Viori Review

Viori Review

viori review

Viori Beauty Product Review

Happy Sunday wanderers and welcome back to another blogpost. Viori Beauty was a brand I had introduced to you over on my Instagram account a little more than a month back. My values are very aligned to the company and it is why I share these products with my followers.

These products are eco-friendly and vegan. The company is woman owned and majorly inspired by the culture of the Red Yao tribe of the Longsheng Valley in China. The local women of this tribe are well known for their healthy long hair that does not go gray with age. It is the number one secret of hair health. Rice water

Viori Beauty makes eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner bars with rice water sourced from the Longsheng Valley to stimulate the economy in this remote village. This community also receives 5% from the company’s profits. You can watch the video below to find out more about Viori‚Äôs mission.

Viori Beauty was gracious enough to give me samples so I could try them all. It was beautiful, but it is plastic-free. On IGTV, I filmed an unboxing clip where I showed the products and gave my initial impressions. For each product, I received a shampoo bar and conditioner bar.

Now that I have been testing these products for a month’s time I feel confident I can provide an honest review. Are these products really worth the effort? Yes! I think they are great and are very reasonably priced for how long they last. Every third day, I washed my hair and, after about a month (about 10 washes), I still had at least half the amount of each bar.

These conditioners are of the same quality as regular shampoos. Because I couldn’t imagine conditioner being solid, I was skeptical about the conditioner bar. It would likely suds up like a shampoo and conditioner, which is something I don’t enjoy. That was not true, I was surprised. When you work the conditioner bar into your hands and hair it slides off in a traditional conditioning cream like consistency.

Hidden Waterfall Shampoo Bar

viori review

What’s Viori Shampoo?

Viori Shampoo has the perfect pH balance for the hair. Viori Shampoo offers a variety of shampoos and shampoos.

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You can find shampoo bars with a variety of scents, such as a citrus shampoo bar or hidden waterfall shampoobar, terra garden shampoo bar, native essence hair shampoo bar, and others. There are also conditional waterfall bars and a citrus conditioner.

Shampoos come with 100% vegan benefits and can moisturise, regrowth, and reinforce hair. Viori Shampoo Reviews has found some shampoo-related blogs on its website. All shampoos have a price of 13 US Dollars.

viori review

Pros And Cons

It seemed like a good idea to make a short pros and cons section about this Viori shampoo bar review.

Hair feels, looks and smells amazing. -Smell could be a little stronger, but it is definitely really nice as it is still, especially during washing So basically, Viori has you covered from amazing hair care to the storage of it, helping you look lovely and feel good about your purchase in many ways.

Of course if there is anything besides what is in this post you want to know, or if you want to share your own experience, simply post below.


viori review

Reviews for Viori Hair

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viori review

Viori Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews Of Viori.Com

Viori is a great shampoo and… Viori is a great shampoo and conditioner! This shampoo is a wonderful scent and gives my hair a silky softness that I don’t get from other products. The rice water is what makes it so popular. It’s been used in many countries around the world for years. You will love it! Advertisement Carly Lormand 2 Reviews US May 27, 2021. See More Details Viori Shampoo Bars Review. Read First, then Buy. Viori Shampoo Reviews. Healthy hair. Moisturize your hair. You can give your hair more shine and strength. You can increase the volume and shine of your hair. You can reduce scalp dryness, and dandruff. Restores hair and roots that are damaged. You can improve the hair’s texture. Ship to Canada or the USA at no extra cost. 100% vegan. Best for every hair type. The cons of purchasing…

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VIORISHAMPOO&CONDITIONERBARS REVIEWAFTER 1 MOTH… Is An Online Wig Shop Safe Payment. Buyer protection. Long Wigs, Short Wigs. Shop Name Brand Hairpieces, Hair Toppers and Extensions at up to 60% Off

Viori Reviews USA 2021

Honestly, thank you Viori. When my hair is neat and manageable, I feel happier and more in control. The cost is reasonable considering the amount of products I had previously purchased. I used to have issues with dandruff too but some how that problem has disappeared as well.

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viori review

Viori Shampoo Bar – Reviews | Makeupalley

Viori Shampoo Bar has been rated 5/5 by MakeupAlley. Photo and 3 review by member.

See more details 6 Best Shampoo Bars I’ve Tried and Loved I had horrible dandruff in the past and oily roots. HiBar was a great product. My hair has become super shiny, soft, and free from dandruff.

Viori Shampoo Bar Review –

It seemed like a good idea to create a pros and cons section on this Viori shampoo bar review. Cons: The hair feels amazing and smells great.

viori review

Viori Reviews – 1 Review Of Viori.Com | Sitejabber

Viori has a consumer rating of 5 stars from 1 review indicating that most customers are generally satisfied with their purchases. Viori is ranked 190th in the Hair Care category. 100% positive feedback (last 12 month) Positive.

This is my FAVORITE hair shampoo! // Viori Review – YouTube

The best part about sustainable products is when they don’t make sense to me. Viori helps me forget its su…

Shampoo Bars That Work

Lush are known for their bath bombs.

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viori review

Viori Reviews | Read Customer Service Reviews Of Viori.Com

Viori Hidden Waterfall conditioner and shampoo seem to provide the right amount of moisture and protein for my hair. My hair is now in the best condition ever. My hair is silky and soft after using the light cream gel. I do the subscription and have it shipped every 2 months and i never run out.

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VIORI Shampoo Bars | All-Natural Longsheng Rice Shampoo

Red Yao women have used powerful hair care rituals for more than 2,000 years. They have relied on Longsheng Rice cultivation to prevent their hair from graying. Viori handcrafts our shampoo and conditioner bars using the same ancient rituals as well as natural ingredients.

Viori Beauty Products Review The Vegan Wanderess

They smell incredible and the quality is on par with traditional hair care products. Although I use heat protector and separate leave-in conditioners, I’d love for Viori to curate these products. Viori products are comparable in quality to traditional conditioners and shampoos, however they do not match their quality.

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What is the Lifespan of a Viori Shampoo Bar?

Shampoo bars can last you for 30-60 washes. You can also use them to help the environment. They are recyclable and can be recycled.

Is there a Viori Hidden waterfall that smells like?

Vanilla-scented vanilla-scented bars with a musky and sweet aroma, reminiscent of hidden Longsheng water falls. They’re handcrafted from Longsheng Rice as well as natural ingredients and beauty rituals, which have been used by the Red Yao over centuries.

Can Bar Shampoo Cause Your Hair to Fall Out

Shampoo bars made up of mainly natural ingredients do not contain any SLS/SLES. … It can also dry out your hair, and contribute to hair loss, especially if you shampoo every day!Mar 23, 2014

Which shampoo is best for dry hair?

Citrus Yao is great for hair that’s oily or dry. Citrus Yao, in addition to the many benefits offered by our bars, also contains citrus which reduces sebum. Oct 13, 2020

.Viori Review