How To Get Rid Of Rats Naturally Peppermint Oil Black Pepper

How To Get Rid Of Rats Naturally Peppermint Oil Black Pepper

how to get rid of rats naturally peppermint oil black pepper

You can remove rats naturally from your home over the weekend in just six steps

Rats make wonderful pets. However, if the rats find a way into your house they can cause havoc. They can range in size from the small end of your thumb to the large end of your cat’s. However, there are natural ways to get rid of rats at home. You don’t have to call an exterminator.

Continue reading to find out the six steps required to eliminate rats naturally.

Project difficulty: 2.5/5

Time: 4 to 6 hours

Material required: Cement, peppermint oil (depending upon the siding of your home), black pepper oil.

Black Pepper keeps Rats Away

A strong sense for smell is also important to rats. However, black pepper can cause irritation in rodents due to its spiciness. Jan 14, 2020

Peppermint Oil: What Can You Do To Rid Rats Off?

For a more effective mix, combine 2 teaspoons of peppermint essential oil and 1 cup water. Then add in 1-2 drops of dish soap to make sure the ingredients are well combined. Use the spray bottle to mix it up and then apply it anywhere you think or have mice.

Does Pepper Really Kill Rats?

The rats are very protective rodents. Black pepper won’t work in getting rid them. Jun 23, 2017,

Does Black Pepper Repel Mice?

Black pepper, a home remedy to kill rats and mice, is an effective one. Apply it liberally to any vermin that are visible and they’ll leave. It is important to keep any trash out of the ground as it will reduce their access to food.

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.How To Get Rid Of Rats Naturally Peppermint Oil Black Pepper

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