Physiotherapy After Ankle Surgery

Physiotherapy After Ankle Surgery

physiotherapy after ankle surgery

When To Start Physio After A Broken Ankle

Broken ankles are not something anyone should want to inflict on their enemies or family members. A broken ankle can result from any number of causes, including a sports injury or a fall.

From our downtown Vancouver treatment centre, we’ve helped many people heal from ankle injuries. Broken ankles tend to be more frequent in younger men than those 50 and older. After that, the majority shifts to the fifty-plus crowd. It occurs when the ankle joint’s three bones, the trochant bone of your foot, the tibia and the fibula in the leg, are fractured or broken.

Most people know right away when there has been an event traumatic enough to cause a fracture or a break of the ankle. It causes extreme pain, inability to move and weight loss. Whether or not a person will need surgery after the event depends on the severity, but either way, they will most likely need physiotherapy to rehabilitate the ankle.

The seriousness of an ankle injury can affect the timing for physiotherapy. After a patient has had corrective surgery, the cast will typically be removed and the person will receive a walking device. The injury won’t allow them to bear much weight for at least six to ten more weeks. When this is the case, a physiotherapist will be called upon to help a patient learn to function with the walking aid (usually crutches). The physiotherapist will help the person in pain learn to stand upright from a seated position.

After the patient has healed sufficiently, physiotherapy can begin. This is usually six to ten months after an injury. After the injury has healed, the patient can begin seeing a physiotherapist for rehabilitation.

The injured person should follow the instructions of the physiotherapist to strengthen their ankles and then rebuild surrounding muscles to their post-break potential.

Ankle Arthroscopy Rehabilitation

View the Patient Reviews of Mr Gordon. This contrasts with an ‘Open’ procedure which requires a more extensive incision. An examination involves making small incisions through the skin. This allows for the passage of instruments (pencil-sized) and a fiberoptic camera (arthroscope). A high-definition monitor attached to the arthroscope displays the inner of the joint magnified as an image.

Gordon holds firm belief that key hole surgery yields excellent results. These procedures also provide a faster return-to-activity than traditional ‘open” methods. Gordon, where practical, uses these techniques. Gordon has received specialized training from internationally recognized centres, and is a lecturer on arthroscopic methods.

Ankle Arthroscopy is a method that can diagnose and treat many conditions, including

Removal of excessive scar tissue and impingement. Removing bone abnormalities due to repetitive injury, e.g. Footballers’ ankle: Removal of bones and cartilage that are loose or causing pain Fusion of an arthritic joint. Synovitis is inflammation of the inner lining of the foot joint. The healing time for puncture wounds can take up to 2 weeks. A rehabilitation program will be advised for a speedy recovery of normal joint function.

Going home after surgery You are able to move as soon you feel safe, usually within just a few hours. After you are assessed by a nurse or physiotherapist and deemed to be safe, you will be able to go home that same day. Someone must pick you from the hospital.

Your Weight Bearing Status (and Elevation) Mr Gordon will inform you about your weight and the length of your elevation. This will depend on the type of operation you had Day of the Operation At Home. You might feel some discomfort so you should consider taking painkillers such as Codeine and Diclofenac. They should be used regularly (3-4x/day), particularly before any physiotherapy sessions or exercises. There may be some swelling in the ankle and if so, place ice (or frozen vegetables) on the ankle for 10 minutes in every hour, especially before and after physiotherapy or exercise sessions.

After the Operation: Bandage, Dressings, Showering. Within 48 hours of the operation you will be able to take off the wool, gauze and bandage from the ankle. There will be two waterproof dressings under the skin. It is possible for the dressings to show some blood staining. You should keep your dressings dry for the next three days. The fourth day is the best time to shower. However, be mindful not too soak the dressings. A bath should be avoided until Mr Gordon visits you at his clinic between 10 and 2 weeks to examine your wounds. The bandage can be removed and you can go back to normal.

You should follow the weight bearing guidelines for physiotherapy and exercise. Rehabilitation Exercises are suggested. You can do them as many times as you like. You should begin exercising as soon as possible after surgery. If required, more formal exercises and physiotherapy can be started up to two weeks after surgery.

It is essential that you can control the vehicle during an emergency. Do you have the ability to put your foot on the ground and stamp it down? For left sided surgery and no clutch is required, driving is probably safe after a few days post operatively. For right sided surgery, driving is probably safe at 2 weeks post operatively, unless you are non weight bearing. It is best to check with your insurer. You can ask Mr Gordon to clarify any doubts.

.Physiotherapy After Ankle Surgery


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