2024 Complete Guide to Lowe’s Dishwasher Installation: Costs, Kits, & Reviews

Discover the latest on Lowe's dishwasher installation services for 2024 - Learn about costs, available dishwasher kits at Lowe's, and read genuine customer reviews. Make an informed decision with our comprehensive guide and get your dishwasher installation charges today!

Does Lowe’S Install Dishwashers

Lowe’s has a wide selection of appliances in its stores, including dishwashers made by popular brands such as Whirlpool and GE.

Lowe’s Dishwasher Installation Services: Convenient and Reliable Appliance Installations

Lowe’s provides installation services for dishwashers purchased at any Lowe’s Store since 2022. To schedule an installation, customers can either contact the customer service desk or submit an online application . It’s important to keep in mind that there will be installation fees ranging from $125 to $450, and there might be additional charges for any required parts or kits.

Once the appointment for dishwasher installation is confirmed, a professional installer will be assigned to the task. On the installation day, the delivery personnel will arrive at the designated time slot specified during the delivery status update. They will also bring along the necessary installation kit, including a shut-off valve, drain hose, and any other components required for the installation process.

Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to Lowe’s, and the installation team strives to ensure a smooth and efficient installation experience. However, in case any issues arise during the installation or if the appliance is found to be faulty, customers are advised to promptly notify the delivery manager or the delivery agent. Lowe’s will address such concerns and make the necessary arrangements to rectify the situation.

Please be aware that there may be certain limitations or requirements regarding the installation space and availability of appropriate utilities such as water supply and electrical connections. It is recommended to discuss these details with the Independent Installer assigned to your project or seek guidance from Lowe’s customer service.

While the installation charges cover the basic installation process, any unforeseen complications or requests for additional services may result in extra charges. Lowe’s aims to be transparent about these potential extra fees, and they will be communicated to the customer beforehand to ensure clarity and avoid surprises.

In case there are any installation delays or changes to the delivery time or day of delivery, Lowe’s will make every effort to inform the customer promptly. If you have any concerns or questions about the installation status, you can reach out to the delivery manager or the customer service desk for updates.

Lowe’s is committed to providing reliable installation services and takes responsibility for any faulty installations. If you encounter any issues or are unsatisfied with the installation, please contact the customer service desk, and they will assist you in resolving the matter.

Overall, Lowe’s installation services offer customers a convenient solution for installing dishwashers purchased from their stores . By utilizing professional installers, providing essential installation kits, and ensuring customer satisfaction, Lowe’s aims to make the appliance installation process as smooth and hassle-free as possible. If this was to your liking, you might also be interested in Otc card eligle items walmart

How Lowe’s Dishwasher Installation Services Work

Separate Service for Dishwasher Installation

When utilizing Lowe’s services for purchasing appliances, it is important to note that their dishwasher installation services are not included as part of their appliance delivery service. Therefore, it is necessary to make a separate appointment specifically for the installation of the dishwasher.

Required Purchase of Connector Hose

To ensure the proper installation of the dishwasher, it is essential to acquire a connector hose from Lowe’s. Thi s connector hose serves as a necessary component for connecting the dishwasher to the existing plumbing system. If you found this entertaining, you might enjoy usps shoe policy

Professional Installation and Testing

Lowe’s employs knowledgeable experts who will mount the newly purchased dishwasher inside your home. Their expertise enables them to effectively integrate the dishwasher into the pre-existing plumbing system, ensuring a secure and functional installation. Once the installation is completed, the Lowe’s team will conduct thorough testing to verify that all components are functioning as intended.

To schedule an appointment for dishwasher installation, customers can contact Lowe’s customer service at 1-800-445-6937. Alternatively, they may also opt to fill out the installation appointment form available on These channels provide convenient options for customers to request and arrange a suitable time for their dishwasher installation service.

