How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

how to get rid of japanese beetles

4. Habitat Modification

A Japanese beetle attack can be controlled by selecting plants that have resistance.

According to United States Department of Agriculture red maples are not suitable for Japanese beetles. Certain varieties of crabapple trees are also resistant.

On the flower front, Japanese beetles avoid forget-me-nots, coral bells, chrysanthemums, hostas, and impatiens.

Geraniums can also be used to get rid of Japanese Beetles.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

9 Ways To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles Without Harsh Chemicals

It goes as follows: Japanese beetles arrived in America accidentally via shipment from Japan during the 1900s. These copper- and green-colored beetles don’t have any natural predators, so they are now one of America’s most widespread and dangerous garden pests.

Most active during the warmest summer months (mid June to late August for adults, fall and late spring for larvae), these beetles and their larval grub form can wreak havoc on your lawn. Nearly all plant forms are “skeletonized” by adult beetles, while younger grubs consume grass and other roots that is below ground. Because Japanese beetles eat in groups and feed from both above and below the soil, they can devastate entire lawns and gardens in no time. You can get rid of Japanese Beetles in your garden or lawn by handpicking them. This can be time-consuming, but it is worthwhile for the long-term health and well being of your plants.

To get the best results, you should do it in the morning when Japanese beetles will most actively be active. The beetles can be removed from the grass by using gloves. However, if they are crushed or squeezed too hard it could attract more. They can be disposed of by dropping them in a bucket filled with soapy hot water (2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap for 1 gallon). This is one of the easiest ways to eradicate Japanese beetles.

guinea fowl

You can control Japanese beetle population by keeping your garden trimmed. However, not everyone wants to keep these loud birds as pets. This is why you should find ways to attract other birds to your yard.

To attract birds, spray your lawn with 2 teaspoons dish soap and 1 gallon water. This will force Japanese beetle larvae onto the surface. Keep going until all the larvae are gone.

Japanese beetles are most attracted to rotting and overripe plants, so keeping a healthy lawn and garden is key. Promptly remove diseased or otherwise dying plants, trees, fruits and vegetables before they attract additional beetles to your yard. You must also harvest the plants as soon as they begin to attract beetles.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

How to get rid of Japanese Beetles without destroying your garden

Last updated November 10, 2021. Has your garden become overrun by Japanese beetles. Here’s how to get rid of Japanese beetles naturally before they destroy your favorite plants.

I’ve written before about some persistent garden nemeses, SWD fruitfly (destroyers of our precious Juneberry crop) and the heartbreaking squash vine borers . Every few years I meet another garden unfriendly and have to learn how to deal with them.

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Japanese beetles are the latest pest to attack my vegetable garden. In summer, it is important that they are under control, as well as the mosquitoes caused by our recent excessive rain. This is the home-made bug spray we use to repel them. What you need to know about lemon balm uses

Asian jumping worms represent another issue. Find out what to do when you encounter Asian jumping worms.

We’ll show you how to eliminate Japanese beetles from your plants before they decimate them.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

How to naturally get rid Japanese Beetles

HealthyGreenSavvy believes in natural products. No one wants to have dangerous chemicals in their gardens.

Fortunately, there are ways to deal with Japanese beetles without resorting to harmful pesticides.

The garden has always been a part of my life. I don’t care too much about weeds, as most are edible.

Then I get serious. Even vengeful. As we discuss how to eliminate Japanese beetles, you’ll understand what I mean.

It is too bad since Japanese beetles really are gorgeous. It is stunning to see their beautiful metallic brown and green colors. However, allowing them to continue means that they invite a destructive invasion. Their presence draws boatloads of friends to the feast. They move on until every leaf becomes a skeleton and then they take their next victim.

In your struggle against these critters, the most important thing is prompt intervention. You can avoid an infestation by getting rid of Japanese beetles early.

They destroy the leaves, which I believe sends off an extra scent that allows them to identify other Japanese beetles living in the same area. Therefore, the longer you let them nibble your plants the more they will enjoy the meal.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

Top How-To’s

Here are some tips to help you prepare your soil for gardening.


You can learn how to manage Japanese beetle infestations naturally. Linda Hagen Japanese beetles typically feed in small groups that leave behind devastated and skeletonized plants. Shutterstock photo by Kent Sievers

Japanese beetles will eat any plant they see. They are most commonly found on roses, grapes, beans and raspberries, but they will prey on hundreds of different plant species. Japanese beetles, which are considered a threat to crops throughout the Eastern and Midwest U.S.A., can prove difficult to eradicate. They are not only persistent, they can also emerge every day over several weeks. To get over them, it takes persistence and persistent efforts.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

How to: Remove Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles can destroy your garden. We’ll show you how to get rid of Japanese beetles with five simple strategies.

