Hyperice Review

Hyperice Review

hyperice review

Are You Looking for a Hypervolt review in 2021

What’s the point of a Hypervolt regular (or regular, if that suits you) review in 2021. Simply put, it is 2021. And a lot has changed since 2018.

Hypervolt is a vibrational therapy device.

For one, not many people back then knew much about percussive treatment (apart form Theragun, of course). The recovery method everyone talked about was vibrational therapy.

So, while Hypervolt hasn’t done much to alter their original product (except add Bluetooth connectivity to it, as far as we know), the market has changed significantly.

It is no longer possible to use vibrational therapy. Everyone now wants to try percussive.

But the problem with the Hypervolt is that it isn’t really a percussive gadget. In fact, it wasn’t intended to be. Instead, it was promoted as a vibration therapy tool. Despite this, percussive therapy seems to be the preferred method of choice for everyone. There are hundreds upon hundreds of percussive device brands.

Hyperice and Theragun did not get enough exposure for these brands. Some are very unique and have much to offer. We’ve already written extensively about some of their products in previous posts.

hyperice review

Hyperice Hypervolt Review

Gregory Minnis DPT/Physical Therapy Medically reviewed. Kristina galea wrote the following: Percussion Massage Brand Overview Safety Hypervolt models Pros, and cons Summary. We list products we consider useful to our readers. You may make small commissions by purchasing through these links.

Hyperice Hypervolt massage guns, which are small handheld instruments, can be used by people to alleviate muscle pain, tension, or soreness. Percussive therapy may suit people who exercise regularly, as it may also promote flexibility and aid muscle recovery.

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Hyperice is able to offer three distinct models of massagers, each with its own unique features. It is important that people carefully follow the instructions on how to use these devices, as they have the potential to cause injuries with incorrect use.

This article discusses the Hyperice brand and the three Hypervolt massage guns. This article also discusses the benefits and drawbacks of these products and offers suggestions for other brands.

hyperice review

This Tool is Better than A Foam Roller:

The foam roller is being replaced by modern-day tools for recovery. Foam rollers are used to provide myofascial relaxation. You can massage fascia by rolling the tubes or balls under your skin. This is the skin around your muscles that becomes irritated or tightened when you’re overworked or stressed.

While research has not been done, one study published by the International Journal of Sports Physical Therapy indicated that foam rolling can reduce muscle tightness while allowing for greater motion. It is worth noting, however that foam rolling requires more force to affect the muscle and fascia.

This brings us to the second reason why a massager is superior than a foam roller. Hyperice, Theragun, and Theragun brands offer more strength than traditional foam rolls. With these products, you can immediately feel a vibration and pulse in your area. This tool is also more powerful because it doesn’t require you to have your own weight. Instead, you simply point the gun and go.

Hyperice actually created the Vyper 2.0, PS189, which utilizes percussive treatment to make the most powerful vibrating exercise roller in the world. It features all of the benefits associated with foam-rolling but amplified through powerful vibration.

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hyperice review

Hyperice Ict Review — Ice, Compression And Mobility

We are pleased to present a series on Hyperice’s pre- and post-workout recoveries. In total, five Hyperice products are being reviewed. The links will be posted to each product as we review them. We have previously shown a preview of the full Hyperice product line. Now it is time to dive deeper into the Hyperice ICT knee after applying the release valve. This will ensure the most comfortable compression and icing possible.

There were reasons I decided to test the Hyperice products when I was working on my review. Both my wife (a runner, now a fitness instructor, who taught 45-50+ classes each month before COVID), and I, a biker/runner, have our own aches and hurts. Our knees are a frequent source of pain, especially when running long distances during quarantine.

Past attempts at wrapping frozen gel packs with ziplock bags or with ice have resulted in ice packs wrapped with ACE wraps. These options were not great. There were several problems with the gel ice bags. They didn’t seem cold enough and they remained wet in ziplock bags. Also, the ice packets wouldn’t fit into the bag well. The Hyperice ICT knee has fixed all these issues.

It was very easy to use. You can remove the compression wrap from the ice cell for cleaning. The largemouth cap makes it easy to fill the ice container with water. You could probably fit at most golf ball size ice in the ice cell, if needed. The most ice I ever filled it with was a full tray from the freezer, which was more than needed, and there was still plenty of room left.

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The ice-cell fits inside the neoprene wrap.

Now, place the ice crystal and wrap the compression band around it. You wrap the elastic neoprene around your knees and place compression around it. The ice cell was always placed where I wanted it to be, so I used the middle and top straps, followed by the bottom and the top. Finally, I adjusted the wrap as needed. This is where the ice cell really sets itself apart from other ice packs. After tightening your straps, release air by pressing the button at the cap.

Air was not released from an ice cell before it.

Is Hyperice really effective?

Hyperice – Hypervolt Vibration Massage Device – Cordless – Silver/Black. 96% recommend the product to friends.

What’s the #1 Best Massage Gun

Best massage gun: HoMedics Pro Physio Massage Gun.Runner-up massage gun: MuscleGun Carbon.Best premium massage gun: Theragun PRO Massage Gun.Best compact massage gun for your kit bag: Hyperice Hypervolt Go.Best massage gun for gym-goers: Theragun Elite.More items…*26 Nov 2021

Where should I use hyperice?

Hyperice Hypervolt massage guns, which are portable devices from Hyperice, may be used to relieve pain. They may also improve range of motion if people use them as part of their warmup before exercising. However, further research is necessary to establish the full effects of percussive therapy.25 May 2021

.Hyperice Review

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