Effective Chest Physiotherapy Techniques & Positions for 2024 – Master Guide

Discover the latest chest physiotherapy techniques, steps, and positions to enhance your lung health at home. Our 2024 guide includes visual chest physiotherapy pictures, easy-to-follow procedures, and top postural drainage positions. Start implementing the best chest physiotherapy methods today for improved breathing and wellness. Click for the complete chest physiotherapy solution!

Chest Physiotherapy Positions

chest physiotherapy positions

What is Chest Physiotherapy and How Does It Work?

CPT, or chest physiotherapy is an effective way to remove mucus from your lungs. The lobes of the lungs, both back and front, are shown below.

There are two parts to CPT bronchial drainage and percussion. Learn CPT from a Respiratory Therapist.

Bronchial Drainage (BD), is the positioning of the body in order to let gravity move mucus. There are many positions that can be used to drain the most area.

Percussion, also known as clapping, involves tapping your chest rhythmically in order to release mucus from the bronchial tubes.


A trial was done to determine the impact of chest physiotherapy on the cardiovascular system and respiratory system in various positions following coronary bypass surgery. Patients are divided into two groups of 30 patients each in the study. In the study, patients were divided into two groups. The patients in first (30 patient) performed percussion and vibratory in the 45deg supine positions. They also had to lie slightly laterally. Endotracheal Aspiration was conducted in the supine position. The patients from the second group (30 patients) performed percussion-vibration in the 0deg supine position. However, they were slightly laterally positioned and endedotracheal aspiration took place in the SUPINE position. All patients were given the same procedure twice. The pre- and postapplication values of patients were measured from central venous and arterial catheters and the values of patient monitors were recorded. The respiratory differences between the groups were not significant, however chest physiotherapy at 0deg (with the head on the bed) was shown to improve cardiac function. The pre-and postphysiotherapy application evaluations showed that both the pre- and postphysiotherapy groups had significant differences in mixed venous oxygen saturation. If patients are at risk of developing pulmonary complications, chest physiotherapy may be recommended with the head elevated to 45deg.

Keywords: Chest physiotherapy, mechanical ventilation, coronary artery bypass; heart physiotherapy; nurse application; patient position.

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chest physiotherapy positions


Background: Patients who have mucus hypersecretion will benefit from chest-physiotherapy. But, there are risks. The procedure may have an impact on gastrointestinal motility or the competence of the gastroesophageal Sphincter. Our study was aimed to investigate whether gastroesophageal reflux is exacerbated or induced by chest physiotherapy.

Materials and methods: Thirty-two adult patients with chronic bronchitis or bronchiectasis received chest physiotherapy. An esophageal pH-meter was placed five cm above the gastroesophageal intersection. This monitored the frequency of the acid reflux episodes, from 8 AM to noon the next day. On the second day, physiotherapy was done with the patient for an hour in three positions.

Results: It was found that thirteen patients have gastroesophageal-reflux disease. The study group was not significantly different in terms of pH levels during physiotherapy. Patients with gastroesophageal disease had their frequency and length of gastroesophageal remission during physiotherapy not different to the average hourly frequency, mean hourly durations or values at the same time. It was not possible to determine if there were any differences in gastroesophageal symptoms or duration in different positions.

Conclusion: Chest physiotherapy including postural drainage, percussion and forced expiration techniques in different positions did not induce or increase the incidence of gastroesophageal reflux in patients with chronic bronchitis and bronchiectasis.

.Chest Physiotherapy Positions


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