What Lowe’s Dishwasher Installation Service Costs

Lowe’s dishwasher install fee ranges from $125 up to $450 depending on the following factors:

  • Your location
  • The dishwasher can be placed in the same area as your last dishwasher.
  • Whether you have prepared your home beforehand

Lowe’s does not charge extra for delivery on appliances above $396.

Lowe’s Offers What Types of Dish washing Machines?

Lowe’s sells an extensive range of dishwashers in-store and online at, including built-in dishwashers, countertop dishwashers, and portable dishwashers.

Additionally, Lowe’s stocks dishwashers from top brands such as BOSCH, Samsung, Whirlpool, GE, LG, KitchenAid, and many others.

Lowe’s can only install dishwashers purchased from Lowe’s stores or They cannot install dishwashers purchased from other retailers.

How to Prepare for Lowe’s Dishwasher Installation Service

To ensure a smooth Lowe’s dishwasher installation process, please consider the following guidelines and take note of the additional cost and extra delivery charge that may apply:

  1. Prior to the installation, visit a Lowe’s Store and consult with a knowledgeable employee to determine if you need to purchase a supply cable or a power line. These items may come at an additional cost.
  2. Ensure that your water valve shut-off is located within a six-foot radius of the installation site. This proximity is crucial for the installation project.
  3. Before the arrival of the installation team, remember to unplug and empty your old dishwasher. This step is essential to facilitate a seamless transition.
  4. Take into account the path required for installation, including any outdoor pathways. It is important that this path runs parallel to the designated installation space to facilitate the delivery people and their equipment.
  5. For the safety of your pets and the installation team, confine and remove any pets that could potentially be in harm’s way during the installation process.

Please note that if you require any additional services such as separate appointments or specific time of delivery, there may be an extra cost associated with these requests. Also, keep in mind that installation prices and packages may vary based on your specific requirements. In some cases, a third-party company might be involved in the installation process, and they may have their own policies and charges.

Should you encounter any issues with your new dishwasher or any other faulty appliance, we recommend reaching out to Lowe’s customer service or seeking assistance through online forums or threads where experienced users may provide helpful insights If you liked this, you might also be interested in lowes propane tank exchange

Will Lowe’s Remove My Old Dishwasher?

Lowe’s does offer a haul-away service on old appliances which is a part of its delivery services.

You will pay $30 for the local disposal fee and recycle fees, however it is free to Lowe’s Pro customers.

We have posts that will help you find out whether Lowe’s has appliances to deliver, Lowe’s flooring installation and Lowe’s cutting of pipes & metal sheet.

Lowe’s also installs dishwashers ordered online and in-store. Lowe’s install service does not include delivery. You can book this service via Lowe’s website, or call them.

To prepare for a Lowe’s installation you will need to acquire a supply line suitable for the dishwasher and then unplug and empty your old dishwasher.

Lowe’s will install all types of dishwashers, and they’ll even haul your old dishwasher away for an additional charge.


Does Lowe'S Install Dishwashers - Dear Adam Smith

What is the cost range for installing a dishwasher at Lowes? The installation cost at Lowes can range from $125 to $450.

How much does it generally cost to install a dishwasher? The national average cost for dishwasher installation is around $970.

Why is dishwasher installation expensive? The installation cost can be high due to various factors, including the range of features offered by the dishwasher models.

How much does Home Depot charge for dishwasher installation? Home Depot typically charges between $112 and $250 for dishwasher installation.

A Summary of Lowe’s Dishwasher Installation Services

Does Lowe'S Install Dishwashers - Dear Adam Smith
Information Details
Types of Dishwashers – Built-in dishwashers – Counter top dishwashers – Portable dishwashers
Brands Available at Lowe’s – Whirlpool – GE – BOSCH – Samsung – LG – KitchenAid
Purchasing Dishwashers – Dishwashers can be purchased in-store or online at
Installation Service Availability – Lowe’s provides installation services for dishwashers purchased at any Lowe’s Store since 2022
Appointment Scheduling – Contact customer service desk or submit an online application
Installation Fees – Range from $125 to $450
Additional Charges – Additional charges for required parts or kits
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