Primary Prevention Physiotherapy

Primary Prevention Physiotherapy

primary prevention physiotherapy

Faces Of Flint & Genesee : Amber Schlemmer Primary Prevention Physiotherapy

Amber Schlemmer began her career as a personal training instructor and noticed that some of the clients were also patients in physical therapy who didn’t have insurance. Quickly she realized that the things she did was beyond her competence to assist patients.

Schlemmer says, “Instead telling my clients no I decided that physical therapy school would be the next step.” “Going back to school kind of fell into my lap, but I have never regretted the decision.” With two small children, Schlemmer attended the University of Michigan Flint while commuting from Flushing. When she finished her degree, it was clear that she wanted to settle down.

Schlemmer, “My husband has a small business in Flushing as well,” she says. Flushing is where I was certain that we would set our roots. Schlemmer started Primary Prevention Physiotherapy in 2017. In 2017, Schlemmer’s business has seen continued growth, helping more people to enjoy a pain-free lifestyle.


The objective: To present a picture of current activities as well as barriers to the assessment of and management of risk factors affecting physiotherapy and primary care in Ireland.

Design: A cross-sectional study of primary care physiotherapists.

Method: Two hundred and Twenty primary care physiotherapists received invitations to take part. Each received a questionnaire, consisting of 23 questions, within five key sections. It focused on the risk factor management methods of physiotherapists. The data were analysed with descriptive statistics and frequency.

Results: 74% of respondents responded (163/220). The most frequent risk factor that was assessed during initial and follow up visits was physical activity. This was followed closely by dietary status (55 percent, 90/163). Although few respondents mentioned alcohol or smoking in their assessments, most considered these risk factors to be important. The primary reasons for not assessing smoking status or alcohol consumption are lack of time, knowledge and expertise. These factors were traditionally not considered to be the role of the physiotherapist and lack of patient interest in changing bad behaviours.

Conclusion: This study highlights the untapped potential of physiotherapists dealing with lifestyle-related risk factors. A number of strategies are required to improve the systematic assessment and management of these risk factors.

Keywords: Alcohol consumption, Assessment and Management of Lifestyle Risk Factors; Nutrition; Activity; Prevention of Type 2 Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease; Primary Care Physiotherapy. Smoking.

Copyright (c), 2014 Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Published by Elsevier Ltd. All other rights are reserved.

What Does Primary Prevention Mean in Physical Therapy

Interventions through physical therapy (PT) can reduce the risk of developing cardiopulmonary diseases in individuals who have high-risk factors. This process is called primary prevention, and an individual referred to physical therapists for risk-factor management may be best referred to as a client.

Are Physical Therapy Secondary or Tertiary Prevention Primary?

8. A. Tertiary prevention refers to rehabilitation after an accident or other injury. It also aims at preventing disease progression. Following a stroke, physical rehabilitation is used as a method of rehabilitation to help with future disability or impairment.

Do Physical Therapy And Other Preventions Work?

Recommendations for clinical practice: Physical therapists must adopt a model of rehabilitation that emphasizes secondary prevention in adults and youth with neurologic diseases.

Does Physical Therapy Qualify for Tertiary Treatment?

In secondary care, physical therapists are often employed as speech and occupational therapists. January 24, 2017

.Primary Prevention Physiotherapy


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