2024 Comprehensive Guide to PetSmart Grooming: Packages and Average Dog Grooming Prices

Discover the latest 2024 rates for PetSmart grooming services. Compare packages, find out the average cost of dog grooming, and see detailed prices for a bath and brush at PetSmart. Book the perfect pampering for your pet today!

Petsmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

PetSmart in America is your best choice for pet grooming.

  • You may wonder if PetSmart charges grooming fees and what the pet’s service includes if you have decided to groom your pet at PetSmart. What I discovered is this:
  • PetSmart Grooming Services Prices in 2022
  • The price of grooming small, medium, and large dogs at PetSmart range from $76 – $89.99 as of 2022. PetSmart offers baths for dogs that cost between $49.99 and $40.99. PetSmart can groom your dog with nail trimming, teeth cleaning and shampooing. The cost of cat grooming ranges from $15 to $60

  • Continue reading to find out more about the full grooming service at PetSmart and how you can book an appointment.
  • PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    What Grooming Options Does PetSmart Offer?

    PetSmart provides a variety of grooming services including full and partial grooming for dogs and cats, and smaller ones like nail trimming.

    PetSmart can provide unique, customized pet looks with the Pet Expressions service.

    PetSmart applies temporary chalking stenciling and feathering grooming techniques in order to create these effects on your pet.

    PetSmart: How much does it cost to groom a dog?

    PetSmart’s pricing for grooming varies depending on the size and breed of your dog.

    PetSmart’s cost to bathe small or medium dogs is $49.99, while it costs $49.99 for large dogs and puppies.

    PetSmart also charges a fee for full grooming. This price is dependent on how big the dog is.

    Customers will have to pay $76 for a full groom of a small, medium, or large dog, and $89.99 for a full groom of an extra-large dog.

    PetSmart can tell you the approximate size of your dog before you go to your grooming appointment.

    The grooming price for small dogs, such as Chihuahuas Shih Tzushunds Shih Tzushunds and Pugs etc, is the same, according to research.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    PetSmart: How Much Is It To Groom a Cat?

    PetSmart charges $15 for a kitten to be bathed, brushed, and trimmed. Prices start at $30 for a cat to have their hair done and bathed.

    A PAWdicure plus costs $26 and $20 respectively.

    For $60 you can get a complete grooming service for your cat or kitten.

    Is Petco Or PetSmart Cheaper For Grooming?

    Petco and PetSmart have comparable prices for grooming cats and dogs. Both retailers offer the full grooming experience of a bath as well as a complete grooming service.

    At PetSmart, while the cost of bathing for a small, medium, or large dog is $40.99, you will be paying $25 for a small dog, $35 for a medium dog, and $45 for a large dog at Petco.

    Petco is more affordable at $55.

    PetSmart has a $76 service that can be done for any size dog (small, medium, or large) and an $89.99 one for extra-large.

    Petco charges $45 to groom a medium or small dog. $50 is for large dogs. $80 is for extra-large dogs.

    This suggests that it is cheaper to bathe and have a full groom of smaller dogs at Petco, and larger dogs at PetSmart.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    PetSmart Complete Grooming Package:

    PetSmart provides a full grooming option that will cover every aspect of your pet’s hygiene and health.

    A bath with an oxygen-infused shampoo is included, along with a shampoo that targets specific-coat issues such as shedders. The services also include a blow dry.

    Additional features of the complete groom include a 15-minute brushing session, a gentle face trim and a nail trimming at PetSmart.

    PetSmart also offers a variety of services, including cleaning the ears and removing hair. They can flush your ears and treat the paws with shaven paws and scissoring feet.

    Other than that, the PetSmart full groom also includes a sanitary trim, as well as anal gland cleaning for pets that need it.

    Are I supposed to tip PetSmart Groomers

    Customers online recommend that you tip your groomer in order to show appreciation and respect for their work. $20 is a common amount.

    You can also offer 10% of your bill. A tip could be $89.99 or $9 for extra-large dogs.

    PetSmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

    How much do Petsmart grooming appointments cost?

    PetSmart requires no deposit or appointment fees for grooming services. Visitors can come to the grooming facilities anytime without an appointment.

    Customers will only be required to pay for services that they choose, as well as any purchase of products.

    If you are unsure about the type of grooming your pet requires, you may speak to a professional pet groomer through a consultation.

    PetSmart: How long does grooming take?

    According to PetSmart, the process of grooming your pet takes between 2 and 4 hours depending on the type of service that you choose.

    Be aware that planning your trip should take into account the time and distance involved. spare enough time for the grooming to be completed comfortably.

    What do I need to bring to PetSmart grooming?

    For a PetSmart groom, you require a leash, harness, or container for your pet, and proof of required vaccinations administered at least 48 hours prior to arrival.

    Along with that, you may also wish to bring treats to calm and reward your pet.

    PetSmart staff will be happy to help you choose a cut or style for your pet.

    Additional to that, online payment is not possible without a Visa, MasterCard or American Express card.

    PetSmart has many services that you may be interested in. You can find out if PetSmart does guinea and rabbit grooming, as well as if PetSmart pays tips to groomers.

  • Conclusion
  • PetSmart provides a wide range of grooming services, at affordable prices. This includes full grooming that includes washing, drying and styling your pet.

    Other than this, PetSmart can groom your pets for you.

    .Petsmart Grooming Prices 2022 (Dogs, Cats, Puppies + More)

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