Image by The Japanese beetles can be quite harmless, but it does not mean that you should keep them around. According to Penn State Extension, this invasive insect eats more than 300 plants and is worth more than $460 millions a year. They can even eat flowers and leaves.

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As their name implies, these insects are native to Japan but now are found in much of the United States. They have an distinctive, metallic-bronze color backside. These birds measure approximately 13mm in length (1/2 inch) and have copper-colored front wings.

You’ll always find another Japanese beetle if you can find it. There are simple steps you can take to get rid of Japanese beetles. We’ll show you how to get rid of Japanese beetles with a few different strategies.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

Row Covers are recommended during Peak Feeding.

row cover might be the best solution to stopping a Japanese beetle infestation before it gets started. Row covers are a good way to keep Japanese beetles from getting into your plants. However, they can also allow for some light and water to get in, which will help them grow.

These covers can be used in peak periods when the beetles are feeding, usually from mid June to mid August. These covers can be put on plants or shrubs.

Even though Japanese beetles are harmless to humans, that doesn’t mean you want to roll out the welcome mat. There will always be another Japanese beetle. You should try to eliminate an infestation early. However, you can use these proven methods to help keep your vegetables and flowers healthy through peak feeding seasons.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

1. Hand-Picking

The best way to get rid of Japanese beetles also happens to be the simplest way: Picking the beetles off your plants by hand. While the job may seem tedious for some and not so pleasant for others, this technique works great!

Handpicking Japanese Beetles: Locate the adult beetles around damaged or diseased plants. Grab each beetle individually, and then immediately place them in a container of soapy warm water.

When to look for Japanese beetles: Adults are most active during the early morning or late afternoon, so those are the best times of day to go beetle hunting. If you have a large beetle population, you may want to pick them off twice a day until the herd thins out.

TIP: If you hand pick beetles from your garden, you may feed them to fish- and poultry-loving pets.

how to get rid of japanese beetles

How to Prevent Japanese Beetles

Japanese beetles should not be allowed to grow uncontrollably.

Grow plants Japanese beetles aren’t drawn to: Although these pests aren’t picky eaters, they do have preferences. Japanese beetles can pick their favorite plants. You don’t want to build a buffet that encourages them feed and multiply. You can deter Japanese Beetles with companion planting. This involves mixing the plants they like best with those they don’t like, such as rue, garlic or tansy.

Make your own spray to lure the grubs. Mix 2 tablespoons liquid dishwashing detergent with 1 gal of water. That mixture should cover 1,000 square feet. Spray this mixture to your lawn. The grubs will rise to the surface and be at risk from birds and other predators. Keep spraying once every week until no more grubs are visible.

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Introduce milky spore: Paenibacillus papillae, also known as milky spore, can be added to the soil and lawn where the larva will unintentionally consume it. When the grubs consume it, their blood turns milky and they die. The soil then releases even more spores. Only way it can work is if the larvae of Japanese beetles are eating, so ensure you include milkyspores in the autumn. It’s believed that the larva of Japanese beetles is the only organism susceptible to the milky spore.

You will have to use another method to rid Japanese beetles once the larva turn into adults. Seven methods are available to help you kill Japanese beetles. You can use more than one to control these pests.

Row Covers Drape netting over your plants to keep Japanese beetles away. It allows light in and water out. The Japanese beetle prevention system acts as a physical barrier to keep them away from the plants.

Hand Picking This natural, inexpensive way to get rid of Japanese beetles is time-consuming and simple. The beetles can simply be removed from their leaves and placed in a bucket of soapy warm water. This will kill Japanese beetles and guarantee they won’t eat any more of your plants or reproduce to make more problem bugs.

Japanese Beetles in the Home: How to Get Rid of Them

Another home remedy for Japanese beetles is to make your own insecticide soap. If all else fails, look towards eradicating their young larva or grubs, which eventually become Japanese beetles. Apply Bt (Bacillus Thaurinis) to your garden and lawn. April 26, 2021

What can you do to keep Japanese beetles away?

A floating row (white polyester spunbonded fabric) is a good way to protect landscape plants like strawberries, tomato crops, roses and raspberries. It can be used from early afternoon till late at night. If beetles are very small you could hand-pick and bathe them in soapy waters.

What Causes Japanese Beetle Bugs to Die?

In a handy spray bottle, Sevin(r), Insect Killer Ready To Use kills Japanese beetles as well as more than 500 other insect pests through contact.

Japanese Beetles Will Not Be Stopped by Soapy Water

The organic gardener will need to use either a soapy bucket and/or a jar for control. Early in the morning, the beetles are slow and sluggish. To reach the trees where they are lying, lift them up and place them in the bucket. June 19, 2019

.How To Get Rid Of Japanese Beetles

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