Physiotherapy Theory And Practice

Physiotherapy Theory And Practice

physiotherapy theory and practice


Homepage How to publish in this journal The aim of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice is to provide an international, peer-reviewed forum for the publication, dissemination, and discussion of recent developments and current research in physiotherapy/physical therapy. You can submit original, quantitative or qualitative research, papers on theoretical topics, systematic literature reviews and clinical case reports. The journal Physiotherapy Theory And Practice encourages post-basic education with reports, reviews and up-to-date information on all aspects physiotherapy as well as specialties related to clinical physiotherapy.

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1. Journal title: Physiotherapy Theory and Practice Frequency: Bimonthly Description: The aim of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice is to provide an international, peer-reviewed forum for the publication, dissemination, and discussion of recent developments and current research in physiotherapy/physical therapy.

Accepted articles include original, quantitative, qualitative, and systematic research reports. The journal also welcomes theoretical papers, systematic literature analyses, clinical case reports, and technical notes. Post-Basic Education in Physiotherapy: Provides information, reviews, and updated on all aspects, as well the specialties, of clinical and physiotherapy.

physiotherapy theory and practice

Important Metrics

Title Physiotherapy Theory and Practice

Abbreviation Physiother. Theory Pract.

Publication Type Journal

Categories, Subject Areas, Scope of Physical Therapy, Sport Therapy and Rehabilitation (Q2)

h-index 46

Overall Rank/Ranking 10154

SCImago Journal Ran (SJR). 0.496

Impact Score 1.35

Publisher Informa Healthcare

United Kingdom

Year Wise Physiotherapy Theory Impact Score (Is). Scopus Data.

Year Impact Score (IS)

2021/2022 Soon

Physiotherapy Theory & practice has an hindex of 46. This means that 46 articles in this journal are cited more than 46 times. The hindex can be used to determine the productivity or citation impact for the published articles. The h-index refers to the maximal value of the h for a given author/journal that has published h papers and been cited at most h times.

Physiotherapy Theory & Practice ISSN Physiotherapy Theory & Practice’s ISSN is 15325040, 09593985. ISSN is International Standard Serial Number.

An ISSN (International Standard Serial Number) is an 8-digit unique code. It is used for the recognition of journals, newspapers, periodicals, and magazines in all kind of forms, be it print-media or electronic.

SCImago Journal Ranking (SJR) and Physiotherapy Theory And Practice Rank. The overall rank for Physiotherapy Theory AND Practice is 10154. SCImago Journal Rank, (SJR) ranks this journal at 0.496. SCImago Journal Rank can be used to measure the scientific significance of journals. It takes into account the amount of citations received for a journal as well the significance of the journals where they are.

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice is published by Informa Healthcare. Its publication house is in United Kingdom. Here is the journal’s history from 1985 to 2019. Publisher is the name given to an individual or organization that manages digital or printed publications printing and distribution.

Call for Papers: Visit the conference website to find out more details.

The IS0-4 standard abbreviation is Physiotherapy Theory & Practice. Theory Pract. This abbreviation (‘Physiother. The Theory Pract. it is recommended highly and accepted for use in indexing, abstraction and referencing. It meets all of the criteria required by ISO 4 standard.

ISO 4 (International Organization for Standardization 4) is an internationally recognized standard for abbreviating title and journal titles in serial publications.

Intentional Learning Outcomes

Element1 Physiotherapy Theory & Practice

Combine your previous knowledge about physiotherapy skills for a basis for clinical reasoning in the assessment and management individuals in physiotherapy.

Propose, justify and show safe and effective physiotherapeutic intervention to treat impairments or activity limits in people by using principles of evidence-based therapy when choosing treatment methods in clinical practice.

To meet the specific needs of patients and communities, modify assessments and treatment activities.

You will be able to identify, interpret, and assess the many types of measurement and outcomes tools that are available for physiotherapy.

2: Evidence in Physiotherapy

Interpret results of common physiotherapy screening & diagnostic tests with respect to issues of diagnostic and prognostic accuracy.

Summary of how research supports the effectiveness of common physiotherapy techniques.

Ellement 3: Health and Context

The ethical use of scientific evidence in physiotherapy practice.

What is Physiotherapy Theory?

Physiotherapy Theory and Practice; promotes post-basic education through reports, reviews, and updates on all aspects of physiotherapy and specialties relating to clinical physiotherapy.

Is Physiotherapy Theory and Practice Peer Review?

Description: The aim of Physiotherapy Theory and Practice is to provide an international, peer-reviewed forum for the publication, dissemination, and discussion of recent developments and current research in physiotherapy/physical therapy.Feb 17, 2017

What are the Basics of Physiotherapy?

A physiotherapist helps people with disabilities, injuries or illnesses to recover their function and mobility. Moreover, physiotherapy is a healthcare profession that assesses, diagnoses, treats, and works to prevent disease and disability.

What Is Called Physiotherapy?

Physiotherapy is also called “physical therapy”. … It refers to the management of disability, disease, injuries, and deformities in an effort to improve your quality of life. Exercise, manual therapy (including dry needling, trigger point therapy, and dry needling), as well as patient education, are some of the methods used by physiotherapists.

.Physiotherapy Theory And Practice


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