Does Petsmart Price Match In 2023? (Chewy, Amazon + Other Faqs)

Does Petsmart Price Match

PetSmart: Your Convenient Source for All Your Pet Needs

Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith

Affordable Prices and Extensive Selection

PetSmart, understands the importance of providing pet owners with quality products at affordable prices . As a trusted source for all your pet needs, they offer an extensive selection of items catering to every type of animal, ensuring that you find exactly what you’re looking for. Their commitment to providing the best value to their customers is at the forefront of everything they do.

Competitive Pricing and Price Matching Policy

PetSmart strives to ensure that their customers always get the most competitive prices. Their dedicated team regularly monitors the market, adjusting their prices to reflect any changes in the industry. By keeping a close eye on sale prices and competitor prices, PetSmart can confidently offer the lowest everyday prices in the market. Additionally, they have a comprehensive price matching policy in place. If you find a lower price on a product they carry at a competitor store, simply let them know, and they’ll gladly match that price . Whether you prefer to submit a price match request in-store or online, their customer service representatives will assist you throughout the quick and hassle-free process.

Online Price Match and Exceptional Customer Service

PetSmart’s commitment to providing the best value extends to their online customers, ensuring that you can enjoy the same low prices regardless of how you choose to shop. Moreover, they take pride in their exceptional customer service. Their Customer Care team and knowledgeable representatives are always available to address any questions or concerns you may have. They strive to provide you with exceptional service and assistance in finding the right products for your beloved pets .

Convenience and Satisfaction Guaranteed

In addition to their everyday low prices and price matching policy, PetSmart frequently offers additional discounts and promotions on select items . Whether through daily deals or exclusive offers, they always want to make sure that you have access to the best prices possible. PetSmart also understands that your satisfaction is paramount. Therefore, they have implemented a hassle-free return and exchange policy. If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied with your purchase, they’ll gladly assist you in returning or exchanging the item. Their goal is to make your shopping experience at PetSmart as convenient and enjoyable as possible.

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Discover the PetSmart Difference

Come and experience PetSmart today! With their commitment to low prices, extensive selection, and exceptional customer service, they are confident that you’ll find everything you need for your beloved pets. Whether you choose to visit their store or shop online, you can trust them to provide the best value for your money. Join PetSmart’s loyal customer base and enjoy the PetSmart difference firsthand.

PetSmart Price Match in 2023: Ensuring the Best Deals

When it comes to finding the best prices on pet products, you might wonder if PetSmart offers price matching. Here’s what you need to know about PetSmart’s price match policy: If you liked this, you might also be interested in Does Walmart Take Vsp & Eyemed

  1. Stores Eligible for Price Match: PetSmart will price match products from other reputable stores such as,, and If you liked this, you might also be interested in can you return makeup to walmart
  2. Product Criteria: To qualify for a price match, the product must be identical in terms of size, brand, and color.
  3. Exclusions: PetSmart cannot price match items listed on Amazon and eBay.

Unlocking Savings with PetSmart’s Price Match Policy

PetSmart’s price match policy allows you to save money on your purchases while ensuring your pet receives the products they need. Here’s how it works:

  • Price Matching on PetSmart’s Website: If you find a lower price on PetSmart’s website for an item, you can request a price match.
  • Limited to Closest Listings: PetSmart prices items not listed on alternative websites or catalogs as a price match and only includes those closest to their offerings.
  • One Product, One Price Match: PetSmart allows for one product and one price match per customer. Remember to request only one price match per customer.

Requesting a Price Match from PetSmart: Simple and Hassle-Free

Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith

If you discover an item in stock at a competitor’s store or on at a lower price, you can request a price match. Follow these steps:

  1. Approach Checkout or Customer Service: Simply bring the product to the checkout register or customer service, and the PetSmart associates will assist you with the price match.
  2. Provide Proof: Make sure to provide proper proof, such as an online listing, receipt, or advertisement, to support the lower price.
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PetSmart’s Price Match Guarantee: Chewy, Petco, and More

Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith

PetSmart’s price match guarantee extends to several major competitors. Here are the details:

  1. Chewy: Yes, PetSmart’s Price Match Guarantee includes products from Chewy, as Chewy is a subsidiary of PetSmart’s company holdings.
  2. Petco: PetSmart can match Petco prices for both in-store and online purchases. Remember to provide proof of the lower price.

PetSmart vs. Amazon: Understanding the Price Comparison

PetSmart does not price match’s products. Here’s why:

  1. Third-Party Seller Classification: is classified as a third-party seller and is not considered a directly related competitor.
  2. Excluded Price Discounts: PetSmart does not match Amazon Prime Day, Amazon Prime price discounts, or Black Friday/Cyber Monday offers. Price Comparison: Price Matching Online

Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith offers a price match guarantee for online prices lower than in-store prices. and PetSmart’s offerings are closely aligned to provide customers with great offers. If you find a better price online, allows for price matching to ensure you get the best deal.

PetSmart vs. Walmart: Matching Competitor’s Prices

Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith

PetSmart will price match Walmart prices. As one of Walmart’s major competitors, PetSmart’s price match policy applies to identical products in stock at PetSmart and Feel free to request a price match for a Walmart item found at a lower price.

PetSmart and eBay: Price Matching Auction Websites

While PetSmart price matches all auction websites, eBay is an exception, similar to Amazon. PetSmart does not cover eBay because eBay technically sells competitor products as a third-party seller. Additionally, price matching is not available for items found on any other closeout or discount websites.

Sales, Discounts and Clearance: PetSmart’s Policy

Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith
Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith

PetSmart, renowned for its exclusive deals and affordable costs, understands the importance of competitive pricing for its customers. While they strive to provide the best prices for their products, they acknowledge that pricing mistakes can occur. To address this, PetSmart has implemented a comprehensive return policy to ensure customer satisfaction.

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Although PetSmart doesn’t offer price matching on sale, discounted, or clearance items, they do value their customers’ loyalty. Hence, before making a purchase, customers can take advantage of PetSmart’s exclusive discounts, promotional offers, and bundle deals. Additionally, PetSmart provides a range of discount programs, allowing customers to save on their purchases. If you were into this, you might also like How to get rid of carpenter bees

Understanding that customers may occasionally find a cheaper price elsewhere, PetSmart offers a flexible price match policy. The process of price matching at PetSmart involves considering various factors such as the current purchase price, competitor’s listing, and the overall market prices of the products in question. While PetSmart doesn’t offer price adjustments after the purchase, they are committed to ensuring that customers receive the best value for their money.

Coupons and Discounts: PetSmart’s Guidelines

PetSmart will not accept coupons for items already marked down in price. Once a product has been reduced in price, it is no longer eligible for further discounts or deals. The same applies to items already in clearance.

PetSmart’s Price Match Policy: Exclusions and Limitations

PetSmart’s Price Match Guarantee has a few exceptions. Here are the products and scenarios not covered by the policy:

  1. Refunds of Customer Products
  2. International or Overseas Competitor Products
  3. Live Animals
  4. Adoption of Pets
  5. Pet Services (e.g., dog training, grooming, and pet photography)
  6. Third-Party Seller Websites
  7. PetSmart Pricing Errors
  8. Competitor-Induced Pricing Errors
  9. Products Already Purchased by Customers
  10. Products Influenced by Third Parties

PetSmart’s commitment to price matching extends to all in-stock merchandise. With proof of a lower price at an approved competitor’s location, you can request PetSmart’s Price Match Guarantee and ensure the best deal for your pet’s needs.

Price Matching

CompetitorPrice Match Availability
ChewyYes (Chewy is a subsidiary of PetSmart)
PetcoYes (in-store and online)
AmazonNo (third-party seller classification)
WalmartYes (in-store and online)
eBayNo (third-party seller classification)
Auction websitesNo (excluding eBay)
Sales, discountsNo (exclusive discounts and promotions available)


Does Petsmart Price Match - Dear Adam Smith

Can I get a price adjustment after making a purchase at PetSmart?  No, PetSmart does not provide price adjustments after the purchase.

What is PetSmart’s return policy?  PetSmart has a comprehensive return policy to ensure customer satisfaction

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