Chest Physiotherapy Client Education

Chest Physiotherapy Client Education

chest physiotherapy client education

Therapeutic Procedure


Description of Procedure. Outcomes/Evaluation. CONSIDERATIONS. Nursing Interventions (pre-, intra, and post). Potential Complications. Client Education. Nursing Interventions Weston Hilland Chest Physiotherapy 53. This is a method that removes secretions from the lungs.

This therapy is recommended for those clients with thick secretions that are difficult to remove from their airways.

For the purpose of increasing movement secretion that is not broken down by vibration or drumming, use postural drainage.

Before you begin, explain the process to your client. Also tell them why it is used. Educate the client on the Huffing technique of coughing.

Pre: Examine for possible contraindications. Schedule after meals or bronchodilators. Intra: Use a cuphand method to apply percussion on the posterior chest wall. Post: Position your client to help with postural drainage.

You may experience vomiting and dizziness.

Conclusion: The client has been able clear his airways and expects to be able cough out sputum. Evaluation: The client has less shortness and better levels of SPO2.


What Nursing Interventions Are Available for Chest-Physiotherapy?

Chest physiotherapy consists of external mechanical maneuvers, such as chest percussion, postural drainage, vibration, to augment mobilization and clearance of airway secretions, diaphragmatic breathing with pursed-lips, coughing and controlled coughing.

How do you achieve your primary goal in chest physiotherapy?

What is chest physiotherapy? Chest physical therapy (PT) works by moving fluids or mucus within the lungs. To help mucus move from the lungs, your child should clap on their chest.

What can I do to prepare for my chest physiotherapy appointment?

You can make a difference in your outcome and comfort by taking the steps prior to chest physiotherapy. You should not eat right before chest PT. To help thin the lungs and release thick secretions, some techniques may require that you drink water prior to treatment.

How do you perform chest physiotherapy?

Chest physical therapy, also known as CPT, is an airway clearing technique (ACT). It involves deep breathing and percussion, vibration and huffing and coughing.

.Chest Physiotherapy Client Education


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