Walmart and Target. Target was named as a competition.

  • You can find out more about Cloud 9 where Superstore was filmed, and whether or not any creatives actually worked at a superstore.
  • Is Cloud 9 Real?

    Cloud 9 is the fictional hypermarket that Superstore portrays. It is not real, though it bears many resemblances to real big box chain stores.

    According to Superstore Wiki, Cloud 9 corporate has multiple locations worldwide.

    The company’s fictional employment policies leave much to be desired. Employees do not get paid for maternity leave, overtime, and health insurance.

    Cloud 9 employees are limited to one bathroom per shift. Lunch is only provided for 15 minutes.

    The main headquarters controls the temperature, lighting, and music for all individual stores, much like a real corporate office.

    Cloud 9 is similar to Walmart’s Great Value. It started out as Halo. Later, it became SuperCloud.

    Walmart Superstore Author:

    It isn’t clear if any of these writers or producers worked at Walmart. However, they did consult with OUR Walmart.

    OUR Walmart is now called United4Respect. It’s a labor advocacy non-profit that advocates for greater equity and equality in retail employment.

    Composed of both former and current employees, it’s no wonder OUR Walmart/United4Respect was able to help the creators at Superstore portray ultra-realistic scenarios.

    Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

    Is Superstore Filmed In An Actual Store?

  • Superstore was never filmed in an actual Walmart, but the first seasons did film inside an operational K-Mart!
  • Showbiz Cheatsheet says that many actors mistook them for employees.

    The first season was a huge success. Production moved to Universal Studios in California on a 3-story soundstage.

    Walmart Supercenters are approximately 182,000 square foot in size, though the build was clearly not large enough.

    The crew set up in approximately 22,000 square feet and used mirrors to give the illusion of a huge building. The store appears to stretch on forever because of this.

    The scanners and checkout registers in the Fresh & Easy store are real and were repurposed.

    Superstore: Are the Products Real?

    Superstore is a great place to shop, as you’ll see many well-known brands.

    Superstore and these brands have entered into clearance agreements that allow them to put their labels on the screens.

    In fact, some commenters on a Quora thread believe the brands might have even paid Superstore for the product placement.

    Cloud 9’s brand products make these set pieces seem more real when they are combined with each other.

    And it only adds to the unnerving familiarity of Cloud 9, compared to the real Walmart stores we all visit.

    You can find out more information about Walmart by checking if Walmart is a part of Wayfair and whether Walmart offers a tax-exempt plan. Also, check if Walmart accepts VSP and EyeMed.

  • Conclusion
  • Cloud 9 and Superstore’s employees feel like they are taking on Walmart. However, none of their creators has made any official statements confirming this.

    That’s smart, I think, because Superstore speaks about the common experience of every retail worker, regardless of whether they’re at Walmart, Target, or any other department store.

    Cloud Nine Superstore: Is it Real?

    The Cloud 9 Superstore is a fictional hypermarket discount store.

    Are Superstores Based on Real Stories?

    The cast of Superstore is friendly in real life As it turns out, that get-together happened in real life, with COVID-19 precautions in place. According to Variety, the cast had a socially distanced wrap and watch party in Ferrera’s backyard after filming concluded.Apr 8, 2021

    Cloud 9 Stores Are There?

    Cloud 9 is a big box retail store chain with its headquarters in Chicago, Illinois. Its website is

    .Is Superstore Based On Walmart? (Is Cloud 9 Real + More)

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