Physiotherapy For Groin Strain

Physiotherapy For Groin Strain

physiotherapy for groin strain

Treatment and Prevention

It is crucial to strengthen each one of the adductor muscles in order to prevent and treat groin tension. In addition, attention should be paid to the hips and lower extremities for additional support. You will be guided by a physiotherapist through various exercises such as floor stretches and chair lifts. To treat adductor muscle injuries, the following therapies and treatments can be used:

Massage therapy

Laser therapy to the pectineus and adductor complex to reduce inflammation and pain


K-taping for when you are playing/training again

Experts also find that groin injuries in professional sports typically occur in pre-season training, which indicates that extended periods of adductor complex inactivity are to blame. Due to decreased activity over months, flexibility, strength and ROM are all lost. It is important that athletes follow the physiotherapist’s exercise program throughout the year.

Also, a better gait may make all the difference. Therefore custom orthotics that can fit both your walking and play footwear could be a key part of your prevention strategy for groin injuries. A physiotherapist is also able to help you identify lower-limb biomechanical problems (e.g. excessive pronation, leg length differences, etc.) that may contribute to groin strain risk and can provide corrective therapies.

Don’t forget to heat up properly and cool down after each game/activity.

AbsolutePhysioCare can help you immediately if you experience pain, discomfort or limited movement around your inner thigh adductors.

Absolute Physiocare & Sports Rehab, a multi-disciplinary clinic for physiotherapy in Burnaby BC is cutting edge. With a highly skilled staff that is friendly and charismatic, Absolute Physio Care & Sports Rehab has clients from throughout Greater Vancouver.

Physiotherapy Advice

It is the bane of many an athlete’s sporting life: the dreaded groin strain. One or more muscles in the inner thigh are affected by groin strains. This is common in football, track and cross, as well as skiing. The groin (or adductor) muscles run from the pelvis up to the hip bone. Strains are when one or more muscle fibers become torn. Strains are classified as Grade 1 to 3, with Grade 1 being mild (involving only a small number of muscle fibres) and Grade 3 being severe (complete muscle tear). Strains then can be classified as either acute or chronic. Acute strains usually result from traumatic injuries. These can develop into chronic strains if they are not treated or properly managed. Chronic groin strains can also be caused by muscle imbalances or poor movement patterns. Even non-athletes could also suffer from groin tensions due to muscle imbalances. The signs and symptoms of groin injuries include pain and weakness when the thigh moves towards the body or the knee lifts. There may also be pain when your inner thigh gets stretched. A Physiotherapist’s early intervention can reduce the pain and accelerate recovery.

Physiotherapy is effective in treating mild and moderate groin strains; surgery is required for Grade 3 strains. If the Grade 3 strain is severe, post-surgical rehabilitation can be helpful in speeding up your recovery and improving return to functional. Regardless of the grade or chronicity of your injury, you Physiotherapist will begin with a thorough assessment, including a detailed biomechanical analysis. Together, they will develop a treatment plan that suits your needs and help you achieve them. Therapies can include stretching, strengthening, therapeutic mobilization and activities-specific training.

Keystone Physiotherapy is well-versed in the treatment of groin strains. Our therapists work with you to achieve your goals. We offer early morning and evening appointments, allowing you to work around busy schedules. Contact us to get in peak shape today!

.Physiotherapy For Groin Strain


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