Physiotherapy For Bell’S Palsy

Physiotherapy For Bell’S Palsy

physiotherapy for bell's palsy

Care tips

To minimize your discomfort due to Bell’s palsy while performing the exercises at home, it is important to also ensure that you take proper care. Here are some tips to help you take care of your Bell’s palsy.

Take the time to engage both your sides when chewing. It helps to keep normal patterns in your mouth when you get your normal movement back.

Do not chew gums. This can cause synkinesis and exercise your wrong muscles.

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Physical therapy for Bell’s palsy

Mosforth J. Taverner D

British Medical Journal 1959 Sep 13;2 (597):675-677

clinical trials

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It is the first controlled trial to evaluate the effectiveness of galvanic stimulation for the treatment of Bell’s Palsy. A random allocation of 86 consecutive patients was made to the treatment and control group. Eighty-three of them were studied until recovery was complete or for at least one year. Infrared radiation was followed by interrupted galvanism, which affected 11 facial muscles. First, the treatment was performed daily. Later it was increased to three times weekly. The use of galvanic stimulation to Bell’s palsy did not provide any significant benefit.

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Bell’s palsy: Does physiotherapy help?

Physiotherapy are recommended. Your physiotherapist will teach you a series of facial exercises that will strengthen the muscles in your face to improve their co-ordination and range of movement. Physiotherapy treatments also has been successful in a number of Bell’s palsy cases.Nov 23, 2016

How Fast Can You Cure Bell’s Palsy?

Bell’s paralysis is usually reversible. Bell’s Palsy can be treated with medications and physical therapy. There is no single treatment. Bell’s syndrome is very rare.

What Physiotherapy Measures Are Taken In Facial Palsy?

Exercises to improve breathing and relaxation. You can improve your coordination with both sides and lower synkinesis by doing exercises. This exercise will assist with the closure of the eyes and lips. Exercises that help with letter, word, or facial expression.

Is Facial Massage Good For Bell’S Palsy?

Forehead: Massaging the upper portion of the face sometimes helps a Bell’s palsy patient reduce muscle weakness in the forehead. Bell’s Palsy patients might increase muscle movement by pressing their fingertips in a circular motion about the cheeks.

.Physiotherapy For Bell’S Palsy


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