Titleist T100 Review

Titleist T100 Review

titleist t100 review

Titleist T100 And T100S Irons Verdict

Jordan Spieth uses the Titleist T100 irons. He is, in my view, the third-best iron player after Collin Morikawa or Tiger Woods. Spieth was so confident in his new irons, he placed them in the bag to finish runner up.

This is a great statement from someone like Spieth. He’s suggesting you can make the same shots with a blade as with a blade but have the extra help to correct any mishits.

Considering that I wasn’t completely convinced by the first generation of the T100s irons as I couldn’t get the desired launch to optimise my carry distance, I was really impressed by the upgrades to the model and it ended up being my favourite iron of the whole range this time around.

While I hadn’t noticed much of a difference in the T100s from 2020, the T100s felt stronger. Perhaps all of the new weighting for tungsten in the correct area seemed to have helped my poor shots a little bit.

The Open was proof of my passion for irons. I looked in Adam Scott’s bag and saw that he was using the T100 with both a 2nd and 3rd iron.

Were They Designed for?

T100 is the most requested iron model on PGA Tour.

titleist t100 review

Titleist 2021 T100 Irons Review – Unrivaled Precision?

Paul Club Reviews, Golf Product Reviews and Comments No Comments This review will focus on the Titleist T100 Iron 2021.

In 2019, Titleist released the T100. The goal was to offer premium Tour performance, slim looks, and great forgiveness.

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Titleist is updating the T100 in 2021 with improved performance, turf interaction and feel. This was based on feedback from top players around the globe.

It is intended to offer the highest level of precision, control and feed. It is not easy to see how it works in the real world. How realistic is it for a golfer to carry these items in his bag?

Here’s a review that will answer many of your questions. This is what I will be covering.

Features Technologies Performance Sound, Look, & Feel Where You Can Buy These Irons On-line Final Thoughts

Continue reading to learn everything you need to be a informed buyer.

titleist t100 review

Titleist T100 Irons Review

Independent Golf Reviews founder and chief author. This is my official review for the Titleist T100 Irons.

I have used this set for five rounds and the scores are great.

These are my thoughts about the T100 Irons’ performance and experience.

In 2011, I reviewed the Titleist “new” Titleist 718 irons. The irons represented a change in the Titleist traditional design. They became for me, the benchmark by which irons should be measured. Titleist started to redesign and rename its club lines last year. It started with the woods and now the irons. They are now T irons. The T irons replace the AP irons. This is a good idea. Since the AP2 were players irons, the AP1 was more game improvement while the AP3 had yet more. It all seemed a bit jumbled. T100 now represents the most advanced design irons. Despite this name change, T100 is still my gold standard for comparing new irons.

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Titleist always asks that I get fit before they just place clubs in my hand to test. This is a fantastic way to ensure that they have the best product available for me. This time, I was unable to coordinate with a Titleist fitter so I just went to the PGA Superstore. Their fitting carts and launch monitors were all ready. With the Titleist T100 I first hit a few shafts, and then the T200 followed with some more. The T100 and DG AMT White S300 were a perfect match. However the “fitter” kept trying to get me into the T200 because they were longer. I tried to tell him I wasn’t after distance. Dispersion for me is the goal. T100 iron shots were in a tight circle. They are shorter but not as tight. It’s not surprising, considering the T200 irons have stronger lofts that are designed to travel further. One degree lower was more comfortable for my swing than one degree higher. The numbers displayed on the launch monitor were therefore perfect.

A week later, the Titleist T100 irons were delivered and they are so clean inside their bags. They reworked the look and cavity design of the T100 irons for a clean, slightly techy, yet compact design. The multi-material weighting is great and they fit the iron in a compact way. These irons are not as compact as the CB and MB irons but they are still very easy to use. T100 has a very small badge with minimal coloring. It is also quite attractive considering Tungsten’s CG manipulation.

It has to be the main design. The sole was softened by Titleist after they listened to the player feedback. This softens the turf interaction by softer edges, smoother trails and a rounder sole. This is the thing that first struck me on the T100-equipped course was the way the irons cut into and out of the turf. These are much more round than those of the AP2 line, with a wider sole and greater camber. This is great for tight fairways as well as in the long rough. While I often talk about the hard AZ turf, post overseed season can be really soft. Fairways and rye grass are very soft. The fairways can be too watery to allow the course to dry. I liked how these irons were versatile for both hard and soft turf.

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.Titleist T100 Review