11 Biggest Cvs Competitors

11 Biggest Cvs Competitors In 2022 (Your Complete List)

CVS Pharmacy is an American pharmacy chain that has over 10,000 locations. That said, CVS Health, the owner of CVS pharmacy, made $268.7 billion in revenue for 2020.

  • I can tell you who are the CVS rivals and how much each has made. So keep reading and find out what the results of the competition!
  • CVS Competitors For 2022
  • Walgreens (as of 2022), Rite Aid Pharmacy, Kroger Pharmacy and Walmart all compete with CVS. CVS, the largest pharmacy chain in America with more than 10,000 stores across the country, offers health services at many locations. CVS is also competing with healthcare providers like UnitedHealth Group, Cigna and Cigna.

  • Would you like to see more details about the top CVS vendors? How much do the top 11 CVS competitors generate in revenue, compared with CVS? Keep reading for all the details!
  • 1. Walgreens
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance is the parent company that owns Walgreens. Walgreens has direct competition to CVS when it comes to healthcare, special pharmacy services and retail.

    Walgreens also has over 13,100 locations worldwide. The majority of these are in the United States. But, the company also has operations in 11 additional countries.

  • The United Kingdom, with its 2,300 pharmacies, is also the largest international market for this pharmacy chain.
  • Walgreens reported $139.5 billion revenue in 2020. Of that, $88.6 was from prescription revenues. It isn’t nearly as strong as CVS. But it is close.

  • 2. Rite Aid
  • Rite Aid rivals CVS in drugstore sales, but it is not available in as many states.

    There are more than 2400 Rite Aid stores in America. California has the largest number of locations (530).

    Pennsylvania comes in second place with 514 locations, while New York has more than 300.

    Rite Aid reported a $21.9 billion revenue for 2020. The prescription revenue was approximately $11.6 million. It is also trusted as a source of both prescriptions, and products for healthcare across the country.

  • 3. Walmart Pharmacy
  • Walmart Pharmacy, one of America’s largest mass merchant stores, has a retail pharmacy in nearly every location and is a top competitor to CVS.

    In 2020, Walmart made $21.7 billion in prescription revenue and offers both specialty and mail-in prescription services.

  • Furthermore, Walmart is known for having a generic prescription program where you can get thousands of different medications for $4 or less!
  • 4. Costco
  • Costco is a wholesale club that offers prescription services, and in 2020, Costco made an estimated $2.7 billion from prescription services.

    The chain boasts over 550 US warehouse locations, making it one the largest nationwide chains that sell prescriptions and other health and wellbeing products.

  • 5. Cigna Express Scripts
  • Express Scripts, which Express Scripts had been acquired by Cigna last year, was taken over by Cigna in 2018 and has since become one of the most prominent mail-in or specialty pharmacies across the United States.

  • Cigna’s 2020 prescription revenue was $49.9B, almost 9% more than 2019.
  • Express Scripts also has 49,000 stores across the United States, making it a top choice for patients without insurance.

  • 6. UnitedHealth Group (OptumRx)
  • OptumRx can be considered an affiliate of UnitedHealth Group and is competing with CVS in both healthcare and pharmacy services.

    UnitedHealth Group earned an estimated $32.2 million in prescription revenue in 2020. It ranks among the top four.

    UnitedHealth Group’s OptumRx pharmacy, which is available by mail, offers specialty services to patients all across the country.

  • 7. Kroger
  • Kroger, one of America’s most well-known supermarkets, has more than 2200 Kroger pharmacies to service customers.

    Kroger, therefore, is an direct competitor of CVS.

    In some cases, they also offer clinics within certain areas for medical services. Kroger has a prescription drug program that offers affordable prescription medications.

    Kroger Pharmacy made $15.1 Billion in 2020 from specialty and regular pharmacy services.

  • 8. Publix
  • Publix, a chain of supermarkets located across the country, is often rated number one in customer satisfaction.

  • Additionally, over 90% of Publix supermarkets now have a pharmacy, offering a low-cost prescription drug program where you can get 90-day supplies of common medicines for $7.50!
  • It’s clearly a competitor to CVS. Publix has more than $4.1 Billion in prescription revenue by 2020, as you can see.

  • 9. Albertsons
  • Albertsons supermarket chain has inside pharmacy and is one the most popular competitors to CVS.

    Albertsons also offers low-cost prescription drugs in its stores making it an attractive option for those with lower incomes.

    Albertsons’ 2020 prescription revenue was $5.2 Billion. That is an impressive amount considering the company only owns 1,700 pharmacies in the United States.

  • 10. H-E-B
  • H-E-B is a supermarket chain with over 300 pharmacy locations nationwide. Therefore, it’s one of the competitors of CVS when it comes to prescription services.

    H-E-B’s 2020 prescription revenue was $1.8 million. It was also ranked the number one spot in J.D. Power’s annual study of supermarket pharmacies, which was a first for H-E-B.

  • 11. Humana Pharmacy Solutions
  • Humana Pharmacy Solutions competes with CVS in pharmacy services and the healthcare sector. It earned $7.9 Billion in 2020 prescription revenue!
  • Humana Pharmacy Solutions provides on-site pharmacy services. Also, your prescriptions will be delivered to you right at your door.
  • CVS Competitive Advantages, CVS Mission Statement and CVS Pricing are all posts that will help you learn more.

  • Conclusion
  • Walgreens is the largest competitor to CVS. Rite Aid, Walgreens, Rite Aid, as well as supermarket chain pharmacies like Kroger and Publix.

    CVS must compete against health insurance companies such as UnitedHealth Group (which is associated with OptumRx).

    Cigna bought Express Scripts in a competition, Humana Pharmacy Solutions is a rival to CVS when it comes to prescription services.

  • CVS may have a lot to compete with, however none of its rivals can come even close in terms of prescription revenue.
  • Who Are Cvs Biggest Competitors?

    CVS Health has many competitors, including Express Scripts (Walgreens), Avella Specialty Pharmacy and Walgreens.

    What Does Cvs Compete Advantage Mean?

    Destroying Competitors. CVS holds a unique competitive advantage in that it keeps expanding, while rival companies have to close stores. For example, rival retailers Rite Aid and Walgreens Boots Alliance have had to close several stores following a loss in profits.

    Are Cvs And Walgreens Competitors?

    CVS competes with Walgreens and is America’s largest pharmacy chain, having 9,954 stores in the United States.

    Who Are The Competitors Of Walgreens?

    Walgreens rivals include J. C. Penney Walmart Rite Aid Rite Aid Sally Beauty and McKesson.

    .11 Biggest Cvs Competitors In 2022 (Your Complete List)

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