Purple 3 Mattress Review

Purple 3 Mattress Review

purple 3 mattress review

What does the Purple 3 Mattress feel like?

Uniquely, Purple 3’s mattress feels gel-like. It is possible to feel the layer of polymer that covers the bed compress, fold, and mold your body as you sleep. It feels almost like floating, or being buoyant. The Hyper-Elastic Polymer is unique in that it’s pressure-relieving yet supportive. Purple 3 mattresses reviewer say that the Hyper-Elastic Polymer is one of the rare mattress options where pressure relief can be combined with support.

The responsive nature of polymer and bounce of coils make it very easy for active sleepers to move between positions.

To test it, you can visit the site. You won’t get the exact design but this model should give you an idea.

Purple mattresses 3 is a medium-firm mattress on the firmness scale. It’s hard to give a rating for Purple beds.

purple 3 mattress review

Purple Hybrid Mattress Review. Unconventional and Yet Comfortable for Everyone

Purple Hybrid Mattress delivers that same Purple Feel, with a stronger and more supportive construction.

From the company that gave you Hyper-Elastic Polymer and the original Purple bed comes the big-and-sturdy Purple Hybrid mattresses. Purple has three types of hybrid beds, appropriately named Purple Hybrid Premier 3 or Purple Hybrid Premier 4. Below in this Purple Hybrid mattress review, I’ll dive into the different reasons why you may want one over the other, and if they’re worth their price in general. Find out if Purple Hybrid mattresses are right for your needs.

Purple Hybrid (also known as Purple 2) is 11 inches in thickness. It’s firmer than the previous two hybrids and ideal for stomach- or back sleepers. With that said, it’s the most affordable mattress from the Purple Hybrid series.

Purple Hybrid Premier, also known as Purple 3 was 12 inches tall with a more thick Hyper-Elastic polymer comfort layer. The Purple Hybrid Premier is slightly softer than the previous name, which lands at a medium-firm to medium-firm level. It is ideal for side and back sleepers.

The Purple Hybrid Premier 4 is the most expensive of the Purple hybrid beds, but it’s a whopping 13 inches thick and is extra supportive. Like the Purple Hybrid Premier 3, it has a medium to medium-firm profile, and we think it would suit all body types.

purple 3 mattress review

Purple Hybrid Prime Review: What is the Best Cooling Mattress for You?

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When the original Purple mattress was launched, it took the bed-in-a-box bedding industry by storm. Its colorful ads, distinctive feel and Purple Gel grid made the mattress a hit. Purple became a major player in online mattresses, an image it still holds to this day.

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Many other products from the company are high-end, luxurious, and offer high comfort. The Purple Hybrid Premier is one example. This Purple Hybrid Premier mattress is a combination of a 3 inch and a 4 inch model.

purple 3 mattress review

Our Purple Mattresses Deals are Exclusively for Sleepfoundation Members

SHOP NOW Purple made its name with the Purple Grid comfort layer. This layer is composed of a highly elastic polymer material that has been arranged in a grid. This grid’s walls can either collapse or spring back depending on pressure changes.

Purple makes three major mattress models, the Purple Mattress and Purple Hybrid Premier Mattress.

Purple Hybrid Premier is the flagship all-foam product of the company, and Purple Hybrid Premier uses a hybrid design which combines the Purple Grid comfort layer with an inner coil.

Purple Hybrid makes use of a 2-inch comfort layer. Purple Hybrid Premier has two thickness options: 3 inches and 4 inches. Because of this extra-thick comfort layer, the Purple Hybrid Premier is considered Purple’s luxury model.

We’ll detail the construction, sizing, performance, and key policies pertaining to the Purple Hybrid and the Purple Hybrid Premier. We have an in-depth review that will provide you with additional information to help you decide the best option for you.

purple 3 mattress review

Browse Purple 3 Customer Reviews

Purple 3 mattress Since I purchased the purple 3 mattress, my sleep has been much better. This mattress has been a huge hit with me.

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purple 3 mattress review

Purple Mattress

Is it something we would recommend? Purple’s Purple Grid is only for you if it feels good to you. We don’t recommend it for people who weigh more than 200 pounds.

