Results Physiotherapy Chattanooga

Results Physiotherapy Chattanooga

results physiotherapy chattanooga

Physical Therapy Treatments At Results In Chattanooga

Over 100 conditions can be treated successfully by Results therapists. Results offers personalized guidance and quick pain relief to running injuries including ankle, hip and leg discomfort, hamstring problems, and shin/hamstring problems.

This treatment may include joint mobilization/manipulation, trigger point therapy, soft tissue mobilization, and more to relieve pain and aid in the recovery process. Additionally to the above techniques, your therapist can also offer specific strength or endurance exercises that can improve your joint mobility.

This method involves stimulating the affected muscle using a small needle. This will allow your muscles to release tension that has built up and relax. Most patients report feeling immense pain relief after the treatment.

Results Physiotherapy prides itself on offering effective treatment options to those suffering from run-related injuries. A physical can treat plantar fasciitis, Achilles tendonitis or shin pains.

Both men and women suffering from pelvic problems, such as bowel dysfunction, bladder dysfunction, sexual dysfunction or pregnancy-related conditions, can receive pelvic health treatment. The therapists use a holistic and individual approach for both treatment and examination.

The results in Chattanooga, Gunbarrel North specializes in orthopedic surgery recovery, such as ACL, total knee replacement, and total hip replacement. This Results physical therapy clinic also offers Trigger Point Dry Needling for immediate relief from chronic muscle knots and spasms.

Chattanooga Physiotherapy: Other popular options

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281 N Lyerly St., Chattanooga. TN37404. United States Physiotherapy Chattanooga. TN Gunbarrel 1525 Gunbarrel Rd 105 Chattanooga. TN377421. United States ATI Physical Therapy. Chattanooga. TN37404. United States ATI Physical Therapy. 2707 Citico Ave. Chattanooga. TN 37404. United States ATI Physical Therapy. 3309, Chattanooga.

.Results Physiotherapy Chattanooga


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