Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

purple hybrid mattress review

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review: Unconventional, Yet Comfortable For All

Purple Hybrid mattresses offer the same Purple feeling, but are more sturdy and supportive.

Purple Hybrids come from the same company as Hyper-Elastic Pomer and the Purple Hybrid Original. In fact, Purple offers three different hybrid beds , appropriately named the Purple Hybrid , and the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and 4 . Below in this Purple Hybrid mattress review, I’ll dive into the different reasons why you may want one over the other, and if they’re worth their price in general. Continue reading to learn if the Purple Hybrid mattress might be right for you.

Purple Hybrid also called the Purple 2 is the thinnest hybrid option and measures 11 inches. This hybrid is also more firm than the two other models, making it ideal for stomach or back sleepers. It is also the most inexpensive mattress in the Purple Hybrid range.

Purple Hybrid Premier, also known as Purple 3 was 12 inches tall with a more thick Hyper-Elastic polymer comfort layer. This makes it feel a bit softer and lands around a medium to medium-firm on the scale. This bed is suitable for all types of sleeping positions including side sleepers.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is the most expensive of the Purple hybrid beds, but it’s a whopping 13 inches thick and is extra supportive. It has the same profile as the Purple Hybrid Premier 3 and is medium to firm. We think this bed would be suitable for all types of bodies.

purple hybrid mattress review

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SHOP HERE The Purple brand has been a success with its Purple Grid comfort layers. This layer uses a hyper-elastic polymer material constructed into a grid pattern. The walls of this grid can collapse and spring back to respond to changes in pressure.

Purple offers three models of its main mattresses: the Purple Mattress; the Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress; and the Purple Mattress.

Purple Hybrid Premier and Purple Hybrid Premier are the most popular all-foam models. The Purple Hybrid is the brand’s flagship model.

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Purple Hybrids use a comfort layer of 2-inch thickness. Two grid options are available on the Purple Hybrid Premier Premier: 3 inches and 4 inches. Purple Hybrid Premier is the luxury version of Purple due to its extra-thick comfort layers.

Here are the details on the Purple Hybrid Premier’s construction, size, performance, as well as key policies. You can read our detailed review to learn more about these models and help you choose the one that is best for your needs.

purple hybrid mattress review

Purple Hybrid Mattress

Purple may be a familiar brand to you, either through their mattresses or the hilarious mattress ads they’ve produced. You know the ones that have mom Sasquatch or egg testing? A classic!

The Purple Hybrid Mattress is a unique and exciting bed. We are excited to give you the inside scoop in our Purple Hybrid Mattress review. Purple’s hybrid mattress offers more support and durability than the flagship model. This review will focus on Purple Hybrid. However, they also offer several other mattresses. We have provided links to some of their reviews here.

Our favorite thing about Purple 2 Hybrid mattresses:

The Purple 2 Hybrid for some types of sleepers is definitely worth it.

You get the best of both worlds thanks to its hybrid design, and it provides an excellent night of sleep for all types of sleepers.

This is a brief reminder that Purple’s hybrid beds still have the same names, but are called differently now. Purple Hybrid Premier has the New Purple 2 as the new name, while the New Purple 3 (and New Purple 4) are the Purple Hybrid Premier.

Although the above chart is a good explanation of the Hybrid Premier and Hybrid Premier differences, it’s not all there. There are still many things to be learned. You should also note that Purple Hybrid is on our top ten list for most comfy mattresses of 2018.

purple hybrid mattress review

What makes this special?

Purple’s Smart Comfort Grid is designed to conform to your body and prevent excess sinkage. This technology offers the comfort of memory foam mattresses with the absence of the firm hugging feel. The sensation feels more like floating.

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Purple Grid’s breathable top layer keeps even the hottest sleepers cool, while innerspring support layers keep them comfortable.

Innerspring coils paired with the responsive Purple Grid create an impressively supportive and durable mattress. So even plus-sized sleepers can feel supported.

Purple produces the Purple Hybrid Premier mattress, previously called the Purple 3 or Purple 4. Similar to the Hybrid mattress, these mattresses have one distinction: they contain a thicker Purple Grid comfort layer that gives you a more comfortable feel and better pressure relief.

What We Did to Score the Purple Hybrid. Although we haven’t been able test it in our Mattress Advisor laboratory yet, we did provide scores for different categories related to customer satisfaction. Watch out, we’ll soon be updating this review with MA test scores.

Test Score of the Mattress Advisor (Out Of 10)

Shipping 7

purple hybrid mattress review

Purple Hybrid Prime Review: What is the Best Cooling Mattress for You?

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The original Purple mattress took the bedding-in-a box industry by storm when it was released. Purple Gel Grid, its distinctive purple feel, colorful advertising, and unique design made it a popular product. It established Purple as a dominant player in the online mattress space, a mantle it maintains to this day.

Now, the company boasts a number of other high-end, high-comfort mattress products, many of which use that same revolutionary grid. Purple Hybrid Premier being one of them. To see our thoughts on the Purple Hybrid Premier, we tested the version 3″.

purple hybrid mattress review

How I Tested

It was comfortable and I did sleep on it. The bed has been with us for around six months. Apart from the two night that I slept on the sofa downstairs while the baby was being fussy, our husband and I have each slept on the bed every night since its arrival.

For consistency in reviewing and testing mattress, I consulted SELF’s archive on sleep. I also reached out W. Chris Winter MD, a sleep medicine and neurology specialist who wrote The Sleep Solution: Why your Sleep Is Broken. Michael J. Breus Ph.D. is a Clinical Psychologist and Diplomate of The American Board of Sleep Medicine. He is also a Fellow of The American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

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You can see the full criteria and testing recommendations here . Below are my thoughts on how the Purple Hybrid Premier performed for each of the expert-informed criteria for testing mattresses.

Purple Mattresses: Why Are They Bad?

Purple mattresses collapse under heavy bodies when they are rolled down. The Purple mattress will protect the back and sides of light sleepers. However, this may lead to uneven alignment and discomfort for stomach or hip-stretching for heavy people.

What is the life expectancy of purple hybrid mattresses?

The Purple Grid is very durable, making this a great long-lasting mattress (it should last about 7 to 10 years). It’s a great value mattress, at just $1299.00 for a Queen Purple mattress. Due to its unique nature, this mattress will likely appeal to certain sleepers.

What Does the Purple Hybrid Mattress Say About Its Sagging?

Purple customers have reported that their mattresses began to slide after just a few months. The result is that these customers suffer from increased neck, shoulder and back pain. … These hybrid mattresses are made up of pocketsed innersprings and polyurethane foam, which provide additional support and durability.

How is The Purple Hybrid mattress good for your back?

Purple mattresses are best for people with back problems. Purple maintains the alignment of your spine, so that you don’t sink to the mattress. This is a common problem with foam beds. … Hot sleepers. Purple’s grid-based layer allows for a great deal of airflow. This is similar to what you would get with an innerspring or hybrid mattress. Aug 24, 2021

.Purple Hybrid Mattress Review

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