Types Of Physiotherapy

Types Of Physiotherapy

types of physiotherapy

Akshima Sahi

Akshima is a registered dentist and seasoned medical writer from Dharamshala, India. Akshima actively participates in education about good oral health. She provides free consultations and exams patients. In order to share her love for writing medically, she hopes to inform the public about the benefits of healthy oral health.

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21 Types of Physiotherapists

21 types of professional physiotherapists This is a large number of physiotherapists. The first time I set out to write the article, I wasn’t sure if I was capable of naming all those. The list became easy once I had started to research and brainstormed.

We view physiotherapy/physiotherapists often as one entity. That is, they are a team or individuals who are capable of doing everything. There are many specializations within the field, so it is important that you find the best physiotherapists for your particular injury. Think about taking your vehicle to a boat auto shop. While they may be qualified to diagnose and fix the issue, would you trust them with your car’s repair? The same argument applies to physiotherapy – you’re probably not going to go to a Neuro physiotherapist for a pelvic floor issue!

The 21 main types of physical therapists will be covered in this blog post. After reviewing the conditions they treat, this article should give you a solid idea about which type of physiotherapist should you see.


Orthopedic-physiotherapy can be defined as the medical field that treats deformities or functional impairments, especially of the spine and extremities. It also includes structures such as muscles, ligaments, and other related structures.

Injuries and conditions that are related to injuries, conditions, or diseases of the muscles, bones, tendons/ligaments, and fascia. The umbrella term orthopedic physiotherapy is used to describe the disciplines of shoulder physiotherapists (more later).

2. CARDIO RESPIRATORY PHYSIOTHERAPIST You will likely hear more about cardiorespiratory therapy in the coming months. The importance of cardio-respiratory physical therapists is paramount as patients are undergoing recovery from COVID-19. This discipline of physiotherapy is one that specialises in the prevention, rehabilitation, and compensation of clients with diseases and injuries in the heart and lungs.

A cardio-respiratory specialist should be consulted if you suffer from severe conditions like acute chest infections, asthma or trauma. If you’re preparing for or recovering from major surgery, it is a good idea to see a cardio-respiratory physiotherapist. These doctors can treat a range of chronic and acute respiratory conditions, such as cystic fibrosis or Chronic Obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), post myocardial infarction and post-myocardial ischemia (MI).

3. PEDIATRIC PHYSIOTHERAPIST / KIDS PHYSIOTHERAPIST Pediatric physiotherapy is simply the delivery of physiotherapy services to children and youth, from birth to about 25 years of age.

A pediatric physiotherapist is usually consulted to assess the condition or injury of a child. These can include gross motor function and posture. This includes strength, mobility, flexibility and balance. Also coordination and sensor processing. As pediatric physiotherapists, they treat children through manual therapy, hands-on facilitation or education.

types of physiotherapy

Physical Therapy: Where to Find It?

You can find different types of physical therapy services in the main research/rehabilitation centers, hospitals, geriatricians, and clinics. Some physiotherapists are self-employed in sports centers or clubs and also in gyms, associations, businesses/enterprises, home care, or in private offices. There are also freelance therapists.

Therapists may also be available at facilities such as Miracle Physical Therapy, Massage Center Inc.

It is located in Warren and Farmington Hills (Michigan state). Now let’s look at the various therapies offered.

Once they have a better idea of the condition, the physiotherapy experts create an effective treatment method that will address it. Our goal is to provide the best possible results while providing comfort for the patient.

.Types Of Physiotherapy


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