What the gel foam feels like: Because it is hollowed into a grid, the gel foam gives off a lighter feel than memory or polyfoam. The columns of gel foam buckle under body weight, so you feel cradled but, as one tester explained, also “buoyed up.” It’s hard to pinpoint the firmness level. Unimpressed tester stated, “How does this feel soft and firm all at once?” It is the worst of both.” We like it: Because of its open columns and gel-foam top, Purple sleeps cooler than other memory-foam mattress types. This benefit may be particularly attractive to people who know they sweat when they sleep on memory foam. Purple was the top-rated mattress for isolating motion in group testing. This could make it a great choice if your partner wakes up frequently.

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The Purple can also be found at many of the over 2,500 Mattress Firm locations across the country, in select Macy’s department stores, and elsewhere. This allows you to try the mattress before buying (which is what we highly recommend). To see if the Purple mattress is available in your area, visit Purple’s website.

We don’t love: The bed was chosen by blind testers as the least favourite in a 2018 blind testing of 17 mattresses. They criticized the mattress for its strange texture and “weird” ridges. However, we did find better edge support with more expensive mattresses.

The durability of Purple Grid’s top layer is not known so we aren’t sure how the mattress will perform over time. Owner reviews have complained about quality degradation and sagging. That said, the middle and bottom polyfoam layers seem fine at 1.8 and 2 pounds per cubic foot, respectively, they’re right in the range of what experts believe to be durable. A Purple staffer’s wife and he, who have had it for about three years now, are happy with the Purple. His wife, who is around 130 pounds, weighs in at 180 pounds. They have not noticed any body indentations and sagging.

purple 3 mattress review

Purple Top Owner-Review Feedback

Each of the 96 reviews, made between 2017 and 2019, that we analyzed for the Purple Mattress contained multiple comments, for a total of 43 positive and 261 negative comments. This list contains the most frequent issues.

A while back, we wanted to know what Purple mattresses were being rated by people. Between 2017 and 2019, we collected 96 genuine reviews online. The comments show some trends, despite being a small sample. The most striking thing is the number of complaints that are repeated, in order, as deterioration or premature sagging and quality. Out of 96 reviewers, 36 about 38% had one or both of these problems.

If we filter for reviews that have been with the mattress at least 1 year, then the percentage of those who experience deterioration or premature sagging increased to just slightly over 75% (16 out 21). Weighing the mattress owners did not seem to have any bearing on this. If we filter for weights of owners, regardless of whether they have owned the mattress for more than 12 years, five owners who had a total of over 200 lbs. complained about the sagging of their mattress. However eight owners who weighed under 200 pound raised the exact same concerns.

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To be positive, only 10 out of 43 comments mentioned “didn’t have a good night sleep”. Out of 261 comments, only six described the mattress being too hot. This suggests heat retention doesn’t pose a major problem compared to other issues that have been reported by owners. Although the Purple mattress hasn’t seen major improvements since that time, we will soon update this guide to include more current feedback.

purple 3 mattress review

Purple Mattress Comparisons

Jennifer Chesak, Medically Reviewed by MattressFinder. Last updated September 30, 2020. Purple Mattress Purple Purple Hybrid Purple Premium Other factors Purple Purple Purple Hybrid Purple Vs. Purple Hybrid Purple Hybrid Premier Purple Hybrid vs. What is Hybrid Premier Purple?

Purple doesn’t offer foam mattresses. Although Purple may sell foam mattresses, the beds don’t feel or look like memory foam.

In this Purple mattress review, we touch on design, comfort, firmness, price, and the main reasons to buy or not buy a Purple bed.

Furthermore, the site provides a comparison of all models. We also compare Purple Hybrid Premier to Purple Hybrid Hybrid.

Simply put, purple mattresses are now available in hybrid versions that have additional support and coils.

To clarify, Purple Hybrid was once called Purple 2. The Purple Hybrid Premier’s two thicknesses were Purple 3 and Purple 4. These beds have not been modified.

They will all be referred to in this guide as their new names.

Purple 3, 4 or 5 is better for side-sleepers?

Side sleepers will like the Purple 3 and 4 while the Purple 4 will be the most plush out of them all. If you are a hot sleeper, Purple can be a good choice. Also, the unique polymer grid at the top of the mattress that gives it its distinctive look is very breathable. Feb 21, 2018,

Purple Mattresses really are that amazing?

Purples should be supportive for those who sleep on their stomachs. It is actually the best mattress for lightweight sleepers who prefer something firm. Purple is an original mattress which is suitable for all sleeping positions. It doesn’t get hot and is very comfortable.

.Purple 3 Mattress Review

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