2024 Ultimate Bones Coffee Review: Best Flavors Ranked & Compared!

Dive into our comprehensive 2024 Bones Coffee review! Explore the top-ranked flavors and see why Bones Coffee Company reviews rave about their unique blends. Find out if they live up to the hype and discover your next favorite brew. Click to read the full story!

Bones Coffee Review

bones coffee review

Bones Coffee Review

Amy Hyslop

Last Updated On January 27, 2021

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The power of coffee makes the earth turn. A person who can handle a caffeine addiction will understand the crucial role that coffee plays in any functioning society. Tea and coffee are the two most loved beverages in the world.

A widely used beverage, such as coffee, has resulted in a large variety of products and styles.

The internet runs thick with coffee distributors trying to carve out their niche in a competitive market. Bones Coffee, with its inventive approach to roasting or flavoring, has grown to be a leading player.

In this review, we’ll talk about what makes Bones Coffee special and where it has room for improvement. You can learn more about them here.

bones coffee review

Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Cups

Jamaican Me Crazy Coffee Cups contain medium-roasted Arabica beans. They have the perfect combination of vanilla, caramel and coffee liqueur flavors.

That sounds incredible! It’s like waking up in the morning to a beautiful view and a cup of Bones Coffee.

Bones Coffee Jamaican Me Crazy cups can be recycled 100%, so it’s good for the planet and you.

You can either grab the single-serve 12-count coffee pods at $14, or you could join the club for just $13. It will take you back to a tropical island from the moment you sip your first cup.

bones coffee review

Bones Coffee Review

To review this blend, I purchased the Bones Coffee sample bags that contain 4oz each of the Maple Bacon Strawberry Cheesecake and Highland Grog flavors. You will feel energized for what’s to come when you open individual bags of the freshly roasted coffee beans.

The sweet hint of the Strawberry Cheesecake flavor is one that anyone with a sweet tooth will love, particularly younger coffee drinkers.

Maple Bacon medium roast speciality coffee contains more maple than bacon. However, the bacon flavour makes it great for breakfast.

S’morey Time combines chocolatey goodness and marshmallows to create a warm evening that truly captures the fireside.

Highland Grog is a Scottish-inspired flavored coffee. It promises to deliver a Scottish touch of butterscotch, caramel, and more. The flavor is a bit confusing, so it’s my least favorite. However, the blend is very enjoyable and has smooth rich flavor.

A great addition to cakes is the Sinn-O-Bunn because of its warmth and comfort.

bones coffee review

Bones coffee flavors ranked and reviewed

Bones Coffee has been my daily coffee drink for the past three years. It was high time I reviewed the different Bones Coffee flavors and ranked them.

There are so many flavor options, it can be difficult to make a decision. Thankfully, Bones Coffee offers sample packs where you choose five flavors for $29.99. Each 4oz. sample comes in a box. The coffee can be ground, whole or ground.

The cost per ounce will be about 25% more but it is well-worth it for the best flavors.

Not all flavors available at once. Of course, everyone’s tastes will be different!

Take $5.00 off with this coupon

bones coffee review

Bones Coffee Review 2021: Should You Try It?

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Bones Coffee may have the coolest packaging art of any coffee brand. The flavor names are also very fun. But it’s what’s on the inside that counts, especially with a bag of coffee.

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Ready to learn how Bones Coffee ranks against premium brands like flavored coffees, or other coffees of the highest quality? Great! Bones coffee is great!

My ultimate goal? To find out whether Bones coffee worth purchasing.

bones coffee review

Bones Coffee Review #1 – Electric Unicorn

Varden Frias Aug 26, 2020 *3 min read Man, do I love my coffee. When I was younger, coffee’s taste left its sour complexion on my palette but over the years (thanks to college), it’s grown on me. Bones Coffee is a brand I have been enjoying lately. This brand oozes fun, from the quirky skeleton art on the packaging to the outrageous flavors. My goal is to try all of their flavors, including the limited edition seasonals, and write tactfully honest reviews. Today, I’ll discuss Electric Unicorn.

Electric Unicorn – Website by Bones Coffee

It was the 1983 Summer. Bones was attempting to find the best coffee in Coffeeland, traversing treacherous mountains. In the distance, he spotted a creature only believed to exist in myth. Electric Unicorn was a magnificent creature that could harness the power electricity, cool laser-beam vision, and conjure up fruity cereal from above. Bones approached this savage beast to ask where the treasure was. The Unicorn responded, “Hop on, Dude!” They raced up the mountain and Bones was able to bring them home. It was impossible to miss coffee plants everywhere, the beans were unique and beautiful. The Unicorns had an aura that seemed to be able to change through every color. The Unicorn offered a cup to Bones. The Unicorn’s cup blew Bones’ minds. Smooth, balanced, and a delicious fruity cereal finish; this was the coffee Bones had been searching for. Bones remained close friends with the Electric Unicorn for all their lives.

This coffee was bold right from the start. Before this coffee, I drank only Starbucks coffee. I drank a Caramel Macchiato iced and a lot of froo-froo beverages so it was not surprising that I wasn’t a fan of a cereal flavored cup of coffee. To sample all the flavors I could buy five 4-ounce packs from the site.

The coffee arrived in the mail and I was cautiously optimistic about its fruity cereal taste. I was able to recall childhood memories of Rainbow Brite or Care Bears mixed with the incredibleness of SheRa and HeMan through the packaging. It represented the finest of 1980’s outrageous gay, and it is my favorite. The packaging was a great example of bold creativity.

After opening it, I inhaled the Holy Mother of Rainbow Cereal. It smelled like a refined, adult Fruity Pebbles. It smelled promising so I brewed a serving, which smelled even better. It was delicious! It was unexpected that it would be my favorite Bones Coffee flavor. The taste is similar to Fruity Pebbles, but without the cereal aftertaste. It is better tasting than Fruity Pebbles. And I love Fruity Pebbles. It was fun to experiment with different options. I made a cold brew, which was even more delicious. Then, I added half & half, almond or powder milk to make it more interesting. You could see the amazingness in all of this. I did add some sugar, but this coffee doesn’t require it. It is perfectly fine all by itself.

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Electric Unicorn is a great option for Fruity Pebbles lovers who want to enjoy it with their coffee.

bones coffee review

Bones Coffee Review A Bold Blend Of Flavors

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Bones Coffee’s USP is to find specialty coffees with unique flavors.

It was a surprise to me that I liked Bourbon-flavored coffee or Strawberry Cheesecake! As we begin this Bones Coffee review, you will see which flavors are most in demand.

Let’s find out if it’s a gimmick or good coffee! Below are 7 of the most popular Bones Coffee flavors. You’ll find plenty more to choose from, so make sure you try them all.

bones coffee review

Bones Coffee Review

Alyson Lewis 2 year ago, in product reviews Report Story Bones Coffee Co. grew what I expected from packaged espresso.

Bones Coffee Co. has reaffirmed my expectations of coffee packaged in a convenient way. This was my first time having to actually grind beans myself to brew coffee, but I have really only been drinking coffee for the last year. It was something I hated before. After 7/11 started selling coffee slurpees, it was then that I discovered coffee. This is still my favorite coffee beverage. This is not a place to debate..but to provide facts that can be easily checked by trusted sources worldwide.

I have never purchased coffee beans for the purpose of home grinding. I find the whole thing tedious and time-consuming. However, it made me wonder “What the rush?” I don’t think there is a lot more that I can do in the amount of time it takes to grind those beans and brew my coffee. What? I’ve only started drinking coffee one year ago, and I have no time to grind my own beans. It’s so embarrassing. It was humbling to have that thought. It was humbling. I took it all in and went to grind the beans.

Bones Coffee came up to me when I searched online for rare beans. Yes, I carve time out of my schedule to look up rare drinks online. It should be apparent now. There are a lot of options. This was quite stressful initially. The variety packs are available in a range of sizes and they allow you to build your own. I was not prepared for this much power so I chose the one that had already been put together. Review spoiler: This is the pack I am going to be creating my own. My curiosity has been fueled.

There are a lot of great coffee products on their website. They have a huge selection of coffee equipment and apparel (including one I am eyeing), that offer flavors I had never imagined. The blog also explains how to make cold brew and iced coffees, as well as how to keep your beans fresh. They also have a blog that provides useful information. They also offer a 10% discount on all orders. In addition, they donate one bag of coffee each to the healthcare professionals. Enter the checkout code: COFFEE4HEROES. This is not sponsored by them. They did not provide me with this product for review. I am just passing on the information. Let’s move onto the taste reviews.

bones coffee review

Review: Bones Electric Unicorn Fruity Cereal Coffee

As much as I love cereal, it’s hardly a heartwarmer. On rainy days such as these, when the air is thick with mossy malaise and the rooftop drums in staccato spurts, a chilly lightning bolt of sugary milkiness straight to the gut isn’t as satisfying as a deep glug of hot coffee the kind that blossoms in your belly like a rollicking rafflesia. The corpse stench is gone, though.

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Since childhood, I have been a coffee-drinker for religious reasons. While I reviewed a lot of coffee creamers with cereal flavors, I never could imagine that straight-up, cereal-steeped coffee beans would be available. Tasha, a Empty Bowl listener, tipped me off to Bones Coffee. Bones Coffee has a reputation for producing unusual coffee varieties like PB&J or Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream. Electric Unicorn is a newly reformulated flavor, but it’s not a brand new one. It tastes like fruity cereal. Because this obscure bit of nomenclature could potentially refer to any number from Froot Loops (technically) to Raisin Bran (technically), it was my responsibility to determine if the beans lived up to the hype.

Yep, that’s coffee. It’s hard to convey this information in a professional manner.

Aside from the fact that I like my coffee hot, I also prefer it black, bitter, and punchy. Yet unfortunately, Electric Unicorn is not a coffee flavor I can recommend drinking black. I believe the beauty of black coffee lies in its purity and pure taste of smoked Earth. But when you start adding all manner of weirdness to the mix, the lack of sweet and/or creamy varnish in black coffee only highlights how strange and often medicinal added flavor can be.

Electric Unicorn’s black taste is a frustrating one. Because it’s trying taste like cereal milk and the low viscosity is making me believe I’m drinking dirt from a bush. This subtle fruitiness is difficult to capture without any underpinning sweetness. So it was necessary to add light vanilla-flavored creamer.

Much better. When it’s a little bit sweeter and a lotta bit thicker, Electric Unicorn coffee starts to taste more like an authentically translated fruity cereal milk experience. The bitter, oaky flavour of coffee remains a key ingredient in the taste. But, along with a blooming beige, you get two distinctive fruit aromas: orange and cherry. The fruity taste doesn’t remind of one particular cereal. It is more like a combination of Fruity Pebbles’ poppin’ sweetness and Trix’s lemon-driven cornucopia.

Electric Unicorn’s black-and white taste is what I enjoy the most. If sipped black this stuff shows you how much forced palate intrigue cannot improve something straightforward and earthen. If you are willing to indulge in sweetened bean water, this fruity coffee can be a great complement to any variety of artificial fruited cereals. I must say that the size of my bag is very small. This is very much the kind of novelty coffee flavor that I can’t see myself enjoying more than a dozen or two times at most before the familiar fruity infusion begins to both bore me and settle on my tongue like some foreign film without subtitles. Plus, no level of delicious cam quite normalize the jarring experience of drinking hot cereal milk.

.Bones Coffee Review

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