2024 Guide: Deciphering Walmart Receipt Codes – AS 18M, BA BDG 110, TC # Insights

Uncover the secrets of your Walmart receipt with our comprehensive guide! Learn to decode the baffling codes like AS 18M, BA BDG 110, and the mysterious TC # found on your 2024 receipts. Perfect for savvy shoppers in Abilene, Texas, or anywhere around the 75189 ZIP. Click to master your Walmart shopping experience today!

How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

A Walmart associate will either print or email you a receipt after you’ve completed your transaction.

  • Although every receipt has important information, not everyone can read them. You’ll learn everything about Walmart receipts.
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    What is the Best Way to Read a Walmart Receipt in 2022?

    Walmart receipts will have the product name, serial number, price, with any discount applied. Receipt number is indicated by the extended numerical code located at the bottom. A, B, P, R, & S represent sales tax compliance. While N, X & O stands for the tax status. Walmart’s online Receipt Lookup Tool allows for duplication of receipts.

  • You can read the following to learn more about Walmart’s codes and abbreviations.
  • What does the number code on Walmart receipts signify?

  • Walmart receipts can be confusing because they are filled with both long and short numbers codes. Below is an explanation of the meanings of these codes.
  • Below you will find a listing of codes with their meanings.

  • First number on receipt is your store name and zip code
  • ST# which states the store number
  • The OP# signifies the cashier
  • #TE is the number of cash registers
  • TR# denotes the transaction number
  • Next, we’ll get to the most obvious numbers. At the bottom of the receipt will be the 12-digit serial codes that are unique to every purchase.

    Each price is listed on the right-handside. Below the products you will see the total price, debit tends, and any changes due.

    When you pay with a credit card, the ‘U.S. credit/debit’ will appear depending on what you use. This is followed by your last four digits.

    This is to help both yourself and the cashier specify which card was used should you require a refund. You will find the REF number of the merchant’s receipt along the same line.

    An abbreviation of “Approved”, indicating the bank’s authorization to the transaction, is referred to as APPR. You might see an AID code if your chip card was used. This is to help you address the card application.

    Further down, you’ll see the ‘TC’ number which makes up the transaction codes.

    The C# number is the number printed on your receipt. Below the barcode is the specific date and hour of purchase.

    How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How to Find Out Which Item is on a Walmart Receipt

    Walmart states each product name purchased for that transaction. They are usually abbreviated and shortened by Walmart. For example, ‘Org’ means organic and “VG’ and vegetables.

    The item’s unique serial code can also be searched. This is located in the middle section of each receipt. Serial codes are usually imprinted onto high-value products such as televisions, consoles or tablets.

    Type that number into the search bar at to find out a product’s alphabetical name and details.

    Alternatively, scan the QR code on your receipt using the Walmart + app. Each item on your receipt should be photographed.

    How does a Walmart receipt show A, B and P? R & S?

    You’ll find letters such as R, F and B if you examine the receipt closely. These are linked to sales tax compliance which can vary from state to state. Here are some examples:

  • A = Tax 1 Only
  • B = Tax 2 Only
  • P = 1 & 4.
  • R = Tax 1&6
  • S = Tax 1 and 7
  • Each tax rate stands for an item purchased:

  • Tax 1 refers to General Merchandise
  • Food rate 2: Tax 2.
  • Prepared Food Rate: Tax 4.
  • Tax 6 applies to wine rates
  • Tax 7 is the beer rate
  • How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

    How does Walmart return your receipt?

    Walmart has an extensive return policy. It is often located at the back of receipts. You can return your item within 90 days of the receipt’s date, which is located underneath the barcode.

    If your local store has not printed a receipt with the return policy on the back, fear not! Head over to, where you’ll find the complete return policy. Contact Walmart Customer Care.

    How Does a Walmart Receipt Show N, X, & O?

    The price for an item is followed by an O. These letters represent each product’s tax status:

  • N signifies that the item cannot be taxed
  • X is an indication that the product can be taxed
  • O listed products are nontaxable sale items
  • How To Use The Receipt Lookup Tool Online?

    Associate may print Walmart receipts if it’s right after the original one. However, you can use the Receipt Lookup tool online to produce a duplicate receipt.

    First, go to the place that printed your receipt. Then choose the date. Enter your card type, (pick debit card for all debit cards), and the 4 digits of your card number. Click ‘Lookup receipt’ to enter the amount of the transaction.

    If your receipt is verified, you may download and print it on the next page. Walmart customer service may be needed if you have paid by check, cash, gift or other means.

    Learn more about our Walmart Great Value Products Guide. We also have guides that explain if Walmart will check your receipt upon exiting and how Walmart returns policies work without receipts.

  • Conclusion: Read A Walmart Receipt.
  • Walmart receipts include the price and serial numbers of all items, as well as discounts and information about payment options and money returned. A, B. P. R. & Q signify compliance to sales tax. N. X & O refers to the item’s tax status. The receipt number is located below the barcode. The back of the receipt should have the return policy. Use the Lookup tool to duplicate recipes.

    What do the letters mean on Walmart receipts?

    You can use the following letters to indicate the cost of the item: N – Non-taxable. T – Taxable item available for purchase. O – non-taxable sale item.

    What Does F And T Mean On A Receipt?

    1. A: You will find a number of codes next to every item on your receipt.
    2. Not taxed, SNAP is eligible
    3. Eligible for SNAP, Taxed
    4. Taxable, but not SNAP eligibility

    .How To Read A Walmart Receipt? [Codes, Meanings + More